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💸 How much does biology tutoring cost by the hour in Vancouver?

The average price of biology tutoring in Vancouver is around $25.


Hourly rates for biology lessons will differ depending on:

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On Superprof, you can learn biology online with a private tutor. Whether you need help revising for your high school exams, are struggling with biological  concepts, or would just like to improve your scientific skills, our tutors can help you.


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From a sample of 24, students rated their private biology teachers an average of 5.0 reviews.


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Biology is one of the most popular subjects in school. Many teenagers and adults are eager to study biology throughout their lives, whether at the elementary level, middle school, or high school. This is why additional biology tuition is so highly sought after.


With the help of a biology teacher many students are able to crush their fear of biology and succeed in reaching academic success.


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Learning science can be a difficult task for students. Even though we start having basic science lessons already in primary school, a lot of us struggle with scientific concepts later in our education.

The reason for that is that science often teaches us knowledge that is counterintuitive and requires a major mental effort to be understood.

Probably, one of the most difficult scientific subjects we study at school is biology. It focuses on a very vast subject that is life, from microorganisms to large animals and human beings. In biology classes, students work on very diverse topics and it's easy to get confused.

However, biology is also a very useful subject because life is everywhere around us and we are living beings ourselves. As a result, it can apply to a variety of different areas, such as medicine, agriculture, ecology, bioengineering and many others.

A lot of students in Vancouver choose to study biology seriously at high school and continue their education at university. The University of Vancouver and Simon Fraser University offer a good choice of biology-related degree programmes and they can lead to excellent jobs.

So, let's find out what is the best way to learn biology in Vancouver and where to get help with science whenever you need it.

Is grade 11 biology hard?

As we have said, biology is not an easy science to learn. As students advance in their education, they may need to switch from one biology topic to another and be able to draw connections between different concepts, which requires good analytical skills.

In addition to that, biology relies on certain physics and chemistry concepts, especially when it comes to the cellular level of life organization, so students may need a good knowledge of those disciplines as well.

Another reason why biology is a difficult science is the terms it uses. Many of them are not English but were borrowed from Latin or Greek. They often don't make much sense for an English speaker and you will need to memorize their spelling and pronunciation.

However, biology is not only about difficulties and there are some positive points as well. For example, biology almost doesn't use math formulae. That makes it suitable for students who don't like math and aren't attracted by chemistry and physics for that reason.

So, what does a student need to do to succeed in biology?

How do I get high marks in biology?

What you need to remember when learning biology and probably any other science, like chemistry or physics, is that your objective is not to memorize things but to understand them.

For example, when you are working on a math problem, you need to know which number corresponds to which position in your formula. That works the same way in chemistry, physics and biology.

When your tutor presents a new concept, don't just learn the definition by heart but try to make sense of it and think of what it can teach you about the world. This will be very important at high school and even more so at university.

Biology jobs require people who can use science creatively and find new approaches to old problems.

What is high school biology like?

The main peculiarity of high school biology is that things get really serious at that point. Some of the topics you may look at are evolution, genetic structure, diversity of living beings, anatomy of plants and so on.

A lot of theories included in the high school curriculum are theories used by biology specialists in their jobs and some of them are even still being studied.

Like physics, chemistry and other subjects, high school biology introduces students to scientific thinking and prepares them for their future education at a university in Vancouver where they will be expected to carry out research projects of their own.

Get help with biology from a private tutor

Looking at the above description of biology, a student may think of taking up other more accessible subjects. However, that would be a mistake because biology can be truly amazing if you learn it with a good tutor. So, the main question for biology learners is where to find such a tutor in Vancouver?

This is where Superprof comes in. On our website, a student can find thousands of tutors teaching English, math, physics, chemistry, biology and plenty of other subjects. You can read descriptions of their lessons on their profiles and find information about their experience, teaching methods and the level of students they work with.

You can choose between studying with a tutor in Vancouver and online tutoring or even combine the two. Meeting your tutor can be good for more direct interaction, whereas online tutoring is great because of the flexibility it gives the student.

In any case, studying with Superprof tutors will be an amazing experience and bring you quick results.

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