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Retired CPA and former teacher in Accounting and Accounting at the Post Secondary level - one on one and groups welcome

I work with students to: identify their course goals; understand their preferred learning styles; engage them in dialogue and discussion; and to help them grasp theory as well as practice. it's important that the teaching/learning process be collaborative and participatory.

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CPFC certified Financial Management Coach who teaches the fundamentals of Financial and English literacy as well as Resume writing

In a regular tutoring session, I would give a debrief of the lesson at first, followed by some reading and comprehension and then an activity to bring the learning to life. I follow a simple three-step approach when tutoring: 1. I gauge the level of pre-knowledge someone has through some casual discussion at first 2. I tailor the lesson to what the student needs to know 3.

Pierre andré
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Trainer in International making, Statistics, Logistics, Management Sciences. I try to get complex lessons easy to understand.

She is very simple. I try to make very simple and accessible, the courses a bit complex.

New Delhi
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I am a commerce graduate from Delhi university and presently pursuing pg diploma in company law banking having potential knowledge and skill to teach business studies business law company law marketin

As communication is the essence of teaching.I believe in two way communication.I also like to response from student whether they are getting or not. For convenience, I always used to cite examples while teaching so that student can understand easily.I also prefer to teaching through smart class.

New Town
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I veteran Industry expert with more than 25 years of work experience in Management

I am a professional with more than 25 years of experience in Manufacturing Industry in senior management position. To draw further satisfaction, I have now concentrating on teaching aspect based on my past industry experience . I do already have prior experience of teaching Operations Management to international students.

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Top Business Master's Graduate offering tutoring for business related subjects in Leicester

My teaching method is based on offering flexible styles to suit the individual student based on their desired goals. I make sure that the student fully understands the topic and offer extra support and clarity to all those that desire it. I am able to offer support to any student at any level.

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Need marketing and logistics expertise in professional field can help you out .

My style of teaching through real life examples , Identifying problem and solving them through management skills. Teaching through variety of case study particular to the same field.Connects with the students where they are facing problems and help them to overcome with examples.

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I am MBA with specialisation in Operation management with background of PCM

I believe in participative teaching,where student equaly participate in discussion on the topic.I take students along with me.I like student put maximum question and clear all doubts which arise in their fertile mind.I would like to clear all doubts.

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Masters in International Business Graduate taking tuitions in commerce, economics, business studies for college level students.

As per this Generation i would love to take class. Eg., Barter System in simple - Goods exchanged for goods when no monetary terms was involved. Ajith exchanged his R15 bike, In return Surya gave him his Duke bike. So I can Teach with new generation illustrations.

New Delhi
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MBA with over 11 years of work experience in Sales, Traditional & Online Marketing

I've been into sales and marketing for over 11 years and I constantly felt a gap in the methodology and strategy of management while deciding on sales and marketing plans and expectancy levels and targets. Deep dive into the subject with practical experience has helped me fill in those gaps. I've taught teams for over 8 years now and have mentored them into becoming successful managers.

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Guru Said Arise Awake And Stop Not Till The Goal Is Reached

Learning is a Continuous Process. Practice makes Perfection. Before any Start, Planning is very much useful. A Guide or Guru makes the Planning smooth. A perfect Plan will surely lead to a successful end. Sailing alone and Sailing along with the Guru or Guide make the Journey Fruitful.

New Delhi
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MBA in International Business and Finance with expertise in International Trade and related areas

Possesses an effective, positive, and flexible teaching style for school and college students. I'd love to use my academic knowledge and skills to enhance students' performance and help them understand the topic at hand in a simple and easy way.

N ravishankar
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Six Sigma (White belt certified ) Amazon Trainer with 25 yrs Exp in Logistics, Fire , Rubber industry, Security.

Six Sigma (White belt certified ) Amazon Trainer with 25 yrs Exp in Logistics, Fire , Rubber industry, Security. All teaching will be based on practical exp. I am N Ravishankar Nair Six Sigma (White belt certified ) Amazon Trainer with 25 yrs Exp (From Defence and MNC) in Logistics, Fire , Rubber industry, Security. Presently looking for a job change in and around Cochin /Alleppey.

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Students in engineering or looking jobs in shipping and logistics for them give classes

My teaching method both theoretical and practical both sea port, air port or as per the logistics departments. Most of the classes i am doing on my practical experience. Also i am having certificate from Customs Brokering Association for import and export policy norms and International Shipping Also passed the Examination from Customs .

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An experienced faculty in the field of management with triple masters degree and an engineering graduate.

focus on clearing the concepts in simple language with practical examples. Using Information & Communication technology to enhance the teaching learning experience in a fun loving environment. the teaching methodology will vary as per subject under consideration but focus on learning.

