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A professional illustrator, cartoonist, story board artist who wants you to discover that you can draw anything you set your mind to.

Depending on your passion and goals my approach will vary but no matter what, I will always work to establish firm foundations for technique upon which a greater creative freedom can be built over time.

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Comics and Cartooning tutoring from a working artist with 25+ years experience.

I got into teaching at first to supplement my income, but find I enjoy the work sometimes more than making art! It's been a pleasure to share my experience and knowledge, and make a point of teaching the students I have rather than a fixed curriculum. I focus on what they need to overcome hurdles and try to find ways that will help them best overcome hurdles.

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Passionnée par l'art, le dessin, et influencée par la bande dessinée depuis toujours , diplomée d'art graphique, je souhaite partager mon savoir dans le fun, et développer la créativiter de chacun .

Ma méthode est avant tout de prendre du plaisir et s'amuser. Ecouter la volonté de chacun afin d'aider à développer, corriger ou donner un autre regard grâce au savoir et aux divers support . Cela peut partir de "j'ai envie d'apprendre à dessiner " , donc connaitre les outils, les proportions, l'observation ... à l'évolution apprendre diverses technique, créer, imaginer, ....

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University Diploma and15 Years of experience in Illustration, Concept/Graphic Design, Animation, Caricature, Storyboard

Over the years I had a chance to study and produce Digital/Commercial Art in Academic and Industry environment.

Prince George
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Character designer in Prince George offering Tutoring for interested Comic makers and Animators

I believe in Teaching for the person, which is why I work on a one on one basis to get to know you, your style and help you learn in the way that will best apply to you.

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Internationally Syndicated Cartoonist in Edmonton Alberta is teaching Art Classes. Everything you want to know about Cartooning, Caricatures, Portraiture, Fine Art- ( All Styles of Painting )

I have developed a system of teaching which establishes solid Art fundamentals. From there I teach many 'Tips & Tricks that I have developed that are Specific to the many Styles of Art. I'm a Special kind of Tutor because after Drawing & Painting every day for over 50 years, I'm still excited about working every day.

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Illustrator who gives painting, drawing and digital image making in London Ontario.

My teaching methods are hands-on experience and assignments. A typical class would include a brief discussion of the historical context of the topic (if applicable) followed by one on one or group tutorial with assignments to do at home in time between classes. This method may vary subject to subject but will generally follow this format.

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Professional Artist and college instructor available for teaching illustration, drawing and design in Winnipeg.

My classes focus on practical and theoretical application, with fun and real world projects suitable for professional use or hobbies.

St. Catharines
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Professional writer and illustrator for companies like Marvel Comics wants to teach you!

I base my classes on my own professional experience, industry trends, established curriculums and student interest. I’m flexible with scheduling and work load. I can tailor lessons to your interests. I believe in overcoming challenges with communication instead of giving orders.

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2D Illustrator and Concept artist gives tutoring is Drawing and Cartooning, near Brampton-ON

I happy to teach people the basics of drawing ( Human Anatomy and Design), or help improve an artist's figure drawing and concept design skills. Due to my training as a comic book artist and a concept artist, I am extremely good at drawing the human figure, creature design and character design.

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Teacher with a Fine Arts degree and 10 years of experience offers drawing and painting classes in Montreal.

I'm a visual artist with a dilated career including selected exhibitions worldwide, which I've combined over the last 10 years with secondary grade teaching. I can provide tailored drawing and painting lessons depending on the student's interests. From comic to oil painting, from academic anatomy studies to vibrant colourful abstraction.

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Freelance illustrator, basic perspective,anatomy and as well as other related illustration skills

What I teach depends on the student's interest. The lessons are divided in two section. The first one is theory on various subjects based on what you want to learn. The second part is practical and you'll get to apply what you just learned.

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Graduated from Comic school of Milan with more than 9 years experience in teaching Art, I provide professional art lessons to those who would like to pursue their dreams as an artist, plus people who

each person is unique, and each student has a unique learning style. I plan my lessons based on different age groups and tailor them to meet student's interest and learning preference. For adult classes I usually provide a short demonstration on new techniques, give examples of where and how they can apply that technique, and give the students the freedom to explore.

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Aspiring Animation Student Offering Illustration and Cartoon Drawing Lessons for Beginners and Up

I've been designing characters since I was in highschool. Once I entered college, I learned the human anatomy and its accurate proportions to help me create appealing and fun characters. Learning geometric shapes also plays an important factor. We will be going over the absolute basics until you are confident and want to advance. I will be providing critiques along the way.

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Algonquin College animation student looking to spread knowledge of drawing, painting and design

My teaching methods are practical and organized, and follow a simple lesson plan. They are flexible to the artistic level of the client. My past experience with teaching has been to small groups of youths, wherein we learned about: breaking down objects into basic shapes and volumes, basic colour theory and tones, the basics of character design, and much more.

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I am a published Illustration student providing traditional and digital lessons to develop your unique artistic voice.

Hi there! I'm Shee, current Illustration student at Sheridan College. I've been published in many comics anthologies, including those from Dark Horse, kuš!, and klub zin. I give lessons in drawing, painting (watercolour, gouache, acrylic), comics, and digital media including Photoshop and other painting programs such as Clip Studio.

