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I am an adept gamer with a keen grasp for strategy games, TCGs, Pokemon, resource management and tactical RPGs, willing to share my knowledge and help better your gameplay experience.

My teachings will first discover what they are good at and see their experience level. Following that, I will find out the areas of challenge and help improve and teach efficient methods of gameplay. I will help to work the knowledge they have into the more difficult points of gameplay.

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Ontario Scholar (Giant Nerd) Can tutor you or your child to get better at Video Games

I base sessions depending on the requested game. With a large amount of experience with difficult games I can monitor your gameplay for certain games and teach you how you can be better. Typically I would watch the student's play style and take note of where they are falling off and give them support as to how they can improve and show them how to do so.

Fort Saskatchewan
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Will teach Pro timings, Muscle memory adaptation, Reading plays, Console PS4 preferred.

I teach based upon self experience, mechanics , net code reading , and learning timing adaptations for competitive shooters, My experience is self gained ,taught, and observed through years of playing games in competitive Private match, you might ask why am i not Full Pro? Simple, it was never my dream to be pro, just to win.

Williams Lake
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Experienced gamer gives Killing Floor Perk lessons in the BC interior area.

I approach each lesson with a flexible structure as to how my student will learn. Some of the material is self-taught, so I am simply there to guide you and help you learn.

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Tourism and hospitality students giving classes in arts and literature for certificate

I will teach them in a traditional way of explaining each and every points of the lessons and that I can make the fullfilled

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Want to improve your French while playing the video game you love?

I believe in the Action-Oriented Approach of language teaching. I put this into practice through the spontaneous and task-driven nature of cooperative online gaming. My conversational French teaching is done using the methodology of the Common European Framework and my classes are based on the A2, B1, and B2 proficiency levels.

Keswick Ridge
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"Old School gamer cares, shares secrets and provides decades of experience, Online Education with Video Games!"

Hello, how are you!? Reccommendations, Examples and Advice I would give! Help you with enjoyable Gaming playthroughs, Purchases, Gamer Secrets, etc.

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Games. Games. Games. If that your way of life, i can teach you

Teach you guys any/every possible way of beating and paying games.

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Former D-1 athlete, turned semi-professional gamer/mentor for those craving a better understanding of gaming along with experience-driven tips and tricks!

I teach just like I would want to be taught, which is being patient yet straightforward to the student making sure I am completely clear, concise, and to the point while also making sure I give appraisals to the student whenever he/she exhibits positives during the lesson while also making sure when the student falters, to explain exactly what he/she did wrong and continue to explain HOW to fix...

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Engineering student at the Alès Ecole des Mines, passionate about strategy games, offers personalized support to progress on Starcraft 2

Have you recently discovered Starcraft 2 but you do not understand anything? Are you stuck in your league while you want to progress? The game is not so complicated when you know how to approach it and I will be here to support you throughout your progress.

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Semi-Pro on Fortnite gives courses in construction, tactics, strategy and more to improve in Battle Royale.

First of all I base myself on the playground that will allow me to see your level. We will be able to make 1v1 Build fight and Aim map so that you can learn the basics of the game. As soon as you feel ready we will go to normal game for you to measure yourself to real players. We will take stock of what you really want to become.

Paris 16e
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Teacher. video games for young people and adults wanting to get into the world of video games

I can promise you that despite my young age, 14 years old, I am extremely well-trained video game level. I master the rpg (The Elder Scrolls), platform games (Mario Bros.), tactical FPS (CS: GO). I am adapting to the demand and I promise not to stultify you with stupid games. I will adapt the list of my games according to your level and your apprehension. Trust me, I will always listen to you.

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FPS PC Gamer with over 20 years experience gives lessons at home

When I teach I put a big emphasis on basics because it is what creates a strong foundation. My methods include standard/basic PC FPS knowledge, core building shooter techniques, situational/map awareness exercises, ideal mouse/keyboard settings. All the way to more advance techniques and shooter tactics. I'm big with patience and making sure my students have a clear understanding of my techniques.

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The KEY to winning is consistency and remaining calm in FIFA 19

My teaching method would be done through a webcam - this will allow me to connect with my students, understand their problems and provide them with the best tips possible to take your gaming ability to a new awesome level

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Former gamer looking to Coach up and coming amateurs - with a drive to WIN!

