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Legal professional giving private tuition to degree level students and anyone interested in understanding major legal concepts in Corporate, Criminal, Contract, and Tort law. LLB (Hons);Master in Laws

I approach class with flexibility and allow an interactive session where the student can participate and ask questions, as well as do some exercises to foster and create a solid understanding of the content taught.

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Experienced legal instructor offering instruction in law related courses in the Peterborough ON area

At the outset, I try to get to know my students, gauging what they already know. Typically, I will ask the student what they're good at and what they most enjoy about the subject we're working on. I ask where they’re having trouble, focusing on what parts of class lectures they are having difficulty with and what types of questions they consistently miss on tests.

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Fourth Year BA (Honours) University Student Tutoring in Law - tutor in Ottawa

While I am new at this, I believe everyone has a different type of teaching style so I am more than happy to adjust my teaching/tutoring methods as needed for each specific student! I would prefer to teach one-on-one but group settings are also available depending on the size. Preferably I would like to teach high school students, but first and second year university students are also welcome.

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I have the ability to make complicate subject very easy without lossing the perfect meaning, I have 3 languages arabic, frensh and english. you wellcome

I use the methode of connecting dots, i devide course to subjects and give students chance to undrestand the relation between different subjects. finally we built a mind map for evry course. I use an electronic port pholio to folow mys students and to be in permanent touche.

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A Law student giving advice and help to all age students anytime

I stick to invidual student needs, while covering the material needed. I help the student to not just know, but understand the material.

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McGill undergraduate who not only loves studying Law but also teaching it! Having studied A level Law which covers topics ranging from civil and common law to contract and tort law, I know the best wa

Since the subject requires a lot of reference to cases, I would like to share with students some of the best ways to memorize case names and years that my friends and I used when we studied the subject. Furthermore, critical analysis is an essential part of studying Law, and my instruction is focused large on how to incorporate this into an answer while also addressing the question.

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International Lawyer with both Canadian LL.B. and Washington Juris Doctorate _ Here to Help

Teaching is not entirely new to me. Of course, as with any attorney, after a while, I took on an Articling Student. And saw her through to the day she was admitted, in her own right, into the practice of law, in Alberta. Past that, I have traveled as far away as to the P.R. of China, simply to teach. Because I like it. I like the process of instilling understanding into willing minds.

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Criminologist and legal scholar with ample experience helping individuals understand the intricacies of Canadian criminal and international law

My teaching methods include understanding case law through careful analysis of definitions, tests, policies, and procedures found in criminal legal precedence. Storytelling is a huge aspect of my teaching method, as it allows for more long term comprehension of topics.

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Graduate student with an advanced minor in legal studies giving lessons in law within Pickering.

My teaching methods are based on what I have learnt throughout my degree and by my professors. Legal Studies can be overwhelming and it is important that the student is actually learning the correct information and not just learning how to memorize information.

Paris 11e
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Attorney at law, Lecturer offers Private Law classes

Dear Students, - As an Attorney at Law as well as a Lecturer, I can help you grasp in-depth knowledge of French law. - For those of you who are interested in studying Law in Paris,Lyon, Lille, Strasbourg or taking the French Bar, I am willing to help you succeed in such achievements. - The class may be taught in English.

Greater London
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Experienced, passionate law tutor with First Class law masters degree in international law and international relations.

I am available to teach Law to students at undergraduate or postgraduate university level, diploma, GDL, and secondary school (GCSE/A-level). I teach all the core LL.

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I am currently undertaking the Bar Professional Trainig course and have considerable experience studying criminal law, both at undergraduate academic level and on a practical level whilst doing my Bar

I aim to adapt a session to the individual. I will provide revision materials that may help you in your learning. Flexible approach that suits you best.

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Experienced Law graduate offering to teach, write and guide with Law related essays, assignments and projects

I am passionate about teaching and helping students achieve their academic goals. I hold a bachelors of arts in law. My journey into tutoring started when I started scheduling for other students; I have conducted personal training for colleagues and juniors alike I love passing my experience and knowledge in law, management to other students and everyone interested in learning something new.

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1st/2-1 3rd/Year LLB Law Student (Undergraduate): Understandable Tutoring at a Degree Level

I aim to focus closely on the individual, examining the level that they are working at currently and what they aim to achieve. Often university courses cannot do this due to the volume of pupils and as such students can often find themselves feeling lost or unsure, with no avenue to succeed.

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Hi, my name is Hugo Aston and I am admitted to the Supreme Court of NSW and High Court of Australia as a solicitor and barrister. I am also admitted to Supreme Court of NSW as a Public Notary. My teac

I have a flexible approach and methodology to teaching depending on the particular requirements of the pupil. However, regardless of methodology, my objective is to provide the pupil with the tools necessary to become highly successful students and highly effective junior lawyers.

