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20 years of crocheting experience and I'd love to share with you!

Crochet is best taught by demonstration. I'll teach by example, and I'll help you with any difficulties by finding what's blocking you and showing you how to overcome it.

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Crocheter man giving you a private Crochet lessons whether you're an absolute beginner or seeking to expand your skill set. (right or left handed). We can meet in a Café or a Parc or at your place als

You can learn: - Basic Crochet Stitches - Foundation Crochet Stitches - Post Stitches - Front and Back Loop Only - Granny Squares - Shell Stitch - Puff Stitches - How to read a Pattern - And much much more...

Grand Valley
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Grand Valley crochet teacher: learn for pleasure or business and have fun!

My teaching methods are based on a solid foundation and building with projects and learning new things, but also learning to recognize what your favorites are! As classes start, the student is presented with simple and basic ideas and are given projects right from the beginning. Great book recommendations and help and tutoring through projects, designs and learning.

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From mittens to blankets and everything in between! Let's create and have fun doing it!

Learn, see, do! I like taking a three step approach to teaching which allows every type of learner from auditory to visual to feel comfortable and not left behind.

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Fibre artist providing Crochet lessons with all the required material and equipment included in the cost for the students.

I believe crochet is something you watch, do and learn at the same time. Needs lots of practice as well.

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Certified Teacher Available for Private or Group Sewing Lessons at Your Location!

I plan my lessons to meet the needs of learners at all levels, ensuring that my lessons are both engaging and fun! I break down projects into step-by-step, easy to understand instructions so even those with little or no experience end up with a creation they are proud of.

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Crochet and tricôt (portuguese style) lessons and ideas sharing. Let's learn and have fun!

I don't have a specific method. I will adjust my teaching to your needs and rhythm.

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Experienced and enthusiastic amateur textile artists gives lessons in embroidery, knitting, crochet, and sewing

I tailor my classes to my students' needs. If you are an absolute beginner, I will create a lesson plan to teach you the basics. I will demonstrate each technique and then observe as you attempt them, until you master them! If you are not a beginner and you know what technique you would like to learn or improve, let me know in advance, and I will build a lesson plan accordingly.

Caroline m
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DIY: from Zen Knitting, lingerie sewing, random sewing, crochet, origami, parts printed on a 3D printer, to recycling and reuse of materials.

I love to make things. Create, say to my friends "I made that". I'm picky and like things tailored to my body, my needs. I do not like consumerism or produce waste. I avoid disposable things. I Love REUSE. Professionally working with mathematical abstractions and then I feel a need to have a hobby "to make things", to "thinking with my hands.

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Come to create with your hands! Bring wool, needles and desire to have a good time

We gather together for two hours, we drink tea, we weave, we tell anecdotes ... As before, when time was a gift. You bring your project, I help you to do it. Blankets, amigurumis, accessories, recycling ... A little of technique and then your creativity. Small groups.

Porto Seguro
1st lesson is free!

Final Art, personal classes, Hand therapy, RECYCLING with pallets, COSTURING, EMBROIDERING, CROCHETING, finally, PAINTING the seven, for better LIVING!

Sou, Carmen Araújo, Decoradora e Artesã The techniques taught are tools for making personal objects or utilitarian props, from which they can be sold. I apply PRACTICE classrooms! in the modalities defined above, I use simple methodology, however, functional, impossible not to learn! Custom classes! Each BEING is a universe to be stoned.

Port Elizabeth
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Freestyle & Slow stitch embroidery is 1 of my big passions. Founded & ran a Swedish South African partnership Children's art Centre - & a township Arts & Craft Project.

I like to encourage the person and or groups through actual examples of artwork Guiding them to tap inside themselves.

1st lesson is free!

A crochet lover with 4 years experience would love to teach you the joys of crocheting all from the comfort of your home!

I am a self taught crochet artist with four years experience. My lessons are perfect for beginners, but can be tailored to your personal level of knowledge.

1st lesson is free!
1st lesson is free!

Family and Consumer Science Teacher in Alaska offering online crafting and crochet classes.

