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Qualified experienced and passionated Spanish teacher, all levels, great methodology, games, music, grammar, conversation all according to your level and needs!

I create the perfect course for each student according to their level and needs! I have my own written material to practice during the class or as homework.

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Learn Spanish with Music!! The best way to learn a language its having fun while learning!

We are going to analyze the material using our Visual, Hearing and Kinesthesic capacities. This means that we will learn observing, listening and while we move as well. Its a very innovative didactic method.

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Basic and Intermediate Spanish Courses by Tutor with Bachelor Degree in Montreal.

Teaching basic and Intermediate Spanish by recent books taught in best private schools I’m Montreal. Teaching Spanish Conversation, Reading, Writing and Comprehension in the level of basic and Intermediate. Practicing orally and written in the main subject. Spanish Conversation and practices all the time for students.

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Spanish Bachelor's degree young proffesional, Vancouver city, private or groups, All levels.

Demonstrating: are similar to written storytelling and examples in that they allow students to personally relate to the presented information. Collaborating: Collaboration establishes a personal connection between students and the topic of study and it helps students think in a less personally biased way.

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Retired Venezuelan Mechanical Engineer gives Spanish classes for any students in Edmonton

The strategy I use is to involve the students from the beginning in open conversations about their interests, plans and goals. Those conversations will define the key areas to work on. The four essential skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) are developed, giving priority to the skills where the student shows more interest or weakness.

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Linguistics and Spanish translation student, experienced, gives private Spanish classes and tutoring

I can base my classes on either conversation or grammar/writing. I usually divide the class into two parts. In addition, I can help you with listening skills. I am experienced with all ages of students, but I'm more experienced with children.

University Endowment Lands
(2 reviews)
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Spanish tutoring by master's student of UBC for every age group in Kitchener & Waterloo

My methodology is completely personalized and designed to meet the student’s specific needs. I have gathered quite a lot of experience in contact with people of different cultures, ages, and academic backgrounds. Besides, as a Spanish teacher, I had the opportunity to interact with 7-year-old up to 50-year-old students and have acquired useful techniques on how to manage a wide range learner.

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I´m Civil Engineer and I´m practicing the language in this city, I´m a native speaker and I want to teach my language in this beautiful city.

The class will be very fun, with a lot of games, with these games You could play at a party. I lead the class for any age, any skills, and any level. I´m a special teacher because I know is so difficult learning a language the traditional form when you enjoy the class, you learn more.

Maria teresa
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Spanish native speaker offers Spanish lessons and teaches about Mexican culture. l

I base my classes on immersion, first listen and understand, then speak and write (just as you learned your native language). Learning vocabulary through speaking is one of the bases of my classes. I use culture as a tool to learn a new language.

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Spanish Tutoring for new, begginer & intermediate Spanish speakers in Victoria B.C.

My method of teaching is adapting normally to the student need, going from a methodic vocabulary session, to spaking, listening reading and integral activities for learning while having fun, by the end of the class there's a fun memory to recall .

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Doctor in administration, with 12 years of experience as a teacher, subjects: marketing, administration, advertising. I am Mexican, I teach in Langley and at a distance.

My method of teaching is constuctivist, we build your knowledge together, it is also inductive, I induce you to the knowledge of Spanish with practical classes, from the first day you speak Spanish. The structure is flexible, we will adapt to your achievements, with clear objectives and focused on your goal.

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Spanish teacher for vacationers wanting to learn the basics or brush up on their Spanish speaking skills before their travels!

I love linguistics and getting my students excited about finding the connections between languages. Through a deeper understanding of the vocabulary and grammar, my students have found enjoyment in learning Spanish. The programme will begin with a conversation about the student's personal goals in learning Spanish. From there we will begin to focus on the different aspects of the language.

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Spanish Native Translator gives spanish lessons for high school students in Gatineau.

My teaching method is to make students forget translate every single word from his/her mother language into Spanish language. I make students think in Spanish by listening first as we did it when we were babies in a natural way.

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Spanish for Entrepreneurs Online Instruction available Summerland, BC Canada Creative, learn with intelligent and interesting content

Communicative Approach, full of images, videos, podcasts (created by me). Interaction, learn about Latin American as you learn the language. Every class is created specifically to fit your needs. I teach professionals in different areas: civil aviation, tourism, engineering, writers and chefs.

Johanna alexandra
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Colombian Engineer gives Conversational Spanish Practice in Moncton in order to improve your level

La idea de este espacio es compartir experiencias o hablar de aspectos diarios y/o cotidianos que te ayuden a mejorar tu nivel de español.

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MSc student gives Spanish lessons for adults and children in Toronto. Spanish is my first language!

I am basically using two teaching methods DISCUSSION METHOD To develop imaginative solutions to problems. To stimulate thinking and interest and to secure student participation. To summarise, clarify points or review TUTORIAL METHOD To provide individualized remedial assistance.

