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An avid self-help tutor who is willing to coach individuals in Toronto.

With me, you are in comfortable and safe hands. I am a good listener and a good advisor. We will together work out ways that will help you in growing and overcoming hurdles.

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Professional athlete with psychology bachelors degree gives lessons on mental well being

My teaching methods are relaxed and comfortable, I like to follow a sort of co-counseling type of approach; where my client is to ask me just as many questions as I ask them. I want my sessions to be very interactive and back and forth, this way a strong relationship is built and the most positive results will be obtained.

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Professional Counsellor and Educator offers online lessons in Stress Management, Life Coaching, Conflict Management, Public Speaking, and Personal Development for anyone to accomplish their goals!

My teaching methodology depends on each Student. We all have different learning styles (e.g. you may be a Visual Learner), and I tailor what I teach to include elements of the various learning styles of my Students. I also believe in Interactive Learning (learning by doing), and not just 'talking at you'.

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Get in the right headspace, improve your desirability and approach and date beautiful women

My teaching methods are practical and hands on - advice that can be taken and applied to daily life in a variety of settings. I give specific examples and ways to attain what is desired and break any boundaries that may exist.

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Social Worker with diverse experience here to help you achieve your goals

I offer a very client focused methodology of teaching. You, tell me how you learn best and I will adjust the lessons to best suit your needs. I highly encourage open communication as that is what will lead to success.

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Helping students manage their Social Lifes while managing the Stresses of School

My teaching methods are based on research and my life experiences. I have a long list of titles and job experiences to help anyone from many programs. I am compassionate and caring and want to see others succeed along side me.

Richmond Hill
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Energy healer & personal development coach with experience and study in Holistic Health, offering sessions online (Skype, zoom).

The way I like to work with people is intuitive, feminine (I work best with other creative women), gentle, relaxing. The method I use is helping us to receive guidance from your BodyMind of what is ready to heal/come into greater balance for you. After the sessions you may feel lighter, happier, clearer, with deeper connection to yourself, and your health may improve.

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Involved Arts & Sciences University Student Offers Life Mentoring and Coaching in Guelph

I love structure and having something be reliable and a constant in your life. I firmly believe in lists, colour coating things and having short and long term goals.

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(CSI) B.A. & Psych. minor, compassionate towards the welfare of students

I approach any subject with structure and flexibility. Setting personal goals (1 on 1) and lots of positive reinforcements along with guidance is the encourage environment. Breaking down the lessons to instruct on their learning style comes natural to me.

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Personal Coach conducts classes to help support and empower personal development.

First of all, I like to get to know my client or class a bit. I also share some things about myself, so that they also can get to know me. Then we look at, assess and address the issue, problem or challenge. Our next step is to discover possibilities and then make the best choice solution. This could involve a lifestyle change, setting a goal, creating a piece of art, or having a discussion.

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Personal trainer for physical activity for students and elderly and life issues

My classes are 1 hour for people who want to have activity during the day and talk about issues or dreams they want to accomplish.

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Financial Service Professional teaching Mental Toughness, Discipline, Life Coaching, Power of Mindset.

a structured itinerary of sub topics will be covered. it can be rapid fire and information packed so note taking is seriously advised. Classes will go over various topics in regards to mental toughness, overcoming adversity, self talk, discipline, positive mindset, among others. Expect energy and an honest approach.

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Spiritual teacher of NLP and energy healing with over 15 years experience teaching level 1 NLP and Quantum energy healing.

My teaching methods are very interactive and engaging. I focus on the learning needs of an individual or group. I can help you with feelings of being stuck or confused and making life changes, getting the job you want and more.

Red Deer
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Using a variety of tools to encourage and motivate the student (all ages) to their challenges and to then put into practice the lesson to gain activity knowledge through practice. Online, at home, or

What you need to learn or research, or explore...we break it down into smaller components to ensure conception and further understanding. Practice and checking ones work is most important in achieving successes.

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Do you want to learn how to create the life you dream of?

I base the learning in class time and you taking the information and play with it yourself during the week. A brand new perspective is offered so an open mind is required to benefit from the class. The class is meant for those who know that there is more to life than their present experience.

