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Education student at McGill. I can speak English French and Dutch. Live in Montreal.

My teaching methodology is to see where the students has difficulties and concentrate on the issue imminently. Also, I believe that knowing the basic js crucial in order to adequately comprehend a subject.

Rio de Janeiro
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Professor of English and Dutch, who studied and lived in the US, with several years of experience. I am not Brazilian, but speak enough Portuguese. I have experience with all levels.

I am a person who likes to help others. I use humor in my classes (with enough chance for students to tell me what they want to learn) to make learning a pleasant thing. My specialties are conversation, grammar and vocabulary, but I have experience with all disciplines.

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Dutch student gives Dutch lessons to high school, Uni students and others online.

My lessons are geared towards beginners and intermediates. I like my students to have fun during my lessons so I would like to incorporate my student's interest in the lessons. Things like sports, music and other hobbies will be used to keep you engaged in my classes.

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Learn Flemish (Dutch) in Alicante and San Vicente simple and natural way

I'm Astrid, a Belgian girl and arrived in Alicante threeyears ago. My mother tongue is Flemish, the language spoken in half of Belgium, Netherlands and some former colonies of those. The language is called Dutch, Dutch or Flemish as the regional dialect. In classes I focus on fluency. For me, it is most important to be able to speak of many things without fear.

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Dutch enthusiastic literature student in Paris, learn dutch with a native speaker!

I base my classes on the needs of my students. The method of learning depends on the personal goal of each person: a grammatical reinforcement is only one of the possible ways and requires a different approach than when one first wants to practice oral.

Alphen aan den Rijn
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Dutch as a foreign language. For expats, tourists and other enthusiasts. In Alphen aan den Rijn.

In the first teaching hour the acquaintance is most important. We talk about what your starting level and what you aim to achieve. And in the course of the lessons it becomes more and more clear where the actual need lies and that lessons are set to that need. One lesson takes one hour at is offered in Alphen aan den Rijn. Other durations are also possible.

Den Haag
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Dutch Law student (Leiden University) offering (customized) private Dutch lessons in the Hague!

I always draw up a well-organized lesson plan first, in order to determine the amount of study material and subjects that should be treated in a certain time. In addition, I always try to use additional exercises / teaching materials.

Den Haag
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NT2 / Nederlands als tweede taal - Dutch as a second language (with focus on conversation)

Together we look at what your goals and wishes are and how we can achieve this step by step. I focus on personal improvement by practicing a lot and studying with the student where the points for improvement lie. I am very patient and find it important that you feel at ease during the lessons.

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Certified NT2 teacher teaches Dutch to non-native speakers in Weert and surroundings. Well prepared for exam!

Depending on your age, I work with different methods. The lessons will be a combination of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Furthermore, I always adapt to the wishes of the student. For example, we can specifically focus on one of the components.

São Paulo
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Native Dutch speaker is Inglês and dutch lessons tthrough skype. classes will be Inglês.

Dutch online specialized classes in speaking and writing. every single class WILL be prepared for your needs. I have equipment for each individual needs * IELTS Preparation * TOEFL Preparation * manage to talk abroad * classes are scheduled, but I am very flexible If you need a helping hand writing the essay, simply need somebody who checks your Grammer or if you need to speedcourse right now.

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Professor of English and foreign language speaker gives English lessons in the Lille region

Trainer experienced English / German / Dutch courses gives home Lille region. evening classes for adults and tutoring courses for retraining adults ongoing access to oral and situations of everyday life during the English / German / Dutch languages ​​experienced trainer gives English courses / German home Lille region , experience in training centers, school support organizations, enterprises.

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International Business Student's tuition in Dutch (for stuffing), English (up to intermediate) in food and environment

My name is Anne and I am 20 years old. I would like to teach my Dutch skills other. My classes are aimed at students, pupils (school types each level) and adults. I have special qualifications, as I did my diploma performance specialist Dutch in the Netherlands. I am Dutch and have made the primary school there. My secondary education 2 I completed after 6 years in Germany.

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Highly experienced and qualified Dutch tutor in Perth region, available now for classes

Especially when it comes to tutoring, my classes tend to be very individual and creative. I base the topic on what the student is interested in learning and what is currently relevant in his or her life. This is how I make sure the student doesn't waste their money on something they're not interested in.

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Learn Dutch quickly and in a fun way! 4 years of teaching experience

I am currently following a double bachelor in translation and in English Literature and Creative Writing. I have and will give lessons to every person who has academic problems.

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Multilingual Belgian university graduate with an additional teaching degree and years of experience teaching Dutch. Classes online so you can learn from anywhere in the world!

I like to use the newest scientific based language teaching approaches and you can see my teaching in this metaphor "you jump in the pool of this new language, and i am always at the side of the pool supporting you and helping you so you never feel unsafe, until you can swim alone with confidence" I base my classes on the need of the student and go at a pace that suits the student.

