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Licensed Cuban Dance Instructor in Mississauga, Ontario gives Dance Lessons from absolute beginners to advanced levels. Take the opportunity to learn Ballet, Modern Dance or Salsa.

I am a professionally trained Cuban Ballet Dancer. I completed my Bachelor Degree in Dance Education and had been awarded with distinction as a Dancer, Rehearsal Director, Choreographer and Artistic Assistant Director of Musical Shows.

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Dance teacher, contemporary dance classes, latin dances, bachata, salsa and other genres, body expression, flexibility and endurance. Ballroom dancing, world dances .

The structure is flexible depending on your needs. All the bodies are different, we will work based on what I need as my student. Time, dedication and constant work is essential to achieve the objectives. Having or not experience in dance.

Paris 11e
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Dance classes, all levels and styles. E-learning and video all over the world

Former student of Duo Dance School of hip-hop professional training Kim Kan and Broadway Center Studio (New York). I teach hiphop, break dance, salsa, street jazz! . I currently give 25 classes a week.

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Hip hop dance, modern jazz and cabaret on paris and 94 with a teacher / choreographer

Dancer / choreographer and dance teacher, having worked in France and Los Angeles. Each class begins with a warm-up necessary to prepare the body and thus avoid injury. Learning different body placement techniques. Then choreography adapted to the student level.

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Linda, Your Dance Teacher, Choreographer, (10 years experience) Dancer Pro Moderator: Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha, Couples, Solo, Jazz, Samba, Latin, Modern, Dynamic, Professional, which

Dance Teacher Diploma, Professional Dancer Multidisciplinary Intermittent Show, Choreographer large varied experience and quality, graduate, experienced, wishes to convey his knowledge, his passion, his dance skills, his love for dance.

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A qualified certificate Dance Teacher Gives private or group lessons around Sydney

My teaching methodology depends on the student and the level.

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Pre Professional Full time Ballerina - teaching, choreography (Diploma in Elite Performance) Kingsbury

I am a passionate and reliable dancer who is willing to do everything I can to help. My lessons will be geared towards doing what you would like to receive from me.... some of those things may be: choreography, strength and pilates training, technical training, positive re enforcement and confidence boosting lessons etc...

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Professional Belarussian dancer with 15 years of experience specialising in vogue and hip-hop teaching in Melbourne.

I am a strong believer that everyone has something to say and I can help them to express themselves. I cater to individual requirments by adapting my teaching methodology based on the individuals needs. I can help to develop the strengths of a persons dancing.

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A dance and fitness tutor, helping to build passion and technique In Essex

I work individually with students to help improve posture and dance technique, giving them a stronger foundation for examinations and auditions. I work across all dance styles in alignment and building confidence and mental strength as well as physical for upcoming challenges within their dance practice. I work with students one to one or as part of smaller groups to ensure dedicated support.

Cristo Rei
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Graduated in Dance teaches theoretical and practical classes of Dance (s) in Curitiba

Graduated in Dance, I am a Dance and English teacher, since 2014, I have always worked with methodologies that combine practice and theory, including an analysis of the needs of each student. I set my class according to what the students need, through dialogue and vision to transform the learning process into something light and enjoyable.

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Psychology student giving dance therapies ;)w ehn moody just move your booty!

My teaching method is usually based on feels, what dance demands is feels and not steps always.Dance is an expression and not perfection. Though some of my methods include Freestyling, hand movements , body and hip movements.The main focus is always on waist movements.

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Fine arts student gives jazz / contemporary / hip-hop classes for beginners / intermediate

I would adapt my courses to the needs of the student and his request, in a rigorous but relaxed atmosphere Depending on the choice of the student we can work flexibility, technique or choreography. Heating included.

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Dance major student with 18 years experience teaching San Gabriel Valley and Riverside County or choreography though video chat

I like my classes to be upbeat and fun but still hard work. Depending on the style you are looking for my methods are different. jazz: I have studied bob fosse work along with today's modern jazz. ballet: Balanchine method, Contemporary ballet, classical, and romantic.


Teacher and dancer. Dancehall Soca African Queenstyle Sexy Twerk Dance Tropical All styles

I am Gyale, dancer and teacher of African dance, Twerk, Dancehall, Soca, Sexy Dance.Tambien modern dance choreography, group and physical improvisación.Preparación. Flexibility, endurance, expresión.He taught to people of all edades.Atrévete to move as always have deseado.Ponte physically fit and mentally. Classes tailored to ages and levels.

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Professor of Latin Dances on Arcachon diploma of the Central University of Caracas

Hello, My name is Maricarmen, I am 27 years old and I am Venezuelan. I am in France from the end of May to the end of August with the aim of exchanging, working and improving in French.

