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Doctor of the University of Lille 1 and Paris Sorbonne University offers courses in physics, chemistry and math for bachelor and university students. I am located in Lille

I hold a Master in Physics, a PhD in physical chemistry. Being a teacher at the university, I put at your disposal impeccable methodology for monitoring that i regulary develop . I focus on solving exercises to increase your chances of success.

Paris 5e
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Paris Course on physics and biophysics for PACES (EU EU 3.1 and 3.2) all Parisian faculties

Associate professor of physical sciences activity, Doctor of Science from the Ecole Normale Supérieure. Teacher in charge of TD at the faculty of physics and biophysics. 15 years of competition experience faculties Paris VI (pity-UPMC), Paris V (Descartes), Paris XIII (Bobigny). Specialist UE3.

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Professor at the University & Doctor in Physics, serious & motivated, proposes tutoring in Maths / Phy.Chi / English College / High School / Bac +5

Following a tray S obtained with honors, I joined the school in Marseille Thiers preparatory classes for the Grandes Ecoles (MPSI and PSI *). I then directed the third year to the University (BA Hons Physics Chemistry Very Good and Senior Wrangler). I then followed a course Physics Master (M1 obtained with distinction and Major Deals and M2 also obtained with distinction and Senior Wrangler).

(12 reviews)

Chemistry for PACES: EU1 and EU3: Orga, Thermo, NMR, Enzymo, Acidobasicité, redox ...

Master 2 student teaching Physics Chemistry and a Masters in Chemistry, I worked for over 5 years with students in PACES Lille 2 and La Catho.

(2 reviews)
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Certified Engineer and Math teacher gives tutoring Maths, Physics and Chemistry - college, high school, prep class in Ile de France

Hello, I'm certified teacher training college in maths, plus I'm an engineer from a school with integrated preparatory. I have 10 years experience tutoring. I move to the learner according to a weekly schedule that suits you. The course is a working session (explanation lessons and training to exercises) in order to eliminate your daily misunderstandings and enhance your skills in time. Qty.

(24 reviews)
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Geometry classes (and maths) by an engineering student in Nancy and around

Je suis élève ingénieur à TECOM Nancy, école ingénieurs Mines Telecom suite aux classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles Maths SUP/maths SPE. Je vous propose des cours particuliers ainsi qu'une mise à niveau au niveau de la méthodologie en plus de la préparation aux concours.

Dr robert
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Get into the medical school of your choice with GAMSAT Essay Secrets

I have been teaching a unique and successful GAMSAT essay format since 2005 based on logic and connection. I offer a complete feedback service on your essays in addition to other resources I have developed/sourced. No upfront fees involved.

Imperial Wharf
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Vivienne - Imperial Wharf - Gamsat

I have been teaching secondary for 25 years, tutoring for 22. I am a progressive dyslexia teacher, I encourage the pupil to gain better marks by setting a challenge to their ability, then taking them through it so that they become more confident.

(2 reviews)
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Student in 5th year medical gives math and biology methodology in 95

I can give courses ranging from the 6th to high school I think I have acquired a good working method and I think being able to transmit easily. I was listening and especially I also had problems (S terminal) so I can take it back to be with my student teacher.

Dr parikh
(4 reviews)

Dr T - Carfax - Gamsat

PhD qualified highly experienced tutor and examiner. I have got many books and all the past exam papers. Most of my students have achieved very good result in their exam. I have received an award for Top 3 private tutors in Oxford.

(5 reviews)
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Former teacher, graduated in Physics and Humanities gives courses in Physics, Lycée and Sup., Paris

I hold a Master's degree in Physics. I am nor a young student, nor retired. It is at the heart of active life that I offer you my 25 years experience. What's more I am naturally close to my Lycée students, because they are the age of my daughter who passed her Bac S 2 years ago! (TB in maths / B in physics).

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I am offering my experience for tutoring on GAMSAT and medical school applications

My teaching method can be catered to the individual, I’m happy to share resources that helped me with the GAMSAT, as well as guidance on essay writing techniques, personal statements and ways to approach questions in the GAMSAT

Strawberry Hill
(1 review)

Travis - Graduate Entry Imperial Medic in London teaching UKCAT, BMAT and GAMSAT

Hello! My name is Travis Brooks, and I am a qualified trainer with a first class honours degree in Biomedical Science, as well as currently finishing a fast track post-graduate Medical degree at Imperial College London.

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Tuition maths physics and chemistry. Teacher Education. South Gironde (Arcachon Bay) North Landes (Biscarrosse-Parentis ...)

Professor of Physics and Chemistry of National Education gives math, physics and chemistry Secondary School level and above. Possible follow-up of students in higher education (prepa, college IUT) and preparation for competitions in higher education (PACES etc). Pedagogy, methodology and expertise to the appointment.

(15 reviews)
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Dr in Energy Physics at Polytech'Orléans offers courses in Maths and Physics at the University (Preparatory Class, DUT DAEU, Master, PhD)

Previously a teacher at INSA Rouen, I am currently a teaching associate and researcher at Polytech'Orléans. I offer private lessons for many years (professional for 8 years: Acadomia, completeness, optimacours ...) in mathematics, physics and chemistry.

