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Spanish tutor for students in the tri-cities wanting to improve on their Spanish grammar!

I love linguistics and getting my students excited about finding the connections between languages. Through a deeper understanding of the vocabulary and grammar, my students have found enjoyment in learning Spanish. The programme will begin with a conversation about the student's personal goals in learning Spanish. From there we will begin to focus on the different aspects of the language.

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Understand, speak and read english in a flash whatever your age !

There is nothing better than conversation and reading to learn a language - Let's sit, let's talk, let's learn the basics first than move on as per your rhythm, your schedule ! I work around my student's schedule and I teach to all age groups.

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Tu tendrás un excelente nivel del idioma Español Coloquial y académico!

I am a professor with a long and succesful career in teaching, so I have developed an acute sense in creating the methodology that can be adjusted to every case, level or conditions of the learner. You will see results in the few weeks. Being fluent in three languages, i have experience on how to learn a new language I am good in finding the better way to transmite the Spanish language.

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J'offre des cours de français pour les élèves de la 1e année à la 8e année

Je suis très flexible dans mon enseignement et j'enseigne selon le rythme et les besoins de l'apprenant. L'élève lit, parle et écrit. Il y aura des activités enrichissantes qui va permettre à l'élève d'apprendre efficacement.

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Teacher wants tutoring job (french) in Kingston. Kids home or my home

I base my class on the facts kids need to be reassure and need to know that someone is here for them.

(12 reviews)
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French culture g english preparation for large schools contest, optimization research use

Interactive courses. Various media, transmission of the insured knowledge experience of educational psychology and guarantee winning.

Sonja m.
(6 reviews)
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Learning German is easy when you live in this country! Properly speaking German can make the difference when applying for a job at school or at work.

Teaching methods are always aimed at the student, the person , the status quo, the needs and is the aim. All of this we clear up in a trail lesson , free of charge , and discuss how we get to the aim of the student as quick as possible.

(9 reviews)

Professor of college / high school passion gives private French lessons for all ages ...

I prepare my students for their audits or examinations, make spelling / grammatical level, assistance to homework ... I also pay attention to students who think they are in a situation of failure in this school subject, I love awake the taste of literature.

(11 reviews)

Man Graduated in Spanish Philology he teaches language arts at all levels

Hello, I am a graduate in Spanish Philology and Audiovisual Communication, with Masters in Teacher Training Secondary Education, specializing in Language and Literature, Master in Advanced Studies in Philosophy and a Masters in Creative Writing. I'm a writer and poet, master grammar and literature, and now my Ph.D. course. I volunteer as a tutor in Spanish Language and Literature at all levels.

Le Kremlin-Bicêtre
(6 reviews)
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Teacher position, a graduate of Sciences Po Paris and former journalist gives tutoring French

French lessons by experienced teacher, stationed recognized organizations and preparatory class journalism schools.

(11 reviews)
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French teacher gives private tutoring, online, at home or at the office

I have a Bachelor in linguistics, I gave French lessons for several years to individuals and groups (revision, development, DELF preparation - A1, A2, B1, B2, C1). Able to give courses in French as well as in English, with younger and older people, I am eager to adapt to the level of understanding of my students and provide a stimulating and relaxed work environment.

(6 reviews)

Assistance in drafting, writing, rewriting and TCC review, Monograph, Thesis and Dissertation.

I propose to help you in the preparation of academic papers, completion of course work, monographs, dissertations and theses. I can help you from the early stages, theme choice, cut hypothesis formulation and object definition, to completion, with final formatting and textual revision.

(5 reviews)
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Law student teaches Spanish language classes in Bogotá and surroundings, available in your schedule.

Methodology: 1. Identify the area in which the failure occurs. 2. Create objectives. 3. Identify the factors that correct this failure. 4. Create dynamic activities for the development of the explanation. 5. Recounting and strengthening aspects that are not yet clear.

Paris 16e
(3 reviews)
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Acting French teacher in private colleges and high schools experienced on Paris

Degree of Arts University of Modern Aix-en-Provence in 1997, I was substitute teacher at Marseille for 6 years in private colleges and schools under contract and now in Paris, for 2 years. I also taught for Acadomia and two other home during business and my pleasure to accompany, assist and support tutoring in students has been very strong, my significant resilience.

(36 reviews)
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Don't know how to begin ? Your job needs to be completed ? To be corrected ? Working face to face and by Web

If you have problems for all or part of your report, thesis, dissertation, don't wait too much, contact me. If you suffer from a lack of inspiration or of the white sheet syndrome, I know how to give you the starting pulse. Get to the point, your ideas, I will manage to highlight them.

Paris 17e
(14 reviews)

Sos urgency francais any level oral and written -skype or course on paris

Hello to you, It is the return, the good resolutions are to go: have good results and amaze everyone and yourself first. This is the moment you are in second or first. You have difficulties in French. Do not worry, it's not too late, but now it's time to act. Methodology, spelling, writing and note taking are not your forte.

