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I am a recent university graduate with my bachelor of Kinesiology, Through college I sold paintings and kept up my Hobby. I would love to help and teach others while they follow their passion.

My teaching method is a student focused approach. Every individual learns in their own specific way. So I plan to tailor my tutoring styles to each individuals specific needs. I believe in providing positive reinforcement to my students to allow for the increase in confidence. While also providing constructive criticism.

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An Experienced Art Teacher in Montreal tutoring in the arts, in multi-mediums

My individual tutoring method is based on your needs using Technical and Aesthetic assistance and advice. Based on the understanding or the links between your ideas/ passions and the techniques used: Color, medium, intention, concepts/ideas, format. And how to develop your own techniques and hand.

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Former Assistant Professor at the National University of Arts, Bucharest(Romania) offering art lessons up to university graduates and also for those who want to have fun painting.

My teaching method is structured on each student’s need. In the first meeting I want to learn more about my student, to see their portfolio or drawings, to get a clear picture about what is needed to be taught. Then, depending on the student, I will have special teaching method. I’ve worked with 5 year old children up to 40year olds, so I know how to make a plan for everyone.

Juan manuel
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I am a Master of Visual Arts & illustrator! I teach drawing, painting and engraving classes in the city of Cali.

My teaching method is based on finding the most appropriate way to connect the feeling and the reason of creating, with the material to be transformed. But first, finding the joy of doing it, because y think and confirm that Art is the most beautiful way to change the world.

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Visual artist gives classes of drawing, painting, printmaking and illustration in Bogotá

The classes are based on my theoretical and practical knowledge at the moment of explaining the topics to be discussed and transferring the information that's going to be reviewed during each class.

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Painter based in Milan, provides lessons of visual arts, learned during her studies and her persistent research.

My lessons start from an understanding of reality, what we see through space, time and perspective. Specified attention should be given to the study of light: how light changes shapes, shapes seen through darkness and light, emptiness and fullness. Understanding the space and the form in its entirety through the decomposition of the shapes, is the first step of the disegno.

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I am a visual artist and illustrator, happy to teach you how to create characters, worlds and illustrations full of different digital or analogue techniques .

The methodology will be given depending on the interests and the way each student is working because everyone has their times and their ways of doing things, it is from there where the methodology will be proposed, so that it is appropriate for each person.

Darling Heights
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Visual Arts teacher give art lessons to primary and high school students

my teaching methodology is use the tools, methods and techniques that can be used in making art works. I want to teach students that want to learn the basics of drawing, painting and printmaking. Usually, this means looking at using the various media and techniques to make individual artworks.

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I offer applied visual arts courses for beginners or semi-experts. Together we will investigate the major techniques according to the needs.

The course can be modeled according to the requests. I know the main techniques in visual arts so we have freedom to investigate different aspects.

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French Erasmus student at the Academy of Beaux-Arts in the city of Liège

I haven't a specific basic approach, it will depend mainly on what you want or need. The idea will be to build a method according to your expectations. I am patient and consider that the field of arts is accessible to all those who are be interested.

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New York from 3 to 8 October workshop In Situ french language

Advanced level, seeking to improve skills, letting go of drawing, intuitive and naturalist approach. Doing, talking, feeling.Each one provide material and support, and also what to documents your work.The workshop will be held if time permits in a park, or outdoors.

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if you are passionate , join me... best place for artists , you tubers , bloggers

As an artist we should always start from the story that we wish to develop and then apply that to get the best of it. learn the basics and apply regularly and practice that will help you to bacome a pro.

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From painting to sculpture. Degree in Visual Arts with mention in painting. I also manage the use of various materials for the construction of volumetric objects (wood, solid paraffin,

In my classes I will give the opportunity to be able to create and concretize any idea they have in mind. We can begin with painting and then finish with the construction of objects that are related to pictorial work. Abstraction and imagination have no limits, and with the help of the various materials that exist today, we can do everything possible.

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Student of Fine Arts teaches Painting, Textile, Bookbinding and Printmaking in Porto.

I am interested in using a structured program to develop the proposed subjects. I believe that, through some lines of thought and production, it is possible for students to develop a work resource using the tools taught, as well as critical thinking.

