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Be the best driver you can be with me as your co-driver.

My teaching method are to help understand and use the basic technique at the wheel. Respect is key. People with questions are invited to ask them. There are no dumb question. They can be asked any time. Don't be afraid to tell me if anything is wrong.

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Over one year tutoring and delivery driving experience (common courier) in Winnipeg - prep for road test and classes for beginners, for both manual and automatic transmission.

My teaching methods depend entirely on the client as an individual, however safety is ALWAYS the number one priority on the road. We can find out and discuss what your learning style is and work with it once we've covered the basics.

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Honesty, Patience and Humbleness are key to trust and success, may it be personal or professional.

My teaching method is based on getting the outcome. Everyone doesnt have the same method to learn the things. My methods are based on how one learns and not on how one teaches. Adapt the best possible way one can learn.

Greater London
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A veteran driver going to teach driving to beginners regular online classes

I am a veteran driver and I am going to make the learners learn how to drive a four wheeler and even a two wheeler. I will conduct classes for beginners online only in English language and cover up all the basic knowledge about the vehicles as well.

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The Theory Test Tutor is a 1 to 1 personal online tutoring service for help with all aspects of the driver theory test. We cover Car,bus,lorry motorcycle and cpc module 2&4.

I like to instil confidence in every student, I take them through each topic in a relaxed and fun way whilst still helping them to fully grasp the material

New Delhi
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Driving classes in delhi mahipalpur bypass road all India services take free

By driving test on road but your personal vehicle available than you drive i support to driving to any road

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I will tell you some type through which you can easily drive the car

My purpose is to teach people to drive and tell some tips about them so that they can escape a lot from the expenditure

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People who need to learn driving and remove your fear can contact me

My methodology is understanding students weak side and then with my help I'll try to make it their strongest sie

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Learn how to drive a vehicle with proper rules of road and learn each sigh board of road.

My topics will help someone to improve driving as well as, I will train my students to drive in every possible condition.

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Driving is an essential part of life in this day and age. From taking the children to school, the work commute or as a hobby. I would love to tutor you on the theory and the manual side of getting to

I'm 35 year old Mother, I live in Ironbridge Shropshire. I can test you on your theory questions as there is alot of information to learn so I will break it into stages. And the manual side of driving we will learn all about the basic car functions first, where and what the pedals and buttons and knobs do, through to the gears. Once then we can look at getting started and road disaplin.

Chanukya kumar
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A good driver on road knows how to drive good in life.

My teaching method is to teach basic knowledge about the bike and by the basic we can improve our driving skills form beginning to end

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First If You Want To Become A Professional Driver, You Have Take Calm In Every Condition

If you believe that any material in VTechWorks should be removed, please see our policy and procedure for Requesting that Material be Amended or Removed.

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Amazing talent of driving since 12yrs n hardcore driving wanna learn ?

Being honest have trained alot of guys verbally how to drive and what all to do on the road ahead

Juazeiro do Norte
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Operator for road machines such as: Backhoe, Hydraulic Excavator, Track or Tire Tractor, Combustion and Electric forklifts, Tire and Track Loader, Motoniv

Hi everyone, my Technical training is Electronics, I also studied Electric Enga, but my two main activities are focused and separated into two segments, Heavy Machinery (Backhoe, Hydraulic Excavator, Tire and Tray Tractor, Combustion and Electric Forklifts, Wheels and tires, motor grader, off-road truck, all these machines also in the "mini" versions, Air Baskets for low, medium and high voltage.

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Learn to drive any vehicle in no time and with 100% safety

I start form very basics first and than evaluate everything that needs to be improved in one i am teaching & later with previous experience & current situation, the one beacomes champion in no time

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Let me help you pass your theory test using different learning methods

Relaxed, informal teaching style to suit all learning styles. I can help through email, or Skype. High way codes, Theory test tips, and theory test category breakdown of questions. I will make up mock tests, and advise you on all the formalities.

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Theory Revision Help Now Available - Are you struggling to pass your theory?

I have helped many friends pass their theory first time through training them to understand the questions properly. As a tutor, I would send you regular content that you require to know for your theory and driving test. I will also be free to answer any queries you have.

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Student in Engineering from Tamilnadu gives tips and idea about Driving and Automobiles

I am new to teaching,i will share my knowledge about the things i know and you could also share your thoughts.

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I am a driving expert and i would love to teach driving to anyone interested

My method of teaching in unique and my basic lessons are of the clutch .

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Help in to make a perfect driving skills ... without no hesitation Makes perfect

Myself Jaideep Helps to make a perfect driving skills Without no hesitation M college student Still makes uh perfect . .

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New Delhi
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Learn driving to be professional driver, to earn money and to grow more.

My method is very simple if u want to become a driver u must need most of ur concentration on the road

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My motive is only sharey experience with anyone its helping nature so i will do

My teaching method is so best in around the world i will do best for my better knowledge end experience

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Wants to learn driving hustle free , I'm very experienced and taught to many students , as i am young , i can teach with different techniques to anyone easily.

I am driving for more then 6 years and taught more than 45 students , i have different techniques and ways , so anyone can learn driving easily ...

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More than 15 years of experience in driving education in MBA currently stay in Gujarat.

The class is for the age of 18 plus and who can acquire license.

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Those who wants to study driving easy and smoothly join with me

My teaching method is different is different.

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Certified Teacher in Houston Texas for EC through 6th grade, certified in Louisiana as well. I also teach Driver's Ed.

I teach Driver's ed on the beginning and intermediate levels. I tutor online and I am currently certified to teach in Texas and in Louisiana. I've taught elementary, high school, and on the college level as an adjunct instructor. I have 15 years of teaching experience.

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Hello, Friends! I am Harish Nemade from Dombivali, Maharashtra, India. I am Expert in Car Driving. I'm finding Those Students who Find Car Driving Difficult. I'm Here To Help You!

I will be teaching you Car Driving through Online. I'm having 1 year experience of Car Driving on City Roads and Highways.

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“If you have no good drive in you, your life will not be steered through a good direction. It will miss its destined station. Passion or drive is what moves the vehicle of a fulfilled life.”

having a good experience of driving thats why i know how to tech a begineer..i. m younger one so i know diffrent ways to do a work easily..and as i am an enginner so i also know the easy ways to handle the diffrent situtaions...

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