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Learn The Basics or Improve Your Skills! Customized Courses in Montreal, QC

I base my approach on knowing the student's exact needs. A course outline is proposed and can be modified as we go. Group courses are available if you feel more confortable in such a setting.

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Computer Basics Teacher for adults in Toronto. Self-directed learning approach with proven results.

The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding (DaVinci) With 10 lessons we can have you moving around the computer with ease. A hands-on approach with simple lesson plans. If you require more in-depth knowledge of Windows, Word, Excel and Powerpoint we can discuss to come up with a lesson plan that suits your needs.

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Established IT professional with over 10 years experience ready to teach Information Technology & Physics for All online or in Toronto.

I prefer and follow the simplest methodology when it comes to teaching. A great teacher is someone who can make student of any standard understand the lesson. It is not about how long it takes to teach but if you succeed or not.

V naveen
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Financial Analyst with 7 years of financial modelling experience offers to teach MS Excel in Vancouver

My knowledge in Excel will be very relevant for beginners and intermediates in MS Excel. My teaching will be more helpful if you can state your need to learn Excel, where you want to apply, so that I can teach the relevant features of Excel rather than stuffing you with things you may never use.

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Computer Science Graduate gives basic computer skills lessons online or in Winnipeg

I am passionate about passing on knowledge, and helping people develop the skills needed to be competent and competitive in their chosen endeavours. I am patient and detailed in my approach, and very aware of different learning styles and how to adapt my teaching to match my student's style.

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Expert MS OFFICE SPECIALIST, Will teach MS Office - From Cindy Arason

IF you want business management training then you come to the right place, if you want the know how to set up and operate as a an administrator of all things business planning related I can help you sort it.

West Nipissing
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I am a great teacher who loves all levels of math and science.

I take a constructivist approach, meaning that I promote inquiry based approaches to all applications. This is easily acquired as I can promote a variety of ways to arrive at the same answer. Practical demonstrations help to show the relevance of important concepts.

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You can Excel by Excel! And look at world, by your outlook!

My teaching methods are useful and user friendly for managing variety of different data. I base my classes on students needs. I approach a subject with structure but, I am flexible in necessary situation. My goal is students satisfaction .

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A student who has completed Engineering in Computer Science Engineering is tutoring students in Kitchener-Waterloo

My methodology is to make the student understand the concept by practically allowing the student to explore the different topics and making the student understand what is it's function and how it works and making the student score well and be confident.

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Math,Science,Computer classes for high school students in Toronto by Engineering Post Graduate

My teaching methods include black board teaching and Power point presentations. I give personal attention to each student in my class because i believe that every student in special in his/her own way and has different learning timings.

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Computer Basics , Databases and Ms office all these at one place

I provide online classes whereby teaching students and if needed ready for offline classes as well . I teach students by providing practical examples as I have vast experience from IT field thereby using my experience to provide strong knowledge base .

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Microsoft office seems complicated to use but I want to show you how easy it can be.

I will teach the basics of Microsoft word first and then follow with more detailed, harder things and go more into depth on how to use certain features.

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Connections Learning Center made you brilliant in computer for develop your job

theoretical courses, practical courses, both? Especially for students who don't put in much effort, no additional exercises are done: Today's student expects the solution given by the teacher, which affects creativity and the expected reflex students.

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Master of computer science. Here to help you to achieve your IT goals.

I approach teaching with practicality, structure and using cases to stimulate knowledge. A typical class consists of students preparing for higher exams, professionals looking to update their IT skills and seniors looking to get into the IT world. I prefer a pragmatic approach of teaching.

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IT professional gives basic knowledge of database, visual basis, MS Office, and database

Personal instruction to leverage advantages of students On-demand lessons based on students' knowledge Hands-on exercises 10 finger typing technique required as the first technique should be completed

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Concert pianist with 15 years of experience gives piano and musical theory lessons in their home in Vancouver

My testing methods are filling out applications and making sure that conversion tags are placed so we can track your campaigns.

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Tiffany, a great teacher to learn the basic computer skills, in Ottawa

It can be difficult to want to learn a subject you don't enjoy, but sometimes we need to learn it to get the credit! My approach is, therefore, to try my best to make it as engaging and practical as possible and I approach each session with patience and attention to detail.