My lessons benefit students actively looking to improve themselves in their given field, and with a passion and genuine interest in the subject. Private sessions offer the best experience as it means I'll have more time to interact with the student one on one. Workload will vary depending on the student.

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Tutor willing to teach you how to get that victory royal with no stress.

It depends on the game. But I will start off with the basic concept of the game,once you get the hang of it I’ll will proceed with more advanced skills.

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Avid gamer with multiple years experience from FPS to RTS here to help you get those chicken dinners on pubg. Wanting to turn my hobbie into a source of income

My teaching method is relaxed, i will coach you in team play and solo's, from being on your team to get those chicken dinners to bring the voice in your head pointing you in the right direction.

Cross in Hand
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Passionate Gamer With 6 Years Of Experience And I Want To Help You

In 1 to 1 I would get your to do a few matches to see what your skills are like and start planning ways to improve you though out lessons. In a group I would get you to start the same then use custom matches to home in skills and add more skills to your list.

1st lesson is free!

20-year-old student who has been playing fortnite since the beginning of the game, throttle player with more than 1000 top 1

I add you on the game then we will partly see your level how you play and then we will go in creative mode to teach you the basics of construction, edict that will help you achieve a lot of Royal Victory

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Art for videogames: Modeling, retopology, sculpture, UVs, textures. Professional with 15 years of experience.

What does creating art for video games consist of? Is there any difference in making art for video consoles or doing it for mobile? Is it the same job to make an asset for a game like a castle, an enchanted prince, or the medieval land they inhabit? Throughout this tutorial we will try to see the answer to these questions, which is easy, and we will try to be able to carry out these works.

Holly Springs
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Alpengeist's Heroes of The Storm Secret Tips, Tuts, & Builds for Beginners & Vets

I teach people in game and out of game and I show people how to improve/learn how to play the game I do this through a special mode that allows you to focus on the topic. I can also you draft for those with draft anxiety or just improve your draft in general.

1st lesson is free!

Student offering lessons and training in gaming, from anything Nintendo to PS4!

First I like to see how you play, to get a sense of how you understand the game, so I can give you tips and help you improve. My goal is to help you notice patterns and techniques in game-play, so that you may improve on your own and become a better gamer.

1st lesson is free!

Gamer with 12 years of experience. I play sandbox games like Minecraft, Terraria, and Starbound.

I can imagine that I would be a fun but jumbled teacher, seeing as I have never taught before. I would base my classes around what my students wanted to know.

1st lesson is free!

Hey there! I'm Ivonica, and I'm Semi-pro CS:GO player. I can help you to improve your skill, and become better player.

I will start off with the basic concept of the game, and go step by step depence how fast you learn things. Also I will repeat same stuff until you don't get and do perfect as me. (for example: hard smoke).

Ciudad de México
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1st lesson is free!

High School Student (High School 6) teaches League of Legends (Platinum III) online, any line. Communication via Discord or Voice Chat.

My way of teaching is divided into several points, starting with the knowledge and understanding of the game, through the game styles, general mechanics, character mechanics, concepts, ways to climb, knowledge of strengths and weaknesses, strategies, comparison and analysis of professional teams etc. If necessary and the basic eloboost service is required, it is possible to do so.

Apache Junction
1st lesson is free!

Semi pro gamer with over 15 years in competitive gaming Fortnite,WoW etc

My teaching method will start out with some basic background knowledge followed by a deeper dive into what the student wishes to learn and gain from our time together. I will make sure each student is satisfied with the time spent with me and ensure progress.

1st lesson is free!

15 years of gameing experience, expert in all gameing genres , makeing me one of the best gameing tutors in the inland valley.

My teaching methods are understanding that ever person is different and need to find what works best for for them. Start with the basics learning the controls, changing the settings to what works best. Next teaching the tricks of the trade everything you need to know to become better at the game of choice.

1st lesson is free!

Diamond one trick Janna player offering lessons to help you reach diamond.

I will be watching your replays before we start a session and I will be noting down observations. During the session I will point out your mistakes and we will be discussing together what you should have done and why.

1st lesson is free!
1st lesson is free!

Challenger Mid Lane player in League of Legends. Vast knowledge of the game

I would teach online as I am a university student. I use Discord or Skype with screen share on. I analyze your games and give you the knowledge you need to know before a game starts. Most importantly, I will teach you the macro necessary to win.

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