North Bay
(1 review)
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University student gives Spanish classes for all levels and ages in North Bay

My teaching methods are student- centered. My primary role is to coach and facilitate student learning and overall comprehension of material, and to measure student learning through both formal and informal forms of assessment. My main goal is to help the student improve their comprehensive and oral skills through fun activities such as singing and conversation.

Port Moody
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Native speaker will teach you Spanish online & at home in Vancouver area.

My program is based on the intellectual interests and / or careers of my students. You will speak this beautiful language fluently, while enjoying my professional, step-by-step, stress-free and friendly method of "grammar, conversation and reading".

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English and Spanish teacher gives personal and group professional classes at home.

My teaching method is based on communicative and experience skills development where the most important is to learn the language naturally, avoiding the traditional language learning. Interaction with hand material and the use of TICs to foster virtual education and internet advantages.

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Experienced Spanish teacher offering private lessons and personalized tutoring sessions in Ottawa / Gatineau/ Ottawa Valley / Renfrew County / Pontiac areas

I tailor my lessons and teaching methods to each student's needs by sitting down to discuss goals and learning strategies with every student prior to beginning instruction. I am able to meet in person with students, or for those with busier schedules and limited time I also am well-versed in distance learning by engaging in lessons online via Skype or FaceTime.

(3 reviews)
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Spanish newspaper editor teaches you the best possible Spanish. Learn from him

A teacher is a friend. A real good one. My best methodology is based on empowering my students. So I will first do something FOR you, then I will do it WITH you, and lastly I will SEE you do it. You will gain confidence and self-esteem, and you will have fun along the process.

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University-Taught Spanish Tutor in Brampton/Mississauga! Spanish Fluency Language Citation from University of Toronto

I base my classes on learning where we are starting from and moving up from there. Even if you do not know any Spanish, we can start from there. The Spanish language is great and interactive and fun to learn.

Jhon alexander
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Engineer and university professor, with native Spanish, available to teach Spanish in London

My teaching method is flexible, depending of each student needs. I try to be a guidance to my students, because all of us have the same capabilities to learn new things, we only need somebody who can share the knowledge.

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Spanish literate gives lessons in the Spanish language for travelers with grammar and literature.

In general, my method is based on tests and according to the results! I elaborate a study plan. And I work with the whole student expectations and needs. In my courses, I use all the necessary tools like pictures, places, situations, videos, and expressions.

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Native Spanish Speaker, Engineer and Project Manager with more than 20 years of experience provides Spanish lessons in London, Ontario or Online !

I have a flexible approach. If you are already taking a course and need some help, if you want to start with a basic level I can teach you, if you want to practice conversation and listening skills, if you need help with translations English-Spanish-English, if you want advance support with more specific topics, etc.

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Engineering student would love to teach you Spanish! I'm from Honduras, Central America.

Basically, I will send you some texts and I will read them for you and then I will like you to read them for me, that's how we will practice both listening and speaking. I will send you songs in spanish so you can try following the lyrics.

(1 review)
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Native Spanish speaker gives individual and group Spanish lessons for all ages in Regina area or elsewhere via webcam.

I am happy teaching any level of student and like to tailor my classes to best suit the individual. I believe that learning should be fun and I try my best to create material to keep students engaged an encouraged at all times.

(1 review)
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Native Spanish Language Speaker offering tutoring in Moncton, individual or group lessons

My beginner classes are based on the fundamentals of pronunciation, basic grammar and vocabulary building using fun activities tailored for the individual student's goals and interests.

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Native Spanish speaker (Ecuador) giving verbal Spanish tutoring in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Casual Approach to improve conversational Spanish and Spanish comprehension skills. Meant for day to day conversation and basic Spanish skills ideal for travellers heading to Spanish speaking countries or people who have an interest in learning the basics of the language to converse.

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Experienced language professor teaches Spanish, English and French in Sherbrooke and Montreal

My main teaching method is comparing codes. I explain the structure of the sentences in both the students' native language and also in the target language. I try to build links between the semic components of each word and also in the structures of speech.

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Perfect! Very good experience , perfect teacher Always looking forward for the next lesson

Susana, Student
1 month ago

Perfect! Yasaman is lovely to work with and comes prepared with exercises that relate to your weaknesses. She is flexible on location and date/time.

Beverley, Student
1 month ago

Perfect! Celia did a great job of assessing my Spanish level and then providing lessons that were very suited to my abilities. She is excellent at explaining concepts and a good listener. Would highly recommend!

Andrea, Student
3 months ago

Perfect! Great smaish instructor the has good english skills as well. Excellent spanish skills with anability to make espanol fun.

Barry, Student
7 months ago

Perfect! She is a very good teacher Knows what she is doing I’m sad to see her go Very friendly and accommodating

Charlotte, Student
10 months ago

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