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Why is it Important to Learn Data Analysis?

Data analysis, in the scope that it is at present, is a relatively young and new field. Nevertheless, it is booming and is expected to grow even further in the next few years.

Data Analysis Presents Avenues for Career Growth

The amount of data has boomed exponentially in the last few years. In fact, according to research, 95% of the world’s Internet of Things was created in the last two years. The amount of data produced and consumed worldwide is bound to reach greater heights in the future.

With that said, learning data analysis now sets you up for a thriving career. All corporations, big and small, are looking for people who would be able to help them make sound business decisions backed by data. Learning and jumping into the field of data science would mean that you would always be in demand and you don’t have to be limited to one industry.

Big Data, Big Paycheque, Multiple Areas of Specialisations

Where there is great demand, there are greater paycheques. Because the field of data analysis is relatively new, not everyone can provide the service. In fact, it takes a level of specialisation in order to make sense of a bunch of numbers on an excel sheet. Because not everyone can do such a task, corporations are willing to pay big money to those who do.

In Canada, the salary of an entry-level data analyst with less than a year of experience clocks in at $55,000. Aside from the hefty paycheque, there are perks including further education that comes with data analyst jobs. Moreover, becoming a data analyst is a good springboard to becoming a data scientist -  a career which fetches a salary of no less than $80,000 per year even with less than a year of experience.

Big Data Means Big Changes - Make an Impact

Big data is equal to big money and huge career opportunities. But aside from the dollar signs and continuous job offers, data analysts can create big changes in corporations with the data that they evaluate. As a data analyst, your day to day job can affect the lives of of the people working in the company.

If you are a person driven by the need to make an impact, learning data analysis a good step in the right direction.

Learn and Develop a New Skill 

At its core, data analysis is all about identifying specific problems and gathering information to solve those problems. Endeavoring in a career in this field would develop your analytical and logical thinking - such traits and capabilities that can easily be used beyond the four corners of your office. Knowing how to make decisions based on hard data is a skill that is useful in day to day life.

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