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Fort Saskatchewan
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Arts classes for the unconventional artist, able to give lessons on multiple art forms and am willing to learn new techniques along with you.

This is not Bob Ross so don't think i'm going to coddle you or do a paint along. I will be looking at your strengths and weaknesses and assigning projects accordingly. first few sessions\classes will be an assessment of your ability later reaching into what you'd like to accomplish as a visual artist.

Red Deer
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Hello, I'm Jason and I LOVE arts and creative community. Let us share both through non-rigid education that reacts to you, the artist, evolving off of your passion. Gently explore your style and creat

My methodology is, foremost, to avoid pushing a square peg through a round hole. I will pour my resources into lessons that react and evolve based on your interest. There is a great deal of information available to boost your artistic abilities, but that same body of information can intimidate or stifle the creative mind when presented too rigidly.

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Stay at home moms aren't always just "Stay at home moms" some teach art :)

My teaching methods are based on personal experience, beliefs and things I have learned along my way in life .

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University trainer with 7 years experience in teaching fine arts in Calgary, Alberta

first, we find your internal passion an interest setting the times for classes is to you and your mates we will work on different material and different methods we will practice with the professional methods and will organizing gatherings in and outdoor you will organize your solo or group exhibition in the first six months.

St. Albert
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I was born to a family of artists and I am looking to help the creativity blossom in everyone.

I like to show people how i like to do something and then I watch them doing it, I tell them how they are doing things right rather than wrong to make them more prideful in the outcome of their work. I feel it is the best way to teach and learn something new.

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Self taught home artist gives art tutoring for young kids in calgary

A typical class would be described as kids trying out new things that really stretch their minds and they open up to creativity this was a way I taught myself arts as I was growing up and I want to teach to the next generation

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Drawing lessons in Ottawa: Learn to express yourself with colours and shapes.

My teaching method is showing you how to relax and reaching out to your inner creativity. What you think, you become. What you think, you portray. I will do my best to help you portray your self in your art. Art is not a competition. It is not learned in order to achieve the title of "best", art is learned to achieve passion.

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Art enthusiast ready to teach some techniques and styles and to help you learn more

There are no wrong ways or questions when it comes to art! I give you my best advice where you need it.

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Student of Visual Arts at UNC, offers private classes for: drawing, painting, sculpture, engraving, woodcarving and art history in general.

My teaching is based on covering all the basic techniques of the orientations of the visual arts (all painting techniques, for example, human figure, perspective, representation systems, etc.).

Villa Pueyrredón
(5 reviews)
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LEARN TO PAINT AND HAVE FUN WITH ACRYLICS! individual or group classes in Saenz peña

My approach to the students is in a relaxed way, without any pressure. Do not fear to make mistakes and experimenting with new techniques and materials. There is absolute freedom regarding to what they want to express. My wish is that they can leave on the sheet or canvas everything that they can not express in any other way.

(2 reviews)
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Technical support and development of your artistic spirit in Brussels: drawing, painting, aerosol, sculpture, digital.

I believe that all teaching is above all an exchange, that it must works bilaterally and that the form of teaching must adapt to the form of reception. I can prepare a lecture on a subject if it corresponds to your best way of learning or organize a workshop where points to study will emerge from the practice.

Shaikh mohammed
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I'm a graduate with BVA degree. My specialty is CREATIVE art. I make my students to learn more about art.

All level I make my students unique in their own style of art. I want my students to learn or gain more information of art & painting work. I share my own experience with my students, so that they would relate & be comfort to ask or share their ideas with me more and easily.

Quinta do Conde
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Student of Design and Multimedia Animation gives classes of Drawing in the zone of Lisbon and Setubal

Based on my studies, from the design of structure, to the character, is my methodology. As for techniques of developing characters, illustration, I use various techniques to give light to the creativity of the students, giving some indications, serving as a stimulus. From animation, giving the basics notions, frame by frame, key positions and intermediate drawings.

Paris 15e
(1 review)
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Student gives lessons in drawing and 3D animation for beginners and intermediates

I'm studying 3D animation and my course is for all beginners seeking to learn or improve in the field of 3D animation or drawing. I give subjects to practice the bases for the student to progress. The more we advance over time and will be more complex exercises for assured progression.