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Professor gives physics and chemistry class in Paris or near southern suburbs

Hi, I'm a professor in high school and prep. I know the expectations of the "BAC" because I regularly corrects this test. I give private lessons from time to time by adapting myself to the needs and goals of each. I have a very good knowledge of physics and chemistry in high school program, also in prep school level as PCSI, MPSI, PC, MP and PACES. See you soon perhaps, Pierre.

(1 review)
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Teacher, 20 years experience, provides lessons of Statistics (all levels) on PARIS

PhD (Science), I am professor in a famous university in Paris. I have numerous scientific publications and over 20 years experience in teaching statistics and probability in license and master levels (including medical studies, pharmacy but also in Psychology, Sociology , econometrics), I give private lessons in statistics for students of all levels from high school to the Master and PhD.

(1 review)
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PhD student in Neuroscience, with 5 years experience in teaching, offers advanced courses in Biology

My teaching focuses on reconciliation student struggling with Biology. I also put a point of honor to transmit all relevant tips for the student to optimize its working methods. Finally, I adapt the "coaching" depending on the student's personality and situation (selectivity of the exam).

(1 review)
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Biology / Life sciences training in English, writing and translation coach for academic papers and theses

If you need expertise in both sciences and language, look no further. I taught Life and Earth sciences after training at the Ecole normale supérieure of Paris (Ulm). I am also a published translator with a interest in linguistics and taught history of science and medicine at University.

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Motivated Descartes's pharmacy student teaches maths, physics, bio classes around Paris !

My teaching is quite free, based mainly on the student and his learning pace. I first target the difficulties of understanding and learning to then better address the subject and work more closely on the gaps observed. The course begins with a quick knowledge check with an explanation of the unearned points and learning methods and then I have practice exercises done.

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Student D1 dentistry for over PACES (former tutor of the ATPC) pedagogy is excellence

I am a student in Clermont-Ferrand dental surgery. I can offer help in learning and achieving adhesives. My method is to just memorizing aids (mnemonics ...) also help with the calculations and speed. Of course, I train myself to be on top.

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Pharmacy student teaches elementary school to college (cm1 until terminal) lyon

I am a student in 3rd year pharmacy. I have a master cardiac pharmacology, anatomy and morphology in general pharmacology and toxicity. I got my degree with honors (18 average). I'm trilingual. I teach remedial classes for 4 years in math, physics, Biology, English for all levels. I explain the course and prepare the exercises according to the level of the student.

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PhD Fellow in Medicinal and Therapeutical Chemistry and Biology in Strasbourg, I am trilingual French, English and Tamil and offers courses in Chemistry and Biology from primary to L3 and English all

Hello, I currently am a PhD fellow at the Pharmacy School. I graduated from a Scientific baccalauréat in 2010 with honors. I am able to teaching Biology, Biochemistry, General and Organic Chemistry from primari to 3rd year of bachelor in chemistry and biology levels (PACES included).

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PhD in chemistry, I give courses in physics / chemistry for all levels

I am a doctor in chemistry from the university of Leicester (United Kingdom). I can give physics / chemistry courses both to fill gaps for development or to succeed contests. I can assure courses from high school to university. Regarding chemistry I can teach up to master level.

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University Lecturer and Harley Street Doctor Giving Private Lessons in Medicine and Associated Disciplines

I have been a tutor for many years now and have gained a wealth of experience in that time. My teaching method is to maintain a student centred approach. The student must stay within the zone of proximal development according to Lev Vygotski a leading psychologist in the area of education.

Paris 5e
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Private courses concerning all subjects, for French people or not, in montpellier and around

Young first-year medical student in Montpellier, looking for courses to give from primary to university. Holder of a baccalaureate with honors ( grade 18/20 of average ) I can teach all subjects. I have studied 6 years of Latin, 3 years of Greek and 5 years of German, so I helf a bit concerning these subjects because it is not always easy.

(1 review)

Preparation - Intensive Course contest Prep / PACES / License

Engineer in material sciences and preparing my PhD thesis, I taught chemistry for 6 years. So, I can help in preparing some exams like: PACES, the exam to access to medical courses, or the competition to integrate French Schools ... I'm brilliante in organic, inorganic and general chemistry. From my experience, I can help students to give the best of them.

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Medical student offering tuition for primary, high-school, tertiary and GAMSAT students. Navigate and Conquer!

I am passionate about teaching. I plan tutorials diligently. I love seeing my students grow throughout the year. I always work to motivate and inspire students to achieve their best potential. My aim is to teach students correct, effective and targeted study patterns. I have been able to markedly boost exam performance for students by teaching them strategic study and exam techniques.

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Third Year Psychology and Philosophy student who is applying for graduate entry medicine courses and tutoring a variety of subjects

My teaching method involves insuring you both a) know and understand the material and b) are able to show this knowledge in an exam.

(1 review)
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Medical student, gives support to pass the test of the scientific BAC and advice to return to PACES

I base my courses on a methodology adapted to each student, on the other hand I always try to give good lines to follow in the organization and the way to approach each subject. I am particularly speaking to high school students who prepare the BAC scientific but I can also give advice and support to those who want to continue their studies in PACES.

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