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Stylish university student gives makeovers ( hair, nails, makeup, clothing) and wardrobe advice

I like to give each individual guidance on different styles for different occasions based on their preference and what I think looks best on them.

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Certified make-up artist ready to teach proper makeup application and beauty techniques.

I teach by applying makeup on myself or a model and explaining as I go. And asking you to mimic what i do. Each lesson we will go through the basics. Once those are down we can move onto harder techniques.

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Trained Makeup Artist Giving Professional Makeup, Beauty and Skincare Advice, Tailored To You!

My classes are for everyone, of any skill or level! I am all about hands on practice and clear explanation, I want to help you know what works for your skin and face shape ect.

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Spa therapist with 18 years Experience. Let me teach you the joy of making others feel like a star!

I live by a three step approach to learning. Everyone learns differently so if you encompass as many learning approaches together as possible everyone wins and you have much more successful results. My three step approach is based on the read, see , do method.

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Hello!:) I love makeup and know a lot about it! And I would love to teach others the beauty and different things about makeup, it’s been a passion of mine since I was a kid and I grew up always experi

My teaching methods consist of me being very patient with my students and I try to make activities very creative and fun so people understand it more

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Get your specialized make-up lessons from a seasoned Mac Cosmetics Pro artist

The way I teach is very unique. I like to make the first half of each class more about my student to understand how they learn and to understand what they desire to learn. I then create an outline that works for that student/student group.

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Makeup is my passion and i want to built this as a passion in my students as well.

I will teach makeup the way it will be fun and you will get in live with it.

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Makeup lessons! We can work on anything! Learn how to do a full face, or learn to perfect only certain aspects such as eyeshadow, or foundation or brows etc.

My teaching methods are pretty adaptable depending on what the client prefers. It can be interactive and hands-on, or just a demo.

Seyedeh sogand
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Business student work for a cosmetics company and give women make up lessons

I base my class on having fun, learn how to be a beautiful woman with self confidence, I will teaching the primary and important lessons of make up to be a perfect version of yourself

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Self-taught makeup artist offering help, lessons, and services for all levels and ages.

Working with your individual needs, and depending on what you are looking for will determine how we go about it :) I am also willing to shop with you!!

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Law student provides social science and English and highschool tutoring in Toronto

My teaching methods are concise and straight to the point. I adjust my style to whatever way the student learns best.

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Enthusiastic and a makeup lover here to teach you that makeup is art

I prefer to touch one on one that is face to face so that students can ask doubts and I can teach them how to practice

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Makeup enthusiast giving lessons to all who wish to learn make up

In my teaching I explain methods and desired outcomes and give advice where needed.

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Expert braider teaching how to braid hair neatly, makes for great income, get started with me today!

I base my classes on my students learning type, infused with hands on.

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I am a makeup and fashion enthusiast looking to share my knowledge

I base my teaching around creating looks that maximize one's personal beauty as well as following trends. I like to embrace what makes each individual person special, instead of focusing solely on trends, because that is the wonderful thing about aesthetics, the ability to create a personal image.

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A makeup artist with a goal to get ur eyebrows on fleek!

I’m extremely patient, and acknowledge that everyone learns at their own pace. I always encourage students to demonstrate what they know so I can have that as my starting point. I love for my lessons to be interactive so that it feels less like a lecture, and more of an interactive experience.

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Makeup artist with over 8 years of experience in makeup and fashion industry

The method of teaching depends on my students and their needs. I can cover the above topics. Prep your skin with the right skin care products. What shape is your face what you need to highlight and what to contour.. How to choose the right foundation and concealer. Skin correction. Eyebrows make them natural looking. Eyeliner tricks and methods.

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Former fashion/commercial model with tons of experience in makeup and beauty giving classes on how to become your own amazing makeup artist!

I give classes to everyone who wants to become their own makeup artist, learn how to create beautiful everyday and special occasion makeup, know all tips and secrets of everyday routine to make your skin be healthy and young. All classes are built depending on needs of every client.

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Learn to Flatter Your Features with a Cosmetics Hobbyist who has 19 Years Non-professional Experience

I would start by asking what the client wants to learn specifically and what type of look(s) they want to explore. Then I would identify the facial features of the client such as face shape, warm or cool skin undertone, etc. Then I would demonstrate techniques with different types of cosmetic products that would flatter the features of the client.

Box Hill
Ratna ayu
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Learn to Mastering Make Up Fast with Easy Steps and Affordable Price

With a good tricks and techniques everyone can be an artist, I'll teach you how to maximize your make up skills with minimum equipment :)

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Dr ankita
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I believe all women are pretty but with the right make up they become pretty powerful. - Bobbi brown And I am here to guide you towards subtle yet attractive skin

I would be sharing skin related hacks and tips. Would be putting up videos also Can teach online. Or the students can come to my place. You can also check my you tube channel.

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I offer makeup private courses, I have studied eyeliner techniques, eyeshadow techniques, etc. Contact me for any kind of information, do not be shy! I love what I do and I can solve your doubts!♡

The best is a double session, the first to analyze the skin and discover what products are best for your skin, and the second to start the practice with different products and techniques according to what you want to learn or achieve.

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Fashion makeup artistry student skills, tips and tricks of the trade class

Everybody has varying techniques and ways in which they learn I prefer to ask the individuals how they personally learn best and then use this to their advantage. I like to keep things interesting and exciting.

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Certified Participant of Change Alfian Make Up Class by Trivia (Jambi Based)

I will make it fun and very easy. I believe that make-up is not about the brand or how expensive the product we use. Make-up is the way or technique we apply the product so that later the beauty from within us can emanate.

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Learn beauty skills from the screen of your computer from the comfort of your home

I build in what people already know and then develop their skills from there I prefer online teaching as I can talk to you from the comfort of your home and make this environment a comfortable place to talk about your beauty questions.

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Learn professional makeup by a Certified Event Makeup Artist. For all people, learn all types of makeup basics to advanced skills.

I teach concepts and fundamentals first then give a practical demonstration on how to apply those concepts and fundamentals practically, then students practise and i help them to become masters.

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Wake up and make up with me and be the amazing you want to be

I am offering to tech you everything you need to know from basic to complex rules and application tips to enjoy and encourage your creative instincts. Look fantastic and feel even better, confidence is key but to be confident takes inner desire to thrive in a very social world.

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Magical transformation on your personality through self grooming courses. Anytime available.. Hurry...

I teach students by theoretical and practical both till they didn't understand the topic by taking examples of there day to day life and understanding first there level till what level they know about any topic and then moving further with any topic.

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