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Computer Science student offering tutoring in elementary to high school math and computer programming

I'm currently pursuing a degree in Computer science. I focus on a teaching method involving examples and practice. I teach students from elementary school up to first year university/college. I am kind and patient, so no need to fear about asking for help.

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Experienced (20 years) and patient instructor offering basic computer/internet training as well as training in coding.

My teaching methods vary depending on how I am teaching and what I am teaching.

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B.Sc. in mechanical engineering and currently a M.Sc. student in renewable energy. Tutoring STEM subjects from kindergarten up through undergraduate levels in Vancouver.

The idea of consulting with a tutor is not to have someone who will solve your assignments, but someone who will guide you through finding your own solutions. That way, you can develop your critical thinking skills. My classes are meant for everyone, from kindergarten up to (and including) undergraduate levels.

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IT Technician and Mobile Technology Specialist in North York will teach how to use Mac OS, iOS, Android and MS Windows

I've been working in IT and Mobile Technology for 8 years. I offer classes focused on using Mac OS, iOS, Android, MS Windows and computer repair. I also offer training in basic elementary and high school subjects. My teaching methodology focuses on using technology for personalized learning. The training I offer will be focused on the students specific educational goal.

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Librarian available to help you learn to make the most of your personal or small business technology

The most important skills for the 21st Century are information and digital literacy, along with the confidence to boldly and fearlessly experiment and try new things. Many people of all ages who feel as though they don't "get" technology are highly skilled, yet hesitate when challenged by the need to use new applications, tools, or functions.

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Micro Computer Technician with a diploma in MS Office will teach Office

I have 22 yrs experience in Micro Electronics. I received a Diploma from St Clair in Windsor, Ontario I also have a diploma in Microsoft office. When taught the right way any subject is within anyones grasp. It all comes down to the teacher and his methods. The method i choose is to teach by example.

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I have taught information technology for eight years at colleges and universities at nairobi kenya

My teaching methodology include one on one interaction with students ,giving introduction on what is ict (basis knowledge),note taking and practicals.

Saint Marys
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Accomplished IT professional with 15+ years experience gives IT/Networking lessons in Fredericton

I can teach all levels from the absolute beginner to the expert who wants to learn new topics. I use a practical hands-on approach to all lessons, usually involving the use of virtual machines either on your local computer or in a cloud environment.

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Computer programming graduate gives classes for many kinds of computing basics for all ages in the GTA

I'm relatively new to tutoring but ideally I would like to teach students by having them follow along by doing tasks while I perform them too. I care about each and every one of my students and I try to make sure nobody is confused. My subjects are entry-level and students of all ages are welcome.

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IT consultant trains programming (basics TO high level algorithms) EU/UK and Toronto Canada

A standard lesson can begin with a hello world application, go through hardware, memory allocation, data processing and various other topics according to the demand. Various other customized training can also be crafted if applicable (From scientific computation to optimization techniques, robotics, networking, cross platform development etc.).

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Engineering student give teaching to Computer Hardware and Operating Systems Courses A+

My teaching method is to teach updated courses and give update material to learn and pass certification courses. To attract students to easy understand any material of course. General level classes conducted.

Syed kosar
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I am still a computer student and i can teach you Html,wordpress,about windows and anything you want to learn related about Computer!

i can deal with any kind of student , i can teach easily Html,css, tables, wordpress about web designing/devolving!

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IT Consultant Gives hardware instruction in basic Computer Technology in Nova Scotia

Answering and addressing problems and concerns of individuals, in an open and friendly way. Explaining hardware, software and security issues online, by phone, face to face, Skype or by remote access. Will demystify computer security, expel the myths, and explain the ways to stay as safe as possible online.

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Focus on thinking skills so students can solve new problems at ease.

Adjust based on the level of students. The focus would not only be on contents but also thinking behind. Technique used depends on the age and level of students. In a typical class visual tools like diagram will be used to hep to explain complex logic.

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Computer Science Student helping others learn general computer and programming basics in Edmonton

I teach beginner to intermediate level computer use and programming material, and I like to teach what you want to know. Endless hours of seeming unrelated foundation material is not my style. I prefer to teach through practical example and work in the underlying knowledge as it is needed.

