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Art of Body Language with Animals learn Apply Teach and use this Knowledge to expand.

in order to communicate with animals you need to learn how each one is and no two are ever the same. I consider my methodology a light touch but firm with more body language then anything. Remember that horses dogs cats no matter what you have to be a free minded person to understand yourself before you understand the animal.

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A fresh approach and perspective, leading to deeper understandings and mutual respect.

I approach the subject from a perspective that the owner has full control over. We will have class time and homework (experiences) weekly for you and your pet. The main focus is on behaviour management. A workbook will be provided.

Prince George
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Dog trainer with 15 years experience in canine behaviour and health available for private or semi private classes in my home in Prince George, BC

I believe that there are ways to teach all animals to respond to our necessary life lessons without inflicting intimidation, pain or fear upon them. I use a combination of food, toys, and natural motivators to keep my dogs interested in working with me.

Niagara Falls
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Looking for someone to answer your dog questions? Look no more! Thanks

If you need advice about your dog or have any questions I will help you out and use the internet for back up information

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Learn how to groom your pooch from a Petstylist with over 20 years experience

I provide my clients with a hands on knowledge of dog grooming basics to help keep their pet in gorgeous condition .

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Professional dog training instructor ( Lothian’s & Borders) here to solve issues and take your dogs training to a different level

On our first 1-2-1 lesson I assess how you and your dog are as handler & pet , identify issues and work weekly to make changes to your dogs behaviour . Each lesson is 1.5 hours , with hands on support , corrections , and guiding you as the handler . You have daily training to do as part of my support . I also run a class in East Lothian for puppies and young adults .

Grand Island
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Compassionate & Professional Animal Communicator helping you to better understand your pets.

My teaching methods begin with honoring and respecting any animal you communicate with. I have a proprietary method that I teach, with each lesson building upon the next so that you have a solid foundation of learning animal communication. I guide you through many hands on exercises to help you get the most out of your learning experience.

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Get to know your animal better with communication and learn how to better take care of your animals. 5+ years experience

When teaching about animals I always use photos to show examples. Instead of only explaining what they look like when they feel a certain way, I will add photos. I always use charts and go over each and everything on the chart. When teaching about how to properly take care of animals I use examples and do everything step by step.

New Delhi
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Rufus is going to have a great and friendly experience with his lover and caretaker!!

Well in this, methodology may vary dog to dog some are tranquil,some are possessive,some are emotional etc but first of all I try to get friendly with them, offering treat is the most common way.Then indulge them in activities to accomplish the goals.

Eaton Bray
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Animal behaviour and welfare (First class BSc Hons) graduate with practical experience working with a range of species, available to offer tutoring relating to the subject and similar subjects.

I prefer to teach those at foundation degree/degree level but will consider other levels. I can adapt my teaching style to the students needs and requirements of their course. I ensure all teaching materials are evidence based and up to date. Lesson plans will discussed in detail with each individual.

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A passionate veterinarian student with over 10 years of experience working with dogs and cats!

Let's keep it clear, concise, and detailed. Since I have worked with animals for many years, I've had the privilege of educating people about their pets. And so, this has led me to develop the following teaching method: - Module 1: We will break down the basics of animal behavior. Here we will touch on concepts such as evolutionary behavior and what made your dog or cat they way they are today.

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Experienced Professional Dog Trainer offering personalized training plans for dedicated dog owners

Each customized plan will be developed after we discuss your individual dog's habits, and personality, coupled with your goals, habits, lifestyle and how you interact with one another.

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Educator and behaviorist canine and feline offers sessions for your pets in the Haut-Rhin!

A session can be focused on a particular problem that you want to solve.

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Wanna Communicate Your Animal..? Don't Worry, I am here for you. I Educate You How To Communicate Your Pet Easily.

MY teaching methodology is very easy very simple, my teaching method is totally depends on you that what type of person you are, what type of mind you have and what type of catching power you have

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Animal studies graduate and enthusiast looking to teach the kids of today about animal welfare so we can stop species from dying out and make the world a better place for future generations

I let students figure out how they want to grow in themselves and I let them express them selves for something they have a passion for

Greater Noida
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Know your dog with my dog training instructions, keep a smart dog

I believe, dogs are very sensible animals and can be taught easily. I have never used stick while my training. Reward them and make them learn.

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Educating you to educate your dog Learn why they behave the way they do and how you can shape that behaviour

First we discover the problem , through observation,seek the cause and all work together on the solution, consistently and patiently

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I’m a dog groomer and I love teaching about dogs and anything that has to do with dogs

I base my classes on how to work with dogs and what to do in certain situations

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Dog obedience instructor work with people to help train there dogs for 8 years

I base my teaching on basic obedience but I also teach rally-o, agility, breed classes and obedience. I use primarly treats.

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1st lesson is free!

Qualified Codog trainer offers lessons for puppies and adult dogs. Proper animal communication will help the four-legged owners to build a harmonious relationship with his friend.

Positive Reinforcement is the key to learning! Observing your animal and understanding its needs will allow the owner to approach differently and better with it, building a relationship based on trust. Together with a professional the owner can teach his own animal suitable behaviors.

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Animal studies graduate with year 12 WACE teaching and tutoring any and all

I am a very hands on and visual learner so I teach in the same way and try to create some excitement

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Student of Zootecnia gives classes in Dog Training at home for owners of pets and children, undesired behaviors are corrected and basic command of obedience to the dog is taught. (Bogotá,

Teaching and practice, where the priority is always the welfare of your home and the members that comprise it. We do all the classes at home and with the permanent appearance of the owner of the canine, in case of being a minor we ask for the accompaniment of an adult at all times.

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Being passionate about Dogs and a dog lover I carry the sessions with care and passion without shouting or using harsh methods. I take basic obedience training.

I train dogs with passion and love. I do not endorse harsh training methods as it can result in dogs listening only to the trainer and not the owner. I also take a session with the dog owner on how to take the charge as a Leader of the Pack so as to have a perfect emotional connect with the pet.

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Award-winning educator is available to tutor English and basic or Creative Writing

BArts English/French/MArts Secondary Education Junior Year-Abroad in

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Eliminate animal cruelty: positive reinforcement method for dog training.

Many dogs end up being abandoned due to lack of understanding and bad behavior that is just part of an animal's instinct. I believe training shouldn't be a negative experience for the dog, as that will only make it more difficult for the animal to trust and obey humans. Positive reinforcement's effectiveness has been broadly proven.

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I’d like to train the dogs because that’s the best and the most wonderful job experience anyone could have

My teaching methodology is teaching practically. We learn as we see. So the best way in which a student can learn is by seeing what I do.

Lytham St. Annes
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Lover of animals with 28 years of experience of small animals gives lessons in animal behaviour and handling online

Hello, I have a Degree in Psychology and will teach anyone who has or is getting a new pet how to handle them and about their behaviour through videos/Skype, diagrams and chat. Let me know what you need help with.

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