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VCA Dance graduate, with 17 years of dance and performance experience gives lessons

My teaching method is to dance with the body you have. Each body is different and therefore I teach a very open class (inclusive of technique) but also time for improvisation. I also concentrate on a somatic approach and injury prevention. My class will consist of a warm up of the whole body, moving into technique, floor work and then free movement.

Ponte Ronca
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Dance teacher graduated from the Accademia Teatro alla Scala in Milan proposes dance lessons

The lesson is measured and aimed at developing the skills of the individual student, a tailor-made lesson to get the most out of everyone. I am an empathetic teacher who puts students at ease and creates a favorable climate for learning and studying the discipline.

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Mexican folklore dancer with 12 years of experience offering Latin dance lessons and its variants.

My classes are dynamic, flexible and interactive since the best way to learn is if you have fun at the same time, if you want you can have some background or we can go directly to the physical exercises to open up the body of a non-dancer and start to feel the music.

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I have been dancing for 15 years now, I teach several different dance styles

My working method is really to help you on the dance steps and on the stretches, I can also create a choreography according to your knowledge and create it with you. I give home dance lessons preferably. Several times a week it depends on the students.

Byron Bay
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Specialising in Ballet, Contemporary, Stretch and Movement technique for developing dancers training

Practise is progress. Mind over Matter. Work for Excellence but most of all have fun. First, we begin with stretching and technique for dance safety and body awareness. Then exercises for technique, strength and conditioning.

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Christian Celebrity Los Angeles choreographer and experienced teacher of over 15 years

My teaching method includes goals, lesson planning, structure and positive reinforcement, dance etiquette, and a focus on the particular dance discipline being taught. I teach and choreograph in the areas of jazz, modern, hip-hop, contemporary, African, ballet.

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Graduating in Music and Performing Arts, I propose modern-contemporary-jazz dance lessons after 10 years of preparation in the field, with classical dance basis, which I have always practiced

My lessons are based initially on the knowledge of oneself, one's body and one's own abilities, fundamental requisites for being able to continue in a conscious way, applying and improving in the exercises in which one is most lacking, establishing a basic level from which one can start.

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Experienced Contemporary Dance Student Offering Contemporary Dance and Ballet Lessons in London

I also want to have a positive, fun and energetic class. My goal is to make sure the student learns something new every single lesson and that they can always feel confident and comfortable enough in my classes to be themselves and express themselves to the fullest.

New York
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Improve your dance and modern dance skills of any levels!

I just graduated Muhlenberg College with a dance and psychology double major. I have worked with different guest choreographers and studied dance abroad at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. I am currently in NYC pursuing a dance career. I believe my method of instruction is based upon the needs of each dancer although I will provide a structured lesson that builds in technique and style.

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Dance Research Master offering creative and mindful dance classes across the South

As a Dance Teacher I create a mindful, engaging a creative learning environment. I am competent in my ability to devise and provide a range of classes appropriate for the particular class and level. Whether working with students long-term or providing a one-off workshop I am able to make them feel comfortable and build a good rapport.

Paris 20e
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Professional dancer. Individual dance classes of all dance style. All levels! Welcome

Proposals for lounge dances and sporting dances (Slow Valse, Tango, Quick Step, Slow Fox, Viennese Waltz, Samba, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Jive, Pasodoble) urban dances (Hip-hop, Funk, Street jazz, Reggue, House, Locking, POP, Disco, Lady’s Style) Latin dances (Salsa, Batchata) social danses (Meregue, Rock, Madison, Lindy-Hop) contemporary dances (Moderne, Jazz, Contemporatemporanium and good mmmmoranity).

Kecamatan Depok
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Final level students of Dance Arts in Yogyakarta State University. 7 years of experience in the world of dance. It offers guidance on dancing, Traditional, Modern, Kpop genres

The learning method that I teach is by demonstration, then an explanation of the meaning, also the stages in doing good moves according to the correct technique. I do not limit the age of learning to dance, as long as there is willingness and intentions yany sincere ..

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Trained dancer with 20 yrs experience gives lessons in LA and the Inland Empire

My teaching method is very hands on and visual. It's important for students to be physically corrected to improve their technique. It's also important for students to visually see the correct and wrong way of moving through the body. Lastly it's important for students to learn the correct vocabulary so that they can have an understanding that they can apply anywhere they decide to take class.

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Hii.i am subha..from berhampore, murshidabad.a western based dance instructor ,experience of 12 years. So if anyone of u want to get teach western dance individual or group then can contact here.thank

My teaching based on western,urban,street,bollywood,contemporary etc...available difference spaces for freshers and experienced with different batches ..i have crew also including 2 branch..berhampore (main branch) and kandi(2nd branch..1 hr from berhampore).

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