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IT Professional with over 20 years experience, ready to assist in your learning in Chicago

I am a self taught professional, so I believe the best method of learning is hands on. Not just picking up a book, but actually getting your hands on systems and software to use. I like to show and have others follow along and do what it is I am doing.

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Graduate in Design with certificate of work in the area gives classes of initiation to Computer science

My method is free, however, I usually give a theoretical part about the program and, through exercises or some work that a student wants to do, I interact with them, taking their doubts and questions and helping them to improve their capabilities.

Aston Clinton
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Master your computer or learn basic to to advanced level Excel skills!

Firstly I will want to understand what you want to get out of our sessions, is it to understand basic functions of the computer, what you can do with it, how to communicate with loved ones? Or is it something more advanced, are you excel lacking and everything you do takes ages when you know it could be done quickly? I can help to redesign your spreadsheets so you can get the most out of them...

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Introduction to computers (web browsing, e-mails, office automation) by a former computer science teacher, in Nice

The first step is to clearly identify the student's need, as well as his reliable knowledge of computer science. I then focus on reinforceing the understanding of how the tools work, so that the topics we discuss can be part of an enlightened knowledge. Finally, I adapt the complexity of the speech to the student so that learning remains accessible.

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Approaching computing is not that difficult, I teach you what you should know.

My classes are based on practice (80%) without leaving aside the theory that is very necessary in this field. The courses are aimed at anyone interested in initiating or improving their knowledge in the area but it is not for experts. It is important that you have your own equipment to perform exercises.

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Computer Science student teaches basic computer and how a subject related to computers

I like to teach freely, as well as solving doubts or questions. And if it is a long issue, take a structured format. I like to encourage the use of the English language in which it could be adapted to the classes. I could talk about some topics by request.

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I'm B.Tech. in IT. You can contact me for basic PC knowledge, O365 & MS Office.

I'm very professional with my job. I'll teach you with Basic to high. I have 5 years experience in Company and school field. Still working in School and help you with my complete knowledge. Have good knowledge with almost all fields in IT.

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IT student offering Information & Creative Technology with additional templates for private usage ¦ online

My teaching methods are way different compared to normal online teaching. I use a wide range of teaching method and resources which will suit each student, so each one will find their own unique manner of learning the best. In my lesson, I will: Screen Share, Give templates, Videos and step by step slides which will be held on google server so anyone can access it 24/7 whenever needed.

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Anyone Who Wants to Learn About Computer Basics,Hardware n Networking Basics etc.

I teach my students with a very high level of dedication and Professionalism and make use of latest available technology and always try to improve my teaching methodology. I teach the students of lower,intermediate and Degree level.I also help the students in their final and minor projects.

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Medical Student with 5 years IT career experience offering Computing Lessons, Swansea.

I teach by example, with my experience, and the best way out of many options to proceed. I also have successfully navigated the difficult task of being a freelance contractor in an industry of big players. Not only will i comprehensively teach the skills and understanding needed to work in the industry, I will also go over how to approach clients, and how to build trust.

La Quinta
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Technology Consultant with 25 years experience offering basic computer skills instruction in La Quinta, Ca

My teaching style is to go at your pace. I want you to understand all concepts of one subject before we move on. I will have short quizzes ( but will not grade them ) to help you see where you are, and if we can proceed.

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An employee with passion for teaching makes an effort to teach the needy

My teaching methods are conceptual and straight to the point with live examples for easy understanding. I base my class on individual teaching and make students understand thoroughly whatever is being taught.

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Marketing Lead with an Experience of 5+ years in the Marketing and Advertising industry

I teach with examples and case studies. i will explain each and every details and its fun. I will learn more while teaching. These classes are for Beginners and mid level Students. I hope i can help you to achieve your dreams.

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Experienced corporate professional with BA, MA, and MBA offering basic computer, internet, and smartphone literacy for aged learners.

I can teach our learners through means available at their disposal. I am open to using my equipment to provide hands-on lessons. I will first understand the most critical needs of the learner and then guide them step by step.

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