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Management, Supply Chain expert in Bangalore to help with coursework, research and dissertation

My teaching method is through the knowledge and industry experience. I teach through my own powerpoint presentations and excel based on my research from books, case studies and workshops rather than pushing the students into text book knowledge. Live discussion, projects is the approach I prefer and believe in the students decision making and knowledge.

(1 review)
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Hello Friends, I Denny Samuel is here for you to teach the core extract needed to prepare for all Business subjects and to simplify the learning method .

My teaching method is the way you want me to teach you,but at the same way i expect some decent corporation from your side to grasp my knowledge for your own benefit.I love interaction learning and solving questions for individual problems in subject as well as in his/her learning technique.

Ciudad de México
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Consultant in analysis and implementation of web 3.0 technologies (DLT's, Cryptocurrencies, use cases, trajectory, current state of affairs).

Course content: - General topics - Bitcoin, History (previous projects), Principles, Components and Uses. - Terminology and Basic concepts - Development and stages of environment Cryptocurrencies. -crypto 1st, 2nd and 3rd gen. - DLT's - Types (Blockchain, Tangle). - Consensus algorithms. - Governance and participation. - Use cases.

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Any thing you produce has a market. Every country is not your market. Each product had a specific market.

I can teach only online as I travel most of the time. My teaching is mostly practical and based on live examples. I share my knowledge with my own case studies and my own experiences. I can teach Production Process, Quality Control, Procurement and Marketing.

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Currently pursuing MBA from AKTU and good knowledge in statistics and other subject.

i will teach you very different way, and will not teach the book base, will teach you my own techiques and method, and forget about the difficult formula and lengthy process, i will teach everything that you understand fast and remember lifetime.

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Ph.D. student from IIM Indore gives tuitions in Maths, Statistics, and Management.

I concentrate mainly on the basic concept of the subject. My primary teaching method is the lecture method. I often use the powerpoint presentation (ppt) or handmade notes to enhance the students learning. I am also flexible for any other type of teaching pedagogy that suitable to the student. Student-centered learning is the main strategy during classes.

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Ex IIM faculty member with 30 years teaching/industry experience gives tuition on line

My teaching method is sharing the knowledge through power point presentation and by sharing viedeos of performance in actual situations. In personal training programmes, I conduct a number of behavioural excercises and explain the implications of the behaviour of the participants with respect to the traits to be aquired for personal and professional development.

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SCM professional with 32 years of Hands on experience, will share practical aspects of management handling.

Teaching Method will be on Practical aspect as desired by organisations. Objective is to bridge the gap between what is taught from Books viz-a-viz what is expected by Organisations. Freshers enthusiasm to join jobs, awe of Industry and their bewilderment post joining, leaves an indelible culture shock. This gap needs to be bridged. My classes will cater to fresh Graduates.

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Graduate in BBA- Marketing with great understanding of current market environment. Tutions in Dehradun at your convenience.

My teaching method is simple & interactive. I impart the basic knowledge about the subject then connecting it with real world applications. Doubts are welcomed as they are a good way to get in depth knowledge & understanding about the topic. Students of all classes, streams & age are welcomed.

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Mumbai student at Mumbai university with past tutoring experience, gives accounts, logistics & finance classes to startup students in Mumbai

I will give my 25 years experience in the field of Accounts, Audit & Logistics. I will give basic knowledge for startup students alike junior college students I am available online anytime anywhere for any queries about subject.

New Delhi
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Operations Professional holding B. Tech MBA with 2 years experience gives management lessons in Delhi

I impart management concepts to budding managers, students in New Delhi. My focus areas include Marketing, Logistics, Operations & International Trade. I love interacting on current business scenario and including real world examples into my lessons. I am energetic and lively for sure. Enjoy my lessons....

Baton Rouge
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High School Teacher, Principal, College Tutor, 18 Yrs. Experience, Flexible Hours, Friendly

Learning should be fun. Tutoring sessions should be fast-paced to maximize efficiency, yet relaxed. I am very personable and find great fulfillment in helping people succeed. My schedule is flexible. Locations are flexible. I find that most folks are surprised at how easily they attain information and acquire skills once it is presented in a way that they understand.

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Supplychain Professional with 20 Years of industry experience. Specialization in Logistics and Management.

My teaching method will be mainly on case studies, real-time experience and self learning methodology. Students can also get their real-time challenges in workplace and solve it systematically by using the Lean and Six Sigma tools. These classes will be more focused on mid management level professionals who want to quickly to management level.

Dr. kerav
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Statistics and marketing research related management subject by PhD faculty 15 years experience in Vadodara

I prefer to teach in class format and I use the teaching aids as per the requirement of the topic. I can teach in Hindi, Gujarati and English language in which the students' group is comfortable. I also use some videos for better understanding.

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Victoria Universtiy PhD Student giving lessons on Management & Logistics with a 6 years Working Experience

I base my teaching with powerpoint presentations so that it will visually interesting.

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