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Fine Art Graduate providing lessons of creativity and material technique to those up to a College based Level.

Getting to know how each individual learns in essential to their development. Beginning the lesson with an underlined aim ensures that we cover the topics required and maintain on track.

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Teacher of plastic arts at home in Barcelona for all ages! :)

I have all kinds of graphic skills as much as drawing as different arts and crafts, if you would like to learn all kinds of techniques and enrich your artistic skills, I will help you with a lot of patience and dedication.

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Business student offering art-related lessons or aid in IB coursework in Reading.

Depending on what is needed from the student, I am able to assist in technical aspects of producing art as well as the planning and work behind a ,for example A Level or IB, student's coursework. This depends on what is needed from the student.

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I am diploma in Fine Arts, I can teach illustration, painting and life drawing and explore creative art.

The teaching techniques that I would like to use mainly depend on the age group , for the age less than 10 years- to give topic and show them various angles , For above 10 age group I would prefer first discussion and then views by teacher and then one by one students view regarding topic.

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Visual Arts student who teaches drawing, painting and / or engraving for beginners

The work I have done has focused on beginners, because I consider it essential to teach that we can all draw and paint, and that we believe we can not because all our life we ​​have been told that we do things wrong.

New Delhi
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Hello ! Akash here , persued Fine Arts from Amity University now persuing Product Designing gives classes for drawing, illustration, Digital software for digital illustration, photo editing, photo man

First i make sure student is able to Draw freely basic shapes and perspectives. After that we will work on digital softwares and some basic it knowledge as our plus point.

Ciudad de México
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Student of visual communication gives classes of creative illustration in CDMX, traditional and digital.

My classes are aimed at all those who have the desire to learn to draw or find their style. They do not need any prior knowledge, nor equipment in specific; we will work with traditional techniques (pencil, pastels, markers, watercolors, inks, acrylics, etchings), as well as digital techniques (digital illustration, mixed media, use of textures, printing modes).

Greater London
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Young practicing artist teaching various sculptural processes and contemporary art methods such as casting, carving, modelling in wax or clay

My name is Cata, a Fine Arts graduate, with an MA in Gallery Studies (Curating), and previous experience in art shows and opening a small art gallery. I have thought in art departments in 2 schools . My focus is on sculptural methods and installation, but not limited to it, I have been involved in art performances and video work.

Hot bobby
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Student of Fine Arts offers private lessons in the field, with experience.

I am an art student who has attended the art school and attended several extracurricular classes and workshops. I offer classes to anyone who wants to learn to draw, or people who need to strengthen their technique. And customized classes designed for the level of each student, giving importance to the most complicated or what interests you learn.

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Create your life in your own creative way # artistic#paintolic#creativity #

I will guide you the way you like, the comfort you like, just in friends style, enjoy the colours

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Graduated in Academy of Fine Arts, she gives lessons in painting, sculpture, drawing, graphics and photography for elementary, middle and high school students in the area of ​​Lanciano, Treglio, San V

I graduated in visual arts at the Urbino Academy of Fine Arts. My teaching methodology is structured on the basis of theoretical technical modules supported by final tests to demonstrate the skills and competences acquired.Revel to students of fine arts and higher professional institutions.

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Express your artistic genius guided by an artist and cultural mediator - any age, any audience

If you know how to write, you know how to draw. If you know how to mix ingredients for a recipe, you know how to mix colors and paint. I teach drawing, color, collage and even sculpture by modeling. And it happens online, in the comfort of your home. For all ages and all ages.

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Illustrator-Graduate Graphic Designer gives classes in drawing, illustration, painting and graphics all levels

Hello, Graduate of the EPSAA, high school of graphic arts. passionate about illustration, painting, comics and graphics. I want to share my passion and to make known the different aspects of drawing. I therefore propose courses for all levels in leisure and also courses for the preparation of the file for high schools specialty art and schools of higher arts.

Buenos Aires
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Art Teacher offers classes from all disciplines of the fine arts. Drawing- Painting- Sculpture- Engraving-Theory of art for children, adolescents and adults, with or without experience.

We begin with a short interview to evaluate the starting point, after some simple exercises I verify the level and the personal concerns of each student. After that, personalized art history classes begin that are complemented by the art workshop.

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