Winsen (Luhe)
(3 reviews)

Experienced German teacher offers uncomplicated, comfortable and qualitative tuition, also online, for the purpose of improving grades or exam preparation via Skype

I am studered Germanist and Latinist, teaching all levels and grades. We are developing a collaborative approach to address weaknesses. Not all teaching methods are equally suitable for everyone. Together we find out which is the best for the respective customer. First of all, the exact development of the material is always important.

Ciudad de México
(4 reviews)
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Specialist literature teaches spanish and art history at home in Mexico City

I am a freelance writer and cultural manager, graduate degree in Creative Arts and Literature from the Universidad del Clautro de Sor Juana. I have taught creative writing workshops since 2009 which have allowed me to develop a teaching method based on experimentation with disciplines analogous to literature, with a dynamic approach and guided the creative stimulus.

(6 reviews)
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French teacher offers French courses - individual or collective - help in French in Lille and Rheims

My courses are based on a mutual trust, but specifically on the explanation of the reason of things. When the student knows why he is working (in other words, for himself), he becomes more willing to work. My habit is to downplay everything that revolves around the school and the school environment, such as the often dreaded ordeal : dictation.

Paris 5e
(10 reviews)

PhD in cognitive psychology provides tutoring, homework assistance, school and professional methodologies

Holder of a doctorate in cognitive psychology (Mention very good with honors, thesis prize from the Society of Biology in Strasbourg, Strasbourg University), I also has a Master 2 Research in Biology (Valedictorian, with honors, University of Strasbourg) and a Masters in science communication Pro 2 (honors, Université Bordeaux 3) I offer tutoring in spelling, grammar and a methodological memory Wr

(11 reviews)

I am an experienced French teacher from Paris (for adults and children)

Hello, I am a French Teacher, I graduated from the Sorbonne with the preparation of studies at the Ecole Normal Sup de Paris. I speak English, Italian, Spanish and French. I used to work for the President of the Court of Justice of the European Union as a proofreader.

Paris 1er
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Graduate from Assas University and HEC gives French lessons from Primary school to Baccalauréat

I had the opportunity to give support classes during my studies and my method is as follows: The courses begin with an overview with the student about what he saw in class so that he draws the outline of the theme that will be addressed (and that he surprises himself by what he has memorized in class without even suspecting it).

Las Rozas
José luis
(7 reviews)
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40 years of EXPERIENCE. I have taught at several levels: Our Lady of the Star School, Liceo Serrano, Collége Saint-Exupèry, Mirasur de Pinto, .... As PROFESSOR AT HOME, the super

I have a degree in Philology. I perfectly master the study techniques. I can teach at any level in all areas of letters and any subject in the first levels of Secondary Education. Throughout my professional career I have acquired a method that allows the student to overcome their difficulties. Today I can say that I have almost 100% success.

(12 reviews)

French courses or FLE for foreigners arriving in France. Blois. Loir et Cher

Specializing in home courses nearby adults wanting to learn or improve in French as a 2nd or 3rd language. I use methods to develop oral and gives courses adapted to each situation and each case. If you are looking to work in France I can help you in understanding the paperwork and your research.

(12 reviews)

French, latin and ancient greek lessons, for French and English speaking persons

Hello. I am French and I live in Asnieres, in the surburbs of Paris. I practice home tutoring in French, latin and greek to teenagers and to foreign adults, both from personal and for professional needs. I can also give lessons via my webcam.

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The beautiful world of the Spanish language, The charm of knowing it!

My teaching methodology is to offer the student the possibility of being comfortable in a quiet work environment in which self-learning is vital for their growth.

(9 reviews)
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French and English tutoring Hamburg, all grade levels, from MA literary scholar with many years of teaching experience

For all classes in French and English, I offer with a lot of empathy, patience and creativity: - Crash courses in upcoming class work - Homework help and support - Close gaps in the subject and teaching learning and work structures - Presentation and lecture coaching for improving the oral grade - Vocabulary building - worksheets are provided

Paris 5e
(4 reviews)
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After college and a long fruitful university career in the US, I am coming back to settle in France. I teach English, French, Information Technology, reading and "culture générale". I teach students of all ages and all levels. My students tell me they have learned a lot thanks to the effectice low anxiety atmosphere that I create.

(5 reviews)
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Advising for the writing of theses and academic texts; writing and literary creation classes

Specialist in writing academic texts at the upper half, upper and postgraduate levels. My class dynamics are appropriate to each level, approach and objectives pursued; they range from the grammatical and syntactical correction of the text to the advice in the development of the ideas, themes and structure of the texts.

(6 reviews)
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North Rome, graduated in Philosophy, Role long teaching experience offers quality tuition

I am a teacher by vocation, prepared and passionate about my job, I love encouraging people to learn, I adapt to the different levels of competence, I have experience in identifying the specific needs of each student and fill them through the most appropriate educational proposals to every individual.

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Perfect! Merci Delphine pour avoir me donnè de l'aide a milliorè mon Française. Je sais que je dois etudier encore, mais tu ma donner beaucoup de l'aide.

Enrico, Student
2 years ago
(1 review)

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