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Engineering student pursuing masters in mechanical engineering with 2 years of experience So far i have been teaching engineering mathematics, thermodynamics, heat transfer

I can teach with flexibility. I can explain the same concept in different ways and also by relating to a real physical world example.

Thunder Bay
Sree ranga harsha vardhan
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Teaching from Grad student with a practical approach to mechanical engineering concepts

I try as much as possible to give practical exposure to theoretical concepts. I will provide strong examples to support the lectures. I don't shy away from clarifying your doubts and questions in my talk. I am open to tutoring students from any background.

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Oil and Gas Professional passionate in teaching Mechanical Engineering, Codes and Standards

I like to conduct workshop sessions, webinars, class room lectures using visual aids and prefer mostly interactive. I enjoy always question and answer sessions. I have taught classes of size 45 maximum. I have given special subject talks to 240 public members.

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Graduate Engineer gives tutor to Mechanical engineering, Materials and composites in montreal

My Teaching Methods include practical and on hand approach which we come across our day to day lives. So enthusiastic to make one interest in learning engineering.

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Mechanical Engineer gives math, engineering classes for high school/university students in Montreal

My method of teaching includes of explain the course clearly with giving related examples and participate with student to solve them and giving assignments in each session in order to making the best comprehension in each chapter.This method have been implemented during more than ten years and made me fluent in training math and mechanical engineering courses.

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Place of Cultivation of Mechanical World with culmination of determination and honest ethical practice.

I used to start from application, for exp. Firts I try to explore the area where we can apply the thing that we are going to learn and then I will start teaching which helps me to awake the slept interest in student's productive brain.

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Master of technology in mechanical engineering from iit dhanbad with 9.57 cgpa


Thunder Bay
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Mechanical engineering student at Lakehead University. Tutoring for high school math, physics and also entry level engineering subjects in Thunder Bay

The way I like to approach a problem is to first draw a free body diagram of the problem to get a physical picture. Then use what I know from my previous knowledge I to find relevant equations and then solve the problem.

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Engineer who gives math and physics classes for high school students in Toronto

I am new to teaching, but in my university I used to teach my fellow batch-mates when in doubt. I used to hold doubt solving session for Strength of Materials course. I have a upper hand in Engineering drawing. I know lot of software used in the industry now-a-days.

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Mexhanical Engineering graduate teach mechanical vibration and any mechanical engineering related classes

I teach from the basic and make sure the student understand the concepts. I take my time to explain and make sure students have no ambiguity.

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Here is as A Teacher friend for all your queries related Mechanical engineering, Metal working, production, quality

I teach to teach the students that they never fail ever. I teach my students with real life examples related to them i.e household things, their parents, friends. I try to make their prospective much positive for learning rather cramming everything. I want my students to be A great person and a great engineer.

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Reliable Tutor available of mechanical engineering problems for my students and friends

My methodology is to help my students in their problem with full dedication.

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Master’s in mechanical engineering- 4 years of teaching experience ( graduation students )

Professional way of teaching. Interesting lectures mostly concerned about application area of learning a particular subject.

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Phd in mechanical engineering (fundamental and applied thermodynamics, energy conversion, renewable energy

I have a long and strong experience in the field of energy either in practice or teaching and this will allow me to convey the message to the students in an understandable and effective way.

Thunder Bay
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Master of Industrial engineering with 2.5 years of tutoring experience and Robotics projects experience giving classes for all the grades in Brampton/ Mississauga!

For my teaching, I cannot specify one method for all age groups since it depends on the person to person , but mostly I don't just teach from books I like to make education more of a fun to learn !

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Civil engineering phd student gives classes for both university and high school students

My teaching method is flexible and it depends on the student as each course needs special method to learn. For example how to teach math is different with university courses. I can teach to university students and high school students.

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High experience civil engineer to give tutoring in structural design, analysis, seismic design, structural mechanics, foundation design, temporary structures, repair and strengthening. And in construc

Example, Case studies, problems, references, projects for buildings, structures, and construction sites. Exam preparation and text book provided. Video and written sample. Explanation by hand and provide summary. interaction with student. Time is not limited to hours but it is limited to understanding the subject.

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I'm a Mechanicalengineer and I'm really good in physics. In my six years of mechanical engineering I have gone through almost all the concepts of applied physics.

My teaching methodology is I approch student to student and teach him precisely so that he can learn actual concept instead of just memorising subject.

Amrit pal
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Engineering professional who teaches Mathematics and Physics in a Fun way. No more stress just Better grades.

I teach by giving suitable examples. I make a subject interesting by helping kids to understand the basic concepts and not by forcing them to memorize long equations. I teach by showing pictures and videos to kids as we know that a picture is better than a thousand words.

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Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering Student to teach variety mechanical engineering courses(2 years Canadian Experience!!

I am very flexible. I can teach one lesson in the middle of the course or the whole course for you. My class starts with explaining the basic concepts and the motivation for studying it. A summary will be continuously prepared by the student himself during the class, containing all the essential formulas, theorems, and applicable derivations. This summary will be a quick review 1-2 pages.

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Experienced engineering graduate and professional giving lessons at the undergraduate level courses

I teach my classes to understand the fundamental principles first then have an interactive session. Every student must be involved.

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I'm looking for teaching job in mechanical engineering...gud and hardworker.love to work abroad

The best way of teaching is blackboard teaching.next it's smart class's technology.practical learning and teaching is very important .

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Engineering graduate gives math and physics lessons to students in high school

My teaching methods are to help students better understand the concept of what they're learning, so that they can apply it more effectively. I like to alter my teaching method with every student as everyone learns differently. The classes I teach are specific to all high school students and students in their first year of university.

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Fluid mechanics engineer, experienced professor, gives courses of engineering sciences at home in Toulouse

I am a flu engineer and an independent professor for 5 years. I propose on Toulouse individual lessons for the students: - Of preparatory classes MPSI / PCSI / PSI.

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Mechanical Engineering University Private Home Tutoring - Online and Groups Sessions Also Available

Once I get to work with you for a session, I can give you customized problems that are tailored to your weak points. These problems will start with basic concepts, and move on to more difficult ones that will improve your performance.

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Senior Mechanical Design Engineer with 10 years industry experience gives online lessons

My methodology is to get your headspace out of the textbook and prepare you for the real world of engineering. I can help greatly if you have an engineering project or about to graduate or you are a junior engineer in a company and struggling with real world design. Of course any ideas that we come up with are yours and kept confidential.

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Mechanical Engineer with more than 5 years of teaching experience offering engineering and maths class online!

My teaching methodology is to break down any concept to its essentials and relate it to some example from everyday life. This helps students retain and apply knowledge.

Jardim Botânico
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Master in Mechanical Engineering from the IME, teaches Calculus I, Physics - Electromagnetism, Mechanical Vibrations, Mechanics of Materials I and II, Dynamics.

I use a teaching method based on brainstorms about content and exercises, as I believe that only by practicing and making mistakes that one truly learns, making everything natural. I develop my classes in the most practical way, in a structured way, facilitating the understanding of the student. I also work online, using Skype itself, doing the exercises live with the students.

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Recent Mechanical Engineer graduate looking to help others in any classes involved with Mechanical Engineering

I have been told by a few people that I patient and I enjoy helping others. the core to learning a new skill concept is learning the basics and building up from there.

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