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Dance Lessons. Beautiful dance always matters. Take the opportunity to learn Ballet, Modern Dance or Salsa.

My teaching methods are based in the Ballet Cuban Technique: barre training, center stage training and soute training including point work. Modern and Contemporary Cuban Dance Technique: warm up, floor work, barre exercises, center exercises and diagonals exercises.

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Dance teacher, contemporary dance classes, latin dances, bachata, salsa and other genres, body expression, flexibility and endurance. Ballroom dancing, world dances .

The structure is flexible depending on your needs. All the bodies are different, we will work based on what I need as my student. Time, dedication and constant work is essential to achieve the objectives. Having or not experience in dance.

Paris 11e
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Dance classes, all levels and styles. E-learning and video all over the world

Former student of Duo Dance School of hip-hop professional training Kim Kan and Broadway Center Studio (New York). I teach hiphop, break dance, salsa, street jazz! . I currently give 25 classes a week.

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Hip hop dance, modern jazz and cabaret on paris and 94 with a teacher / choreographer

Dancer / choreographer and dance teacher, having worked in France and Los Angeles. Each class begins with a warm-up necessary to prepare the body and thus avoid injury. Learning different body placement techniques. Then choreography adapted to the student level.

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Linda, Your Dance Teacher, Choreographer, (10 years experience) Dancer Pro Moderator: Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha, Couples, Solo, Jazz, Samba, Latin, Modern, Dynamic, Professional, which

Dance Teacher Diploma, Professional Dancer Multidisciplinary Intermittent Show, Choreographer large varied experience and quality, graduate, experienced, wishes to convey his knowledge, his passion, his dance skills, his love for dance.

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Private lessons edi oriental dance group for all levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced and professional. Courses for children, teenagers and adults.

I teach oriental dance (improperly called "belly dance") at all levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced and professional. Dance is an ongoing study and the technical study, the rhythms and the different styles of oriental dance and dance and folklore. Studio sequences and creating personalized choreographies in different styles and levels.

Paris 7e
(6 reviews)

Classical / Modern Dance Teacher graduated from the VAGANOVA ACADEMY gives classes in dance / pilate / Stretch / Fitness / private coaching at home.

Classic Ballet Coaching and Stretching / Fitness, which emphasizes discipline, respect and self-improvement. My method is based on personalized dance and fitness classes, involving ground bar, pilates, stretches, relaxation, muscle building. Whether for a professional dance career or as an improvement to the overall progress of your fitness.

Paris 11e
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Dance classes, all styles and all levels. In any island of France.

I currently have more than 400 students (classroom lessons, private lessons). I will be able to show a great capacity of adaptation to allow you to evolve in the dance. It is often said that I am a jack of all traders with no limits when it comes to making my passion live. Pedagogy and fun are my principles. "Every day that I do not progress in my art is a day lost.

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Particular dance classes or groups for personal development or for an event (modern choreography contemporary hiphop ...)

dance teacher. I studied at the conservatory in classical, contemporary and in a dance school in contemporary and hip-hop specialties. These teachings allow me to have a good technique in modern dance, contemporary and hip-hop. I give dance lessons for 4 years for children and adults. I work 2 COURSE formats: Individual classes - learn one or more dance style.

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Student dance owner of the EAT jazz (Le mans + Paris)

The courses that I propose can be for you, to discover a new activity, to escape and to share. A basic course consists of a warm-up, exercises and a variation (choreography). I practice at high level, jazz dance, classical and modern.

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Bollywood Dance Instructor offering fun and challenging classes for all mixed abilities.

I start my lessons off with a 5 minute warm up. I then teach a dance routine step by step which I ask for the student to perform at the end. Dependent on how big the class is, I may split them into groups and ask the each group to perform at the end.

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Teacher and dancer with many years of experience, I offer lessons open to all ages of salsa, bachata and modern dance. Lessons for children, teenagers, adults, private and group. Funth insurance

I propose fun and educational lessons. During the lesson you will learn the necessary basics and then you will discuss sequences of steps.

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Taylor, Los Angeles dancer teaching & choreographing in New South Whales. Holds BFA in Dance Performance from Chapman University.

My teaching methodology is practice, focus with elements of fun are crucial to developing a growing dancers mind. Especially in younger dancers, keeping things changing while still focusing on fundamentals is key. I like to challenge dancers with different movement vocabularies to broaden their view of what dance can be.

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Professor of Latin Dances on Arcachon diploma of the Central University of Caracas

Hello, My name is Maricarmen, I am 27 years old and I am Venezuelan. I am in France from the end of May to the end of August with the aim of exchanging, working and improving in French.

