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Communications student and professional photographer from Mississauga providing support to upcoming creatives

I approach photography as a form of expression. I believe that each person has a different view on the world, and photographer gives you the opportunity to share your vision with others - the way that YOU want to. My lessons are intended for any skill level, whether you have never touched a camera before or if you already have the hang of it and want to improve.

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Professional and artist with years of experience gives photography lessons to students in Toronto

Making a photograph is like making a painting. A thought has to be provoked to click the shutter. With online platforms these days it is very easy to grasp the technical knowledge involved in photography but the artistic and aesthetic part of it is another ball game altogether.

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Press photographer with 10 years of experience gives photography classes in Toronto area

My teaching method is mix of hands-on experience and theorethical knowledge of photography, light, and composition.

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Engineering student giving lessons in Photography for the primary and secondary school students.

My teaching is like, I make my students entertained as they are learning, Because students like to study when they are actively doing something. I would like to get the vibrant guys as my students, so that the learning process will be easy.

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ANU Master degree and over 3 years wedding, portraits and event photographer in Canberra.

My name is Jamin. email: (concealed information) Website: (concealed information) Here you can learn about how to use your camera perfectly. Which lens is best for your work. How to take photo with the best exposure. How to do compositions. Etc.. My teaching methodology includes 4 parts: 1.Theory and camera operation studies. 2.Practice and post-upgrade studies. 3.

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A professional photographer teaches photography & editing of image and video at a fully equipped home studio. Learn to take photographs at a professional level in the fields of modelling, portrait, f

My teaching method is very friendly, easy and interactive. Before I start a lesson, I introduce myself to new candidates and I become aware of their basic knowledge. I emphasize on practical knowledge rather than theoretical. While giving a group lecture or teaching individually, I always give the necessary examples and make things easier to understand.

Ciudad de México
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Photographer with 14 years of experience teaching classes. Photography concerts and trips

My classes are absolutely personalized and dynamic, I reorganize the work and interest of the student according to the maximum use of the tools we have, such as technique, equipment and visual culture, background, etc. No form of art develops without interweaving with other disciplines, so I try, according to the interest of the student to interrelate photography with them.

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Ignite your creative photography passions with a seasoned professional photographer (AIPP member)

Practical on the street training in real settings and locations is my approach. It's fun, non-threatening and full of surprises. I'd like to think I'm easy and approachable to all ages and that means helping people as they master their art is about great relationships.

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Hello there, I am an highly experienced Commercial Photographer, Retoucher and Educator

I use a multitude of teaching methods. Each session is tailored to the learners requirements, be it a one to one or group session. Photography requires a experiential learning approach. Learners are introduced to the relevant skills and then apply the gained knowledge through practice, evaluation and development.

Las Condes
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Photographer takes classes in digital photography and video in Santiago de Chile.

My classes are based on theory and practice, designed for people without knowledge to basic knowledge of the subject. It is a dynamic teaching, where the same student learns to be critical of his work and that of others, in this way, he is improving his technique and "training the eye"; when photographing.

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Commercial, bridal and fashion photographer with 7 years of experience would like to teach people with photography and retouching

My way of teaching is simple photography will be explained in a simple way. And mainly answer any questions you have about photography, equipment I will give you advice with your company, help with your website / logo appearance, help with retouching and tips and advice, advice with lighting etc and all questions that you have at photography.

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I am a professional photographer on the Gold Coast, I have my Diploma and a great enthusiasm for the work.

Having taught photography before in wide age groups and genres, I obtain a wide knowledge and love for the work. Teaching everything from the basics to the creative. Ranging from hour lessons to few hour lessons, depending on your skills and want to learn.

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Professional Photographer with over 8 years of experience giving lessons in Sydney

I base my classes on fundamentals or photography, usage of DSLR camera and equipments. I then focus on the type of photography students would like to learn by offering a basic idea about each type. Some of the classes will be theoretical and others will be practical with planned trips.

Navi Mumbai
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Learn the Ethics to Aesthetics of Photography. Tame your Camera for Better Photographs

I don't go by the books. Creativity has to be unique always. My intention is to nurture a creative mind, not a specific photograph. I teach the rules and then break them to make one self realise its beauty within.

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Senior Sydney based advertising photographer Alex Weltlinger teaches you how to become a working photographer at the highest level.

My approach is first to work out how you think, then to apply the basics of being a photographer to that thinking. Sounds a little weird, right? So I can teach you the skill sets - exposures, framing, connection, light, conceptual development, people and talent management and so on - but what really counts as a photographer is the thought process.