My teaching method is "I do, We do, You do". I can give lessons to any level of experience in crocheting, including how to read patterns. I am very detail oriented and will help anyone with any questions they may have.

1st lesson is free!

Crochet expert of 10 years teaches everything from how to chain to how to make a blanket at home in VT.

Everybody has a different skill set and some people will learn faster than others but I firmly believe there is no stupid questions, just stupid or useless answers. I try to approach each person differently based on their skill set and what they can and can't do.

1st lesson is free!

Skilled crocheted with over 15 years experience in Stanwood, Wa. I can teach basic stitches to experienced level stitches, as well as work with multiple weights of yarn, including thread.

I teach each class with a clear subject of learning and sample project to work on during class to accomplish that day's lesson. I will assign a project for you to work on and practice using the current days lesson. Example: Today our subject is about single crochet stitches.

1st lesson is free!

Lifelong crotchet enthusiast teaching the fundamentals to keep a useful artform alive.

I teach step by step using examples. Guiding you through the terms and abbreviations used in the patterns showing examples of each and guiding you through patterns to build the fundamentals needed to complete projects. Increasing the difficulty and complexity as skills are aquired through completing lessons.

1st lesson is free!

A mom of a 4yr old, who wants to share the joys of crocheting and sewing

The way I teach is showing you how it is done then have you do it, then work on it together. I love to have a good time, therefore I try to give that same environment to whoever I teach.

1st lesson is free!

Learn how to crochet the basics easily and quickly in few classes

I made crochet since I was a child and I learned with my mother, I know some types of points but in these classes we will start from the basic point and progress to more complex points where you can make flowers and covers for objects.

1st lesson is free!

Stitchwork enthusiast offering lessons in pattern/chart reading, specific stitches, and simple patterns.

Every student learns differently, so it's important for the teacher to cover all forms of learning in each lesson. I do this by explaining the steps, showing the process, and repeat the steps with emphasized movements so that students can follow along.

1st lesson is free!

Internationally published crochet designer teaching crochet classes to singles or groups. Basic, intermediate and advanced level traditional and tunisian techniques

Crochet lessons for individuals or small groups (not more than 6 people). During classes, students will measure their skills and practice what they learned crocheting swatches and projects.

1st lesson is free!

Am crochet designer and also crochet tutor. I like to teach crochet skill to all.

I want to teach all types of crochet skill and also knitting skill to all interested people.who has needed.

San Francisco
1st lesson is free!

Crochet Expert with 20 years of experience gives crochet lessons to all ages

My teaching method is that I teach hands-on (video and alot of encouragement)

1st lesson is free!

Learn something new! Never got to learn those hand-made skills, or has it been so long you've forgotten? No problem :) I'm here to help! The joy of creating something with your own hands is something

I prefer a very hands on approach with the SEA method, which is: Show Explain Attempt/Assist My goal is to try to hit every learning style so that everyone gets the chance to get the information in the way they learn best!

1st lesson is free!

Professional crocheter, 20 years of experience, can help you master the art of crochet.

I approach each topic I teach with human paychology in mind. I enjoy teaching and goal setting by teaching the skills needed to apply these methods to any topic in the future. I support a chunking method to teaching, meaning breaking down large tasks into smaller, easier to process examples, and working forward as the student progresses.

1st lesson is free!

For first time learners learn to crochet with me, I'll teach you basics

My teaching method is simple and practical,I base my class on experienced I can repeat as long as u need

1st lesson is free!

An upcoming engineer with creative passion gives tution in the art of crochet.

As it is an craft based class, my teaching process will mainly of practical sessions, ehich gives a thorough understanding and experience.

East Meadow
1st lesson is free!

Fun And patient crochet instruction for yourself or a group (adults or children)

I instruct based on the individuals knowledge and proficiency. We can start from the very beginning or we can work on a project together every step of the way.

1st lesson is free!

Students who want to learn crochet with the basic stitches from beginning.

I teach the basic crochet stitches required for the different designs like single, Half double, double, triple and creating beautiful designs for flowers, characters, caps,etc.

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