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Guitar Teacher in Winnipeg Manitoba, 11 Years Playing Experience, 7 Years teaching, Learn Songs that you Like

I base my classes on the basic chords and scale shapes, taught through popular/classic songs either chosen by myself or (preferably) by the students. Lessons take as long as they need to take (usually around 45, they start off longer and then settle as we find your path). I also teach guitar hero lessons, if anyone is interested.

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Professional musician gives guitar, bass, ukulele and banjo lessons in Winnipeg. All styles and genres

I customize music lessons for each individual student focusing on good technique, rounded playing abilities and functional theory. With some of the ‘hacks’ (as my students like to call it) I’ve been able to help hundreds of players achieve their goals in much less time than they thought.

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I have been playing guitar for almost 10 years and still lots to learn! I love sharing my knowledge and I have done this by one to one lessons and group lessons in the past.

I learned to play using YouTube videos, so I tailor my teaching to the student's. There is no proper way to play, only the way you're most comfortable with. I love teaching songs such as worship songs and chord progressions.

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15 years of experience, guitarist/multi-instrumentalist offering lessons in Winnipeg from home studio/can travel to your home!

I like to structure my teaching to be unique to each persons needs and abilities. everyone learns at different paces and has different goals so I want to accommodate those as much as possible. I can give lessons for someone who has never picked up a guitar and up to those who are looking to move beyond basic chords and lead.

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Experienced guitarist, composer and producer gives music classes ( Intermediate to Advanced )

I started playing guitar by myself ,as well as music theory.I wanted to understand what I was doing on the guitar, why did I have to play that certain chord with a specific guitar fingering position and why the chord was a C major 7 and why is it commonly used in the Blues style. That’s why the Theory comes after the guitar practice.

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Music lessons for Bass Guitar, 14 years experience teaching different music styles

*Lessons focus on different aspects of music, including technique, theory, groove development, bass lines creation, harmony and repertoire. *I tailor lessons around student learning styles and levels, and ensure that all student concerns and needs are met.

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In studio guitar or bass lessons from an experienced Winnipeg preforming musician with teaching background

The focus of my class is improvisational theory, with little note reading necessary other than assignments the material is based on strengthening ones ability to listen constructively to identify the key of song being worked with and having an arsenal available to approach what ever comes your way.

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