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Professional Animal and fashion Photographer teaching photography 101 inc studio and natural

I take a fun hands on approach to the teaching experience, work at your own pace, learn the ins and outs. i am best known for my Equestrian studio portraiture and canine imagery, emphasis on Digital retouching and image enhancing.

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Qualified Photographer and Lecturer offering Photography Workshops, Classes and Trips in Cornwall

I can teach from entry level for students that have never held a camera, up to Level 3, the equivalent of A Level or Foundation Diploma. I often work with a social teaching style, letting the students lead the direction of the class whilst acting as a facilitator for the needs of the individuals in the groups.

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College Student Offering Photography/Fashion Photography Lessons Online- GCSE to A-Level 7yr Experience!

I am a very friendly, open, empathetic and patient individual, who knows exactly what the current educational pressure can feel like, and so I personally aim to teach in such a way that calms, prepares and motivates you to produce the best quality work as possible! My teaching method is to always encourage you to express yourself and your passions within your work.

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The master portrait photographer gives best hands on photography lessons to anyone from enthusiasts to professionals in Melbourne

I believe in practicality of lessons and theory. I'd like you to stark working and seeing the results every single day. Using right side of your brain I'll help you to tap into your creative talent and create images that you couldn't believe you would even been able to produce.

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Antony Trivet Tutor in Wedding Fashion Portraiture Photographer give lessons to all interested parties

Capture images as directed, taking all aspects into consideration, including outside lighting, shadows, and lens requirements. Edit and pre-edit images to ensure they are high quality and properly color corrected. Communicate effectively with clients or producers at all times to guarantee satisfaction and maximize chances of return business.

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Lic. Sciences of the Communication, I teach you to discover the basic and advanced foundations of digital photography and I help you to experiment in the type of photography that is most easily provid

Mainly I like to work in a practical way, at the same time that the students learn the theory, I am someone that like you, sit down to listen to a person does not generate much interest, that is why from the first moment I am met with my (S) student (S) we began to work with the use of his camera, to know the different ways in which he can take a photograph and the different types of objectives...

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Sydney internationally published photographer will teach you how to become a professional photographer and gather for the right customers

my teaching method will start from the basic lighting knowledge and will guide you to the most complex scenarios, then I will show you how to create amazing artworks working on your editing skills.

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Passionate student photographer teaching you how to take a perfectly composed photo and edit that photo using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Photography may seem easy. It's just aiming a camera and pressing a button right? Wrong. To get that award-winning photo you must consider multiple aspects, such as the lighting, composition, focus of the photo, and many others.

Talegaon Dabhade
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Professional Photography tutor with over 6 years of experience in Pune with hands on experience.

My teaching method is totally practical based and less of book. Because the more practical experience you have the better photographer you can be. Topics will be based on both technical and practical experience. These classes are for all level of enthusiast who want to take up photography as a profession of just as hobby.

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The Art of Photography is achieving a cool calmness in stressful people.

Beginners always want to play with the camera. When we try to teach them all the parts of the camera and what each part does, this can be boring for many of them. So I always try to give them practical experience, actually taking photographs, while teaching them at the same time. I especially like to teach students triangle exposure.

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Art and Photography GCSE and A level teacher/tutor in North London Area

I am kind, caring, passionate about my subject and am a tutor who strives for their student to do the best they possibly can, whilst developing the skills they need to achieve their potential grade. I aim to build confidence, whilst allowing the student to express their own individuality and help them achieve the best grade they can.

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Lessons to improve your photographic eye Digital photography, social, fashion, selfies, etc.

Face-to-face and / or online course with limited places, basic topics to understand and manage the photographic technique and achieve your ideal photos.

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Creator giving photography lessons online, or wherever in the world I am!!

I am a very spur of the moment person, and adapt easily to all people. I teach the technical basics. There is a lot of practical work as well (with projects and evaluations). The goal is for people to understand the art. I believe you learn by doing and trying, therefore the practical work is very important to the art, the technical work is important to the understanding.

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Melbourne based photographer giving photography/retouching lessons on both digital or analogue formats to students of any age

My teaching method is finding out specifically what my pupil wishes to learn and base the lesson and teachings around that.

Byron Bay
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Ezequiel Professional Photographer specialized in Surf Photography give photography lessons to any students who want's to learn more about this magical job .

My teaching method is based in EXPERIENCE. This is how I learned from the beginning. My lessons are gonna help you to be motivated to take photos everyday, catch the perfect lights and make your camera your best friend.

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