Lyon 3e
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Private Art Courses from a graduated Artist (at your home if you live in Lyon, FRANCE or WEBCAM in other parts of the globe), from people who have professionnal projects to the ones who just want the

READ PLEASE : I'm currently living in Lyon, FRANCE, EUROPE. So don't ask me to come to your place to give courses if you live in USA, Canada or Australia :) BUT I can give you courses ONLINE, go check the english review I had from someone in Canada. Hi, my name is Niels, private Art Teacher on Superprof since May 2017, and gradueted in Art at Emile Cohl Private Art School in Lyon.

Paris 11e
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Young graduated from the school emile cohl gives painting lessons, graphic design, illustration, cartoon, sketch, drawing from observation, any particular level home on Lyon

Hello, Graduate School EMILE COHL, Lyon, and graduate school IPESAA (Montpellier) I give lessons for all levels, adapted according to the needs and desires! --------------------------------------- ALL LEVELS DURING DRAWING I offers classes for ALL , beginners / students / confirmed: - Illustration - Comics - Graphics and desktop publishing (photoshop, illustrator, indesign) - Painting - Sculpture...

Paris 9e
(13 reviews)

Professional artist, graduated ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres and Master in fine art - Training for fine art and design school.

I work with students and help them to access to BAC STD2A, DNMADE, Arts-Décoratifs ENSAD or Fine Art school. I help you in the constitution of your portfolio. We will build an authentic portfolio, which will best reflect your personality and your artistic universe.

Kings County
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Professional artist who can help you reach your desired goals in art

Having a structured background in both fine art and Russian language and culture, I am able to offer instruction in both subjects in a format that can accommodate the specific demands of the student's individual style and approach to learning.

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Freelance Illustrator and Comics offers courses in drawing and comic making in Jakarta

I have an illustration and comic class. each class can start from 5 years to adulthood. My teaching method is to provide material, question and answer sessions and exercise. level in class illustration: - fundamental = learning to make lines, shading, text, and drawing shapes.

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A level and Foundation Degree Fine Arts graduate offering creative Arts tuition in Bath

I advocate a cooperative approach in my lessons, encouraging the student to direct their own learning, planning lessons informed by their aspirations and motivation. Using creative scaffolding techniques, I help students to develop their unique style, while learning about the influential artists, history, theory and techniques.

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Graduated in Fine Arts offers drawing, painting, comics and manga private tutoring

We will do some initial tests to determine your level and talk about your needs as a student. We will work with practical exercises that will help you learn the most important techniques and tricks. I offer distance support to students in special cases. I also offer myself to give online classes if necessary.

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A professional illustrator gives tailor-made drawing classes in the downtown or Meyrin

I like to work to measure: we will start by defining together learning objectives according to your desires and needs. On this basis, I will structure the course by keeping fun moments, moments of theory, and moments of expression, so that the course is both rich in content and dynamic.

(1 review)
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Literary Masters Graduate tutor with specialist Knowledge in English Literature and Fine Art

I provide lessons for A level, Undergraduate and Masters level students in the subject areas of illustration, painting, printmaking,installation art, English Language and Literature. As a tutor I aim to encourage and inspire my students to reach their full potential.

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Veteran teacher offering reading and writing lessons and comic book enrichment classes near Charlotte, NC

I hold a bachelor's degree in English, and a master's degree in Library Science. I have been a public school librarian in NC for 17 years, and I currently work as a substitute teacher for two school systems in NC.

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Graduate of the New3Dge School of Paris, part-time craftsman, teaches drawing in Nîmes

I approach any meeting with a sincere communication, a sharing necessary to establish the approach that will correspond to you. Everything will depend on this, we can approach the drawing by repetitive and logical exercises, or by experiences that will take you out of the beaten track. In this way, I hope I will learn as much from you as you from me ..

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Former Concept Artist at Ubisoft Montreal, now in freelance, offers introductory and advanced courses to create any type: traditional drawing, digital, 3D modeling ...

Professional in the field of video games, I worked for 5 years as Concept Artist, Character Designer, Environment Artist with various video game studios including Ubisoft Montreal, Quantic Dream. Now freelance, I offer courses of initiation and development to various means of creation: traditional drawing, digital, animation, 3D modeling, painting, graphics ...

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French Erasmus student at the Academy of Beaux-Arts in the city of Liège

I haven't a specific basic approach, it will depend mainly on what you want or need. The idea will be to build a method according to your expectations. I am patient and consider that the field of arts is accessible to all those who are be interested.

Herne Bay
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Experienced animator and cartoonist offering lessons on everything from digital sketching to animation

I am an informal teacher meaning that my lessons are less stressful than others, we will work at your pace and level so there's no need to worry about how well you currently draw or animate. I mainly work with less experienced artists, beginner to intermediate.

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Perfect! Francine is extremely patient and kind. She is also extremely knowledgeable and skilled in what she does. She goes over the basics and reviews what you already know, and waits until you're confident enough to continue. Overall she's an amazing...

Britney, Student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! We had a hard time getting the site to work properly, but he was patient and kind enough to make sure we able to get our classes. I really like how he communicate and the improvements in my son’s art. He is a good teacher I can say without doubt I...

Qedusizi , Student
4 months ago
(28 reviews)

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