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Learn Literature from a published writer and Enjoy your studies; I would love to teach.

I've been teaching English literature for last twenty years and my methodology is to teach literature in a way that students are involved. I believe teaching is a fun but that fun should be created by a wonderful producer of a play.

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Western University graduate providing English language and literature classes for all ages in the London area.

I prefer discussion-based learning. I want to engage in conversations on what you are learning and delve further into the material to deepen your own understanding. If you present a novel or text, we will outline key points (characters, themes, settings, etc.) and work through why each is valuable to the whole work.

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Advanced English pre-law student gives English lessons to high school students in Halton area

I like to encourage my students to generate their own ideas and work based off of those. I provide gentle guidance and insight, while helping mature their thought process. I focus first on the ideas, and then on the actual writing process.

Prince George
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MA English student gives English lessons for high school and college students in Prince George, BC.

I approach any teaching environment with flexibility and generally have a very relaxed classroom atmosphere. Having good rapport with my students is one of the most important things when I consider the approach needed to teach a particular topic, as each person has a unique personality and different ways of understanding language.

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Creative Writing and Philosophy Student offering tutoring on essay prep and portfolio development

If you're interested in getting accepted to a Creative Writing Program (either at Concordia or elsewhere), I can help you develop your portfolio to ensure the strongest submission possible. We'll begin by looking over your work and using that to gauge your strengths and weaknesses, as well as discussing your goals as a writer.

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PhD teaching American/English/ world literature, literary analysis, academic writing and essay composition

I believe in an empathetic, responsive and student-oriented approach to teaching. I understand each group of students to be dynamic in their needs and attributes, and I believe my responsibility to be to facilitate their learning as much as to instruct them on content.

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Cours privés de français au Saguenay ; niveaux primaire, secondaire, collégial, universitaire.

Je propose des cours personnalisés élaborés selon vos besoins personnels. L'exercice régulier de rédaction et d'autocorrection sont deux aspects centraux de la méthode d'enseignement que je valorise. Je propose une approche méthodique de la grammaire du français en suivant votre rythme d'apprentissage.

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Published writer and artist-educator gives academic/creative writing classes for high school and undergraduate/college students in Toronto

As a creative writing facilitator and writing consultant, I advocate a comfortable learning environment where students can be creatively and critically engaged in the writing process. I have taught college-level courses for two years, facilitated workshops in high schools around the country and have taught English in Japan and Hong Kong.

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English & creative writing tutor with an MA in literature —bilingual (French & English), Montreal!

Since the best way to learn is through practice, I orchestrate a series of stimulating exercises that strategically channel different areas of the brain, such as learning through writing, reciting, or observing. My pedagogical approach prioritizes accessibility and is self-consciously collaborative, as I believe in learning spaces that are respectfully shared.

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English Teacher with an Impeccable Word giving lessons to students in Hamilton

I teach based on the student. I carry a strong belief in the many individualistic needs of each student and cannot properly teach without first meeting the student and understanding their learning style; Do they require visual or auditory lessons, etc.

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I have taught English Literature and Essay Writing at UNB and STU in Fredericton, NB for a combined twenty-two years, and I offer one-on-one English tutoring and individual instruction in English Lite

In every course that I teach, I stress the importance of effective reading and writing while emphasizing key distinctions between periods, genres, and styles. At the same time, I always encourage students to question accepted beliefs, especially those concerning human nature.

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15 years teaching experience available to help you! Experience in ESL of all ages and levels

My teaching method are based on student based learning. I like to act more as a coach than a traditional teacher that just talks.

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Masters of Education graduate, giving lessons in Social Sciences, English, and History!

I approach teaching with an open mind, and with a focus on student-centered learning. I enjoy giving students the opportunity to explore, experience, and inquire into their surroundings as a means of learning. I believe that education needs to be relatable and relevant to the lives of students.

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Étudiante en Études littéraires à la maîtrise donne des cours de français, d'écriture, de compréhension de texte et de scénario à domicile en Montérégie

Je crois que chaque individu est unique et apprend de façon différente. J'adapte donc mes cours selon les préférences de l'étudiant et ce qui fonctionne le mieux pour lui, par exemple s'il est plus visuel qu'auditif ou encore s'il est plus du genre logique ou instinctif. J'aime beaucoup mettre en pratique ce que l'on apprend et insère donc beaucoup de rédaction de texte.

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Philosophy (ethics) PhD able to provide tutoring in academic writing, English, and the humanities.

We go over assigned readings once or twice per week, for two hours. During this time we discuss the readings, practice writing, and gain the ability to think critically about the subject matter. At the end of the tutoring sessions the student should be able to read and write upon the subject matter with relative ease.