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Business Growth, Destruction and Regrowth: Lessons Learned from the Heart of the Storm

I bring the perspective of one who has actually walked the road. This is no academic exercise from an empowerment course. Yes, I started with Anthony Robbins, but the road took me far beyond into the shadow realms where the only option is complete transformation. I am familiar with this passage.

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Everyone deserves to be happy! But the life gives you lemons too.

I do not follow a specific teaching methodology, rather it will be class with whatever you'd like to talk about. It will be a very friendly environment. It will consist of general everyday conversations without any pressure. You can discuss anything you would like.

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Leadership Coaching & Personal Development to help you achieve your GOALS in Vancouver

My teaching methods are based on positive psychology, and mindset training. I will help you build confidence and overcome obstacles in life. This class is for anyone who is hungry to take their life, education, and career to the next level.

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Christian licensed professional teacher in Values Education and a registered social worker devotedly working for 23 years in the field of teaching, training development and management, public speaking

Utilizing various teaching methodology through the use of modern technologies in facilitation and classroom management. My teaching methodology includes interactive lectures, role playing, simulation exercises, case study analysis, video presentation analysis and experiential learning approach through the use of realia.

Medicine Hat
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Mindful Life Student and Teacher. Thoughtful Individualized Strategy for Healthy and Joyful Personal Development. Empathetic and Knowledge Focused Guidance.

Individualized education approach based on student needs structured around progressive results and clearly defined goals. Thorough subject understanding and clear communication with professionalism and mutual respect. Starting with identifying your challenges and areas of satisfaction in life we will go on a journey together without judgment and assumptions.

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Wellness coach and counsellor in Durham Region, ON specialized in holistic health and heart-centred approaches to healing and wholeness.

I offer space for individuals to express, release, and explore. I meet every person where they are at and create an approach that best fits your needs.

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Established, dynamic, and certified wellness worker known to creatively innovate personalized care.

Knowledge is an exchange of two or more that flowing contribution of your time is valuable. I meet people where they are to best understand how to effectively work alongside them towars their individual and identified goals. You deserve that.

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Secondary School teacher gives English, Social Science, Business and Special Education classes to Adults and Students.

My teaching methods use a variety of Socratic lectures, videos and hands-on activities. Students can also utilize my services for specific courses that they are working on. I can also help students and parents maximize the benefits of an IEP.

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Life Coach, Personal Development and Positive Thinking via online (Zoom, Facetime) :)

My teaching methods are causal, simple and motivating. I work both one on one and group basis to help you have the necessary breakthroughs you need to manifest that which you desire, namely a happy life.

Greater Sudbury
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Nursing student giving you advice and lessons on stress management from Sudbury, ON

My teaching methods are based on what I have used and have seen my friends use/used to manage their stress. A typical class would include me sharing my stress management techniques and asking and giving you options on what you think might work for you.

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Networking Students gives Health and Growth Development Tutorials in the Schools of Brandon

My teaching methods are quiet exciting and start my classes by creating an extremely joyful environment. I keeps in contact with all the students and know their level to make the subject or the classes quiet interesting. In simple words, my methodology is learn by doing which focuses on the practical work more than the theoretical.

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Bonjour si vous cherchez une personne qui peut vous écouter et vous conseiller contactez moi :)

Je procède de différentes façon selon les besoins et du client. Chaque dossier est personnel et unique selon la personne concerne! Tous conseils et technique d'aide change selon leur besoins et les buts pour réussir une amélioration de la situation.

New Westminster
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Professional Therapist helps with personal development and goal setting in New Westminster.

I approach my clients with a client-centered approach so I can understand the goals and accomplishments they would like to set for themselves. Working on your personal development can help with stress management and help you to succeed in life.

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Global Transformational Coach For All Your Life Coaching, Health and Goals Needs

I use an intuitive holistic approach with coaching as well as my signature 7-day breakthrough system which gives bite size assignments and insights to students. I have a dialogue and question and answer approach which enables the student to have an insight and then we follow that with accountability and tracking.

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Your personal life coach. Here to make a difference with you, not for you! Together we can discover your best You!

We will have a chat. I let you speak. I listen and then tell you my opinion. You don't have to listen to me. All I can do is ask that you just make up your own mind about what you feel is best for you.

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