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Ballet / Modern Dance / Character Dance Private lessons for children from 3 to 16 years in Munich

I work according to the well-known Vaganova principle. The training is as the students want it to be. I am responsible for their questions and problems with certain movements. Otherwise, if there are no questions, the lesson will be executed according to the normal procedure. So pole, middle, jumps or pointe maybe still variation, only if necessary.

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Graduating in Music and Performing Arts, I propose modern-contemporary-jazz dance lessons after 10 years of preparation in the field, with classical dance basis, which I have always practiced

My lessons are based initially on the knowledge of oneself, one's body and one's own abilities, fundamental requisites for being able to continue in a conscious way, applying and improving in the exercises in which one is most lacking, establishing a basic level from which one can start.

New Delhi
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Dancing Pathshala! Popping And Hip Hop! Choreographer Teacher Friend! Dance like never Before!

I am not a teacher when it comes to Dancing. I make sure you juts do not learn the steps or form but you dilute it into you. Every foundation has Bricks Cement and Water.

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Dance Tutoring, Privet Lessons and CSTD Examination Tutoring, Logan Area, 9 years experience.

My teaching method is different for every student. Especially with dance, I believe it's important to demonstrate what you are teaching. The saying "those who can't do, teach" is certainly not true in regards to me! Lesson structure usually consists of a full-body warm-up. Working on the day's task (ie. CSTD examination prep, learning choreography, practising certain technique etc.).

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Professional Dancer with 10 years experience, giving dance lessons on the Sunshine Coast

I teach a range of styles including, Contemporary dance, Ballet, Jazz and specific event choreography (eg Weddings, flash mobs, parties). I can focus my lessons on specific techniques required for each lesson.

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Contemporary dance student at CSDV gives classes in contemporary dance and basic ballet

The level of classical dance classes is basic, the contemporary classes can be beginner, intermediate or advanced level. The classes would be with a part of technique and another of improvisation or choreographic composition. It seems important to me that the student finds in the dance a method of relaxation and a way of making art.

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Dance classes for teachers of ballet Infantil and baby class in Pelotas

My method of teaching aims to work the playful approach allied to movement education. I am looking for work that enchants the attention of children, developing fun and creative classes. The learning takes place in the work of the factors of movement of Rudolf Laban and in the exploration of the space.

New York
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Improve your dance and modern dance skills of any levels!

I just graduated Muhlenberg College with a dance and psychology double major. I have worked with different guest choreographers and studied dance abroad at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. I am currently in NYC pursuing a dance career. I believe my method of instruction is based upon the needs of each dancer although I will provide a structured lesson that builds in technique and style.

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Dance classes for beginners, either private or in groups. In Caracas, children and adolescents between 8 and 17 years old.

My teaching method is adapted to the needs of my student, I do an analysis to find their weakest points so that their learning is easier by concentrating on these. The structure of the classes will depend on the selected learning mode (individual or group), the number of days in the week that you see the classes and the amount of dances you want to learn and practice.

(1 review)

Bachata Class, Cuban Salsa, Urban Dance and Sports Program are nutritional if needed! Can also give lessons in different languages! Let's have fun and improve our bodies :)

The main thing is to feel the pleasure of doing the dance, and then it depends on the final goal of each student. I will teach you to understand music and find harmony with your body. For every dance, you also need a good athletic form, so we will also work on the development of the body to be able to feel better the muscles and communicate with oneself.

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Current dance student offering advice and support for your struggles in Newcastle

I am very ambitious and always aspire to push each student to their maximum potential which I know they are always capable of doing.

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Lyrical Dancer, Teaching Beginner & Competition Levels. I am 14 and level 6 experienced in this type of dance

I am 14 nearly 15 and I love to dance. I’ve done many types of dance but I love lyrical the most.

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Multidisciplinary dancer gives classes of contemporary, salsa and cabaret to the adults or child.

Classes begin with a warm up to focus on your body and the space around you. Then comes a choreography to practice, have fun and let go! For children, and especially awakenings classes are more based on sensations. The courses are aimed at all levels. I adapt according to the person, his desire, his abilities. The most important for me is the pleasure that the student has to dance, seek, progress.

New Lambton
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Mondern contemporary dancing for anyone who has dancing feet come join in

My method is all about having fun, I love to see people leave with smiles on there faces, that’s what I love

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Young teacher of modern, ballet, jazz for ages 4 years to 19 years.

Dancer and choreographer. Classes where you can be yourself, learn to improvise in different styles. Choreographies different and adapted to the type of dancers or dancers. Creator of a safe space for those who want to enter the world of performing arts.

New York
(1 review)
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Master in dance gives dance and mandarine lessons to all ages with all levels in NYC

I graduated from Sarah Lawrence College, received my MFA in dance degree. I teach dance and mandarine. I think the most important point of teaching is to know my student; to comprehend what information is the best suit for them. I am patient and spontaneous, I love to discover each of my students by talking and teaching them, and help them realize their potentials.

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