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You Ask, I'll help anything that includes art and beauty of writing

I recently graduated from Westminster High School and I am expecting to go to Golden West college this fall as I've already been accepted and I'm going to sign up for classes June 28th. I hope to study something useful.

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J'enseigne le français depuis 18 ans

Enseignement du français

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French culture g english preparation for large schools contest, optimization research use

Interactive courses. Various media, transmission of the insured knowledge experience of educational psychology and guarantee winning.

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(On Skype) French course by CAPES Professor Lettres Modernes (highschool, college, university)

Teaching teacher of national education in availability, I offer private lessons of French for students with very varied profiles: Accompaniment CNED college and high school, preparation for the baccalaureate, general culture in BTS, preparation for post-baccalaureate examinations, professional reorientation to University level...).

(8 reviews)
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Certified teacher gives French lessons, Literature, methodology, expression and general culture, tutoring for all levels (secondary and higher)

- My courses are designed for learners of all ages and target their specific needs (spelling, conjugation, writing, sample preparation of French tank, strengthening the knowledge needed for the tests Terminale L, culture and expression). I also speak for the editorial assistance and proofreading research (grammatical correctness) and for the learning of French as a foreign language.

Winsen (Luhe)
(3 reviews)

Experienced German teacher offers uncomplicated, comfortable and qualitative tuition, also online, for the purpose of improving grades or exam preparation via Skype

I am studered Germanist and Latinist, teaching all levels and grades. We are developing a collaborative approach to address weaknesses. Not all teaching methods are equally suitable for everyone. Together we find out which is the best for the respective customer. First of all, the exact development of the material is always important.

Paris 13e
(2 reviews)
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Former khagneuse of Henri IV gives lessons of French and other subject in Paris

Former student of preparatory class, hypokhagne and khagne in Henri IV, who prepared the ENS competitive exam, I have today graduated from one of the best Business Schools in France (ESSEC) and am actually a student lawyer at EFB. Passionate about literature and philosophy, I can give courses to pupils with difficulties, up to high school and even university.

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English Literature and Sociology student offering English knowledge up to university level.

My teaching method is tailored to whatever the student needs. I am as flexible as possible and understand that every student is unique in their own way. I can be more visual, more audible, more kinesthetic, more slow etc. I hope to create a comfortable environment where learning isn't too much of a chore.

Paris 15e
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Teacher at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Lyon, lecturer at the Grandes Ecoles, lecturer at the National Museum of Natural History, Sorbonne Abu Dhabi and Sciences Po Paris

The course offers: - a technical assistance to the writing of research dissertations and theses (philosophy, public policies, sciences and environmental management), - a methodological preparation to the written and oral tests of the aggregation of philosophy ( dissertation, lesson) and the entry literary competition at the ENS for the Philosophy tests (joint program and specialty), - a training...

Paris 10e
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PhD student at the Sorbonne gives private lessons in Philosophy in Paris and nearby suburbs

I hold a Master of Philosophy at the Sorbonne and a PhD candidate in the same matter. If rigor and method are important in learning philosophy, it accounts for little ones if one has neither taste nor enthusiasm for this material. This is above all that I will try to share with you.

Jacopo e.
(7 reviews)
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Thesis support, oral communication and CV writing, with a graduate teacher with 110 in letters and philosophy with decades of experience

About me: I am a master's degree in history, I graduate 110, and I dedicate myself to training in history, philosophy and literature, private lessons and small groups. My teaching technique develops the student's memory starting from stimulating his interest and attention. The lesson lasts one hour, one and a half hours or two hours depending on the student's preferences and needs.

(3 reviews)

Course of Philosophy and Letters in Bayonne / Basque Country/ by Skype

Doctoral student in philosophy, certified graduate of the Sorbonne, I give philosophy and literature courses to a BAC level + 2. Dynamic, enthusiastic but careful, I offer tutoring to improve your grades and / or prepare exams and competitions.

(5 reviews)

Professor of French and Philosophy decade for education authorities of Versailles & Paris!

I teach French, with a clear preference for the letters, ie for the first and final classes. I also teach Philosophy. I can teach just as photography, drawing and film. I have attached a video of my camera work on this page .. (My art & literary website: brunothievet.

(3 reviews)

Young Professor offers lessons in Italian, Latin, ancient Greek, History, Geography, Philosophy and English in Milan

I am a young 27-year-old teacher, graduated in Classical Letters with 110 / praise. I also obtained the Advanced Certificate in June 2016, attesting the level c1 in the knowledge of English. I propose frontal and individual lessons, with particular attention to the specific needs of students.

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