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HBO Law student gives integration course! Translation into English and Thai is possible!

My methods are based on the student himself. In the beginning we will make a test, from this I can see how far my student is and pick up points where they find it difficult. The most important thing is to understand what you are learning, because if you understand what you are doing, it is also easier to record it.

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Do you want to learn Dutch? I am a native from the Netherlands, based in Victoria (Melbourne) who would love to teach.

Because of my creative background (art and graphic design) I find ways to explain, understand and make learning fun. As a person I am driven and excited to get results and I try to inculcate this in my teaching in a relaxed environment which encourages learning.

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Second-year Marketing student in Kortrijk teaches Dutch courses in Namur (for students)

I adapt to the profile of each student, I can provide syntheses written by me or make new with the student. It is more practical to have a course and / or theory so that I can know exactly what the teacher is asking for.

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Hi, Do you have an interest or requirement to learn Dutch? Would you like to progress in your current level? I can help you!

I will use TOFL methods combined with teaching methods used in primary school to start with. Also SEN background I may use on the path of your goals. Based on your personal goals we will make the best out of our lessons together.

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Sales manager offering dutch lessons for everyday use up to a highly professional working profeciency

I base my classes on the student's aspirations, working everyday environment and intention of language use. Prior to the first lesson, I would hold a short introduction session to get to know the student better. This helps me understand the vocabulary, terminology and level of grammar that the student will need to learn form me.

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Improve your Dutch skills through interaktive lessons in Melbourne! Grammar/Vocabulary, Speaking, Reading!

One requirement for my lessons is a suitable teaching environment, for example a tidy and quiet room with enough space for the teaching materials. Since Dutch is a very active language, I focus not only on revising the Grammar and Vocabulary, but also on actively using the language through speaking and therefore improving the pronunciation.

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Het Nederlandse Taal is erg belangerijk. U kunt dan lekker naar Nederland op vakantie

I have also studied TEFL which is Teaching English as a Foreign Language and I can follow this as my methodology. However in this case instead of teaching I can teach Dutch. My method of teaching is through conversations mainly but also more written approaches such as spellings.

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Dutch native will help you achieve a level of native Dutch fluency

I am your go-to Dutch tutor if you are looking to improve your level of Dutch. Perfect for those who are looking to get their basic conversations flowing as well as those who strive to speak fluently. I have an enormous amount of creative resources to make sure the learning process is fun which in turn will increase your chances of actually sounding like a Dutchie.

(3 reviews)
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Qualified Teacher and Native Dutch Speaker offers you custommade, tailored and personalised tuitions.

Depending on student needs, my classea focuses on self reliability in Dutch speaking country. It offers you sentence constructions, understanding, listening, vocabulary, history & culture abd dialogue.

(1 review)
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Online NL2 teacher with experience in teaching English and tutoring high school students

My teaching method is interactive and flexible. Together we create a lesson plan that meets your goals. Regardless of which approach we choose, having fun is at the heart of my lessons. Moreover we review during the lessons which approach works best. Some learners might profit from structured lessons, whereas other benefit from a more 'free' method.

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Native Dutch speaker gives Dutch lessons to both children and adults. Basic and advanced Dutch.

My teaching method depends on the proficiency in Dutch that the student has at start. Personally, I think the best way to learn a language is to speak it. So, there will be a lot of conversing and the topics will gradually become more difficult. That way, students will learn how to use words, in order to get the message across.

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Dutch Freelancer who recently moved to London giving lessons in the beautiful Dutch language

I'd like to teach anyone who is interested in learning Dutch. I am kind, patient and I usually understand which areas are easy and in which areas students are still having trouble. I like to go step-by-step, topic by topic and create fun exercise sheets to give as homework.

West Valley City
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Talk like an Rotterdam, or speak ABN Dutch. Financial worker happy to teach Dutch.

I am from the Netherlands, Rotterdam, usually I taught English in my home country, but since I am in a English speaking region, I like to teach Dutch. My teaching method is to communicate with each other, I will give you plenty of room to fail, and help where to make improvements.

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Learn to speak as a Dutchie. Choose your own subject. Skype Line or personal training.

Dutch man traveled a lot. Now living in Glasgow with his wife. Patient and understanding. I ll make it interesting to learn dutch. You choose your subject of intrest. And I make your lessons fit for you. You choose the amount of hours every week.

(1 review)
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Learn Dutch, French and English online with an experienced and professional language coach. Tailormade classes.

The online courses method allows you to take classes when and where you want, with great flexibility. Effective and practical method based on the benefits of new technologies. Languages for general and professional purposes. Tutoring, conversation... Our classes are tailormade.

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