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My name is Pakiso and I am Veganic farmer and fine artist, I have been doing art for as long as I can remember. I teach English, growing veganic food and Fine art

My teaching is rigorous and really creative, in English lessons, I focus on pronunciation and during veganic farming and art lessons, I have the experience to share.

Vila Rosa
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Student of Game Design specialized in Illustration, Digital Painting and Graphite in Novo Hamburgo

I am a very nice person and I love helping the others. I have always had good grades and always carry out my duties and dates. I am still in university, but my knowledge is ample. Classes are designed for high school students, artists and people who want to learn a new language. I use my scanned materials and articles from the internet.

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Award winning student giving art lessons at GCSE level or lower in Hull

My name is Eve and I am currently studying Art, Photography and Graphics at A-Level. I am able to offer lessons in all of these subjects at GCSE level or lower having achieved awards in all of the these areas (featured on my CV).

Marseille 5e
(1 review)
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Argentine artist, from the street art, gives courses of any type of drawing, in Marseille and approximately

I am listening to the desires of the student by adapting to his needs. My experience as a painter, allowed me to acquire various techniques that I wish to expand. I have a great experience in colors and their manufacture.

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Up to university Level, Over 30 years experience and extremely talented in this area

Practical, also practice and imitation art, bright colors creative designs Work Duties • Planning, preparing and delivering lessons to a high standard. • Arranging practical work sessions in the Art room • Supervising and monitoring student’s English and Art work.

Petrie Terrace
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Professional street artist offering workshops in design, street art and graffiti art

I paint and encourage creativity and development in participation.

Vila Nova de Gaia
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Student gives drawing / visual arts classes in vila nova de gaia

I base my classes on the desires / needs of the students. I approach the matter in a structured and gradual way. Target my classes to everyone who wants to learn. In my classes there is a little theory and a lot of practical work.

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Artistic individual sharing organic illustrative technices to anyone and everyone with a passion for creativity.

I allow students to explain their final targets early on, this allows me to teach efficiently and tailor the training to individual needs.

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Games Art and Design Masters student offering fun and exciting lessons in drawing, graphic designing, painting. :)

I like to give a lot of examples and demostrations so that students can understand the different techniques that I explain during classes. I also like to show multiple approaches and tricks to solve problems. Apart from traditional drawing I like to inspirate and show digital methods of art creation.

(7 reviews)
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Painting and Drawing Classes. Preparation for tests of Observation Drawing and Poetic Expression.

Bachelor degree in painting in the School of Music and Fine Arts of Paraná, being in the third year of the course. I have some courses, like drawing of observation by the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba and painting by the Museum Alfredo Andersen. I work with visual arts since 2010 and teach private lessons since 2017 having worked in art schools this year.

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Artist sharing the knowledge of painting and lifestyle of making street art.

I give people freedom, the chance of escaping their routine. It is my duty to shake peoples inner world and awake the inner child of theirs. Every person is unique and so is my approach for them.

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Visual artist and painter with 30+ years experience creating large scale productions

I have 3 years classroom experience teaching Art & Design at BTEC level. I also coordinate and deliver workshops to groups of young people painting large scale murals and abstract paintings. I have 30+ years experience and have exhibited work in many major european cities.

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Draw like the artist you always dreamed of being! Learn dry pastel, graphite, anatomical drawing and face drawing! This class will allow you to explore and the materials you want to learn and improve

The teaching method of the class will be focused in the technical improvement of students in various materials of their own choice: dry pastels, graphite, crayons, magic color brushes, charcoal and other proposals that may arise. The approach is practical, firstly by familiarizing the student with the materials of their choice, and, throughout the course, improving their ability by constant usage.

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Certified NC k-12 Art Teacher offering one on one and group instruction

I am someone who loves art in all of its forms. I have inclusive experience in performance and fine arts. I have taught clarinet, music and art appreciation, stage design, stage makeup design, costume design, general art, observational drawing, illustration, and graphic design.

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Student of art and design of drawing classes for students up to 12 years

my classes are very simple I give the student the opportunity to express himself as a future artist testing his capacity of representation and abstraction in the various artistic fields, from the moment I see the capacity of the same I impose some challenges so that it can evolve .

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