Hola hoal
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Your title is the cornerstone of your tutor ad. It should be catchy, contain at least 12 words, and mention:

Your title is the cornerstone of your tutor ad. It should be catchy, contain at least 12 words, and mention: Your title is the cornerstone of your tutor ad. It should be catchy, contain at least 12 words, and mention: Your title is the cornerstone of your tutor ad. It should be catchy, contain at least 12 words, and mention: Your title is the cornerstone of your tutor ad.

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Civil Engineer course gives IT ● Programming (Python, C #, C ++, JAVA) ● ● AutoCad Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) ● home Arduino on Brussels

● Secondary: During my high school curriculum, in the renowned Royal Athenaeum Jean Absil, I always excelled in mathematics and the exact sciences. This led me to choose math-science option with mathematical 8am. At the end of high school I became interested in computers and I followed a training in C #.

Greater london
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Experienced teacher and consultant help you or your employees to get definitive command of Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, and Access. Qualified help with projects, reports, presentations.

Are you a company looking for improving your employees’ Office level, namely, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, etc.? Are you an individual looking either for an employment or for improving his/her command of Excel, Word, etc., at the current one? Do you need help to elaborate projects, data analysis, reports, out-of-the-box presentations, dissertations, etc.? I can help you.

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Expert in Microsoft Excel and working as a Financial Services Consultant, I propose initiation and improvement Excel sessions

User-friendly courses around either exercises or solving specific cases and encountered problems.

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Need to discover or tell a similar digital tools? To improve themselves?

* - * - * - * - * Idea for an original gift and always appreciated * - * - * - * - * There are new very friendly tools today. Tame them, do not be afraid. I can help. Learn at your own speed, without stress.

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I am a technical writer, I work from home for IT and financial industries.

I first try to asses the student and see if she/he is nervous and try to understand the reason of her nervousness. When I teach I always give lot of details the way I would want to know it.

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Word/Excel/PowerPoin tutoring /classes by an IT engineering student in Nancy and around

Je suis élève ingénieur à TECOM Nancy, école ingénieurs Mines Telecom suite aux classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles Maths SUP/maths SPE. Je vous propose des cours particuliers ainsi qu'une mise à niveau au niveau de la méthodologie en plus de la préparation aux concours.

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Enterprise computer tools - the easiest way to learn is based on constructive and open discussions

As an experienced teacher, supportive mentor and knowledgeable career advisor, I help my students make informed decisions about their exams, university choices and career paths. In doing so, I consider the students' motivations and skills in order to optimise their success.

A Coruña
Manuel alfonso
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Tools for life: Become a Crack in Office, windows and everything in computers

Through shorts sessions (very shorts review of theory) with many exercises and practice where as doubts arise they are solved and proposing new challenges of greater complexity finding immediate application to what they have learned (avoiding investing time in things that do not apply ).

São Paulo
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Private Computer Courses for Beginners and Seniors - Higher Education in 2006

Lessons by appointment, in person or via the Internet. Be independent. Help for use of mobile / smartphone, tablets, notebooks, computers, TVs and other applications. Learn to use or ask questions on Facebook, Instagram, email, Whatsapp, Twiter, bank over the Internet, the Google product search, Internet shopping and others.

Newbold on Avon
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IT Engineer, 30yrs experience available to teach you or your Company, tailored lessons according to need.

I usually carry out teaching on a 1:1 basis given around a previously agreed subject or subjects. I am not tied to a rigid syllabus, it fits around you. For GCSE level teaching this will be around the syllabus your school uses I am keen to encourage students to "Learn by doing" rather than spoon feed or having to read manuals (unless you like to). I am extremely patient, so don't worry.

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Griffith PhD student with 7 years teaching experience in Computer Science lessons to high school or university students in Gold Coast.

I like to give lessons with real life examples so that my students can understand it quickly and very well. I try to make the lessons very interactive so that students not get bored on the lecture. Also I try to make learning fun.

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I am MS-Excel trainer since last 9 years, and trains the student on ADVANCE EXCEL like pivot table, graphs, slicer, VBA, MACROS, SOLVER etc..

My teaching method is I usually deliver online sessions through skype and offline sessions in the batch of note more than 5 students.

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