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💰What is the average price of Martial arts lessons?

The average price of Martial arts  lessons is $27.

The price of your lessons depends on a number of factors

  • The experience of your teacher
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97% of teachers offer their first lesson for free.

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717 tutors are currently available to give Martial arts lessons near you.

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Master Martial Arts in Canada with the Help of a Private Tutor 

Whether you’re looking for a fun form of mental and physical fitness or better self defense training, martial arts is a great sport and healthy pastime.


The term ‘martial arts’ refers to numerous systems and traditions for training, including: 

  1. Karate – Originates from Japan and centers around self-defense and combat. Karate practitioners focus on powerful punches, kicks, and blocks. 
  2. Kung Fu – Originates from China and centers around learning/practice that requires patience, energy, and time. Kung Fu practitioners focus on reacting to attacks. 
  3. Judo – Originates from Japan and centers around techniques that allow participants to lift and throw opponents onto their backs, leveraging their strength against them.
  4. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – This martial art specializes in attempting to gain superior positioning through the use of holds, chokes, joint manipulations, and locking of joints.
  5. Krav Maga – Originates from Israel and centers around real-world situations. Krav Maga uses a combination of techniques sourced from Boxing, Wrestling, Judo, Aikido, and Karate.


In martial arts, you will learn to empower and defend yourself confidently.

What is a good age to start martial arts? 

You can start learning martial arts at any age!

When it comes to younger children though – there’s a bit of a debate on how early is too early to start. Children as early as age three have been known to start martial arts, however, the course content will be more focused on having fun; get some physical activity while interacting with other kids, rather than learning any real skills. This is because children at this age may not have the motor skills to perfect things like their hook kicks. 


Typically over the age of six is when children can really start engaging and learning real martial arts skills. And at the age of ten is when most become more interested in the practice.


All in all – it really depends on the child. Try taking them to a martial arts class and see if they’re ready. 

Who is the fastest martial artist? 

Jayanth Reddy from Hyderabad, India holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest punch. He can punch 352 times in one minute. He has been practicing martial arts for the past 40 years and is the 8th Dan (degree) black belt Tae Kwon Do Grand Master.

Which martial arts is easiest to get a black belt? 

Typically Tae Kwon Do is the martial art where students can achieve a black belt the fastest. 


Black belts in Tae Kwon Do are achieved in degrees, with the practitioner able to earn the first-degree black belt within three to five years.


However, the student must first pass a test that is based on the school’s curriculum and it is not uncommon for students to fail the test multiple times.

Do martial arts actually help in a fight?

Yes, knowing martial arts makes you a better fighter. Since traditional martial arts have their roots in combat tactics used on the battlefield, they can still be effective in street fights. 


Specifically, with Judo, students learn how to use an attacker’s strength and weight against them. Knowing how to leverage and execute takedowns to neutralize attackers is useful in real-world fighting. 

Learn Martial Arts with a Coach

If you’re interested in learning martial arts, look into getting a private coach. Not only do you get personalized, one-on-one attention, but a coach will inspire and motivate you to reach into the depths of yourself that you didn’t even know were there.


Here’s how a private coach will work to unlock your martial arts potential: 


  1. Coaches Correct Your Form: A martial arts coach will ensure from the get-go that you build your martial arts habits from the base up with proper form, so you never have to go back later to re-learn. Using the right techniques is the only way to make the most of all your hard work and training. A private coach will be by your side making suggestions on appropriate tweaks to perfect your form.


  1. Coaches Provide Personalized Training: Looking to get fit or fight competitively? Martial arts training changes depending on your goal and no two students come to the table with the same life experiences and preferences. A private coach will help you develop a training plan catered to your specific wants and needs. Plus, they’ll be able to guide you and provide advice outside of the ring on nutrition, stress management, and living an overall healthy lifestyle.


  1. Coaches Hold You Accountable & Motivate You: It’s not always easy to stick to a consistent routine, especially one as physically and mentally demanding as martial arts. When you just don’t feel like it, or are close to calling the quits, having a coach to hold you accountable and help motivate you until the end will do wonders. With a scheduled training session, you’re much less likely to cancel when you’re not in the mood. In addition, you’ll develop a relationship with your coach where you aspire to make them proud. Having a support system by your side through your ups and downs will motivate you to grow.

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At Superprof, we connect you to hundreds of martial arts coaches across Canada through our online platform. Check out the ratings of each coach and read their bio to find one that will work best for you. Make a commitment to your physical and mental health today and find a martial arts coach that will help you put your best martial arts foot forward.

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