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Former Assistant Professor in Law, Lucknow, B.A. LLB. (Hons) (NLU), LLM(London) and M.Phil (JNU)

As someone who thrives on creation and construction of knowledge, I believe that everyone should have equity in terms of opportunity, access and resources so that they can realise their fullest potential, achieving highest grades. My aim is conceptual clarity and its application in the real life world. For me, education is much more than getting grades.

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Criminology and Law Tutor up to Bachelor Graduate Degree, tutoring from Scotland.

My teaching method is to advise reading and to answer questions/essay topic writing. I find that this is how I have best learnt through-out my degree. I am willing to adapt to all needs and all teaching methods if this is what you would prefer. I am happy to be flexible and to gain better experience in different teaching methods to further my own abilities as well as yours.

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Group and Private Coaching for Law Students (Under Grad. and Post Grad level), Judicial Services Aspirants and Other Government Services covering Law as a part of syllabus.

Having experience of Court proceedings ranging from Civil and Criminal Courts to that of Family Court and Consumer Court; the "modus operandi" of my teaching would be in such a way that apart from explaining the topics in most simplified manner;I would be doing the same through practical approach. Say for example while teaching provisions of Maintenance (Cr.P.C Sec.

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College student in forensic psychology. Studied Mathmatics and criminal justice to earn a general associate degree at Youngstown State University. Offering tutoring in Spanish,Law,Mathematics,and Engl

I am "Del" I am a college student furthering my college career to obtain more degrees. I give lessons to all students ranging from pre-k to senior level high school. My method is personalized to each students need. I aim to make learning fun and more emorable. To ensure each pupil will be granted the best service I will mold my teaching to his or her required help level.

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Pactising advocate and also have a interest in teach law subjects civil law, criminal law & constitution , and by side also self preparing for judiciary

My teaching method is based upon to clear the topic and all the doubts and problems with motivational class, i prefer to teach who are pursuing or appearing in law school and have difficulty to understand the law as their subjects

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Law with Criminology student offering lessons in many aspects of law up to second year university!

Throughout my previous experience of tutoring, I've learned that it is key to listen to the people I teach and what they need.

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Criminologist of 25 years offering Criminal Law lessons and tutoring to all.

My teaching methodology involves visual and literal expression of my planned curriculum to be presented to my students. I base my methodology on the premise that there are no identical learners. Some are visual and others are literal learners. Experienced teaching lower grades through collegiate level with proven results.

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Anyone can achieve high grades, let me show you how! I aim to bring the law alive and teach the way I wish I was taught!!

These methods have a certain outcome, of retention of information and better grades.

Greater London
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I specialise in criminal law and public law..I like interacting with my students and thus ensuring that none of my students is feeling left behind. .I like giving each of my students special attention

I love to interact with my students academically thus ensuring that each and every student gets my undivided attention. My technique ensure that none of my students is left behind in terms of grasping the concept at hand. .I also love giving a Continuous Assessment Test after the end of every topic to gauge the level of understanding in that particular field. .

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Law tutor at a London university offers law students the opportunity to learn and revise the best techniques for answering essays and problem questions plus revision of substantive law subjects.

My teaching method is by Active Learning - this means interaction between the student and tutor - drawing and building on current knowledge - often the student simply needs to rearrange the structure of answers to achieve higher results for themselves.

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Student of law teaches law for CLAT preparation, Any law entrance exams or integrated law courses

My teaching method is to make the law comprehensive and interesting for all, I just break it down with simple illustrations and case laws

Wetherill Park
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[Law Tutor] (Sydney) PhD Student, Lawyer/Mergers and Acquisitions Analyst - (High School and Uni Students)

My teaching method is predominately online (however, you are more than welcome to message me privately and try to organise a face-to-face session(s)).

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Criminology masters student with L3 in education and training offering Criminology lessons in Portsmouth

I use a range of teaching methods that are inclusive of various learning styles to meet the individual needs of the learner and promote a positive learning experience. I primarily use discussion for both one-to-one and group sessions and encourage learner led delivery fostering a sense of self-efficacy and confidence in their subject knowledge.

Waltham Abbey
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A dedicated tutor who ensures all lessons are catered to individual needs and preferences. I ensure all lessons are fun and easy to follow.

Tutoring Approach: I take a very practical approach to teaching and the approach will be adapted to the course undertaken by the student. I am also able to assist with exam revision and revision techniques. I pride myself in providing students with targets and take great pride in seeing them meet their own targets.

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Undergraduate law student who is willing to aid anyone who is taking part in the GDL course

I was a previous member of the Peer Assisted Learning Scheme. My teaching method is majorly aimed at my individual students as that is the whole point in the lessons. My teaching style cannot be defined as one style as I easily adapt to an individuals needs.

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