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Data Analyst wishing to teach the youth about computing in Halifax, NS

My teaching methods include going strong with the basic knowledge of computing working my way up to to difficult and interesting scenarios. I base my classes on basic and want to give utmost knowledge to my students. I try to be more friendly and interactive with my class.

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ComputerScience at UofW, offering great lessons for first-year computer programming university courses.

"Necessity is the Mother of Invention." I believe in that saying and therefore, when I need to teach some problem solving method to students, I try to make my students see why there was a need to develop that particular method to solve problems. I point out how things would have been difficult without having that method.

High River
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Learn to code in Python! Programming lessons for students in High River and Okotoks.

My tutorials and lectures are structured in a way to give a holistic understanding of coding in Python. I try to link the theoretical concepts with how they are linked to our day to day lives. I would identify the hurdle of a group or an individual and spend as much time as needed before moving ahead.

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CS UW graduate student gives math and computer classes for high school students in Waterloo

I teach by example and try to incorporate practical examples and real life situations when teaching theoretical concepts. I can teach several programming languages like C, postgresql, python and R. There will be loads of homework involved and the students will learn how to apply skills on real world data.

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Bioinformatist graduated from University of Toronto giving fun bioinformatics (or other STEM subject you're interested in!) lessons for high school/undergrad students in Toronto!

I believe in drawing out students' passion in learning so I like to make my lessons engaging and flexible depending on the students. I also find that for many STEM subjects, the use of examples greatly help students gain a feel of the more abstract concepts being delivered.

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Engineering student gives HTML and also related programming classes in Charlottetown PEI

My teaching methods are based mostly on visuals, that is, I demonstrate all the codes on a laptop or a projector to students while explaining. I try all the possible coding styles for students to grasp the understanding. Since humans remember mostly what they see, I prefer this methodology.

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Computer Science student gives Math and basic computer programming to high school students or first/ second-year university students.

I would love to show my tutee the way to find the answer not only for a specific question but all questions in general. I would love to help them to improve their self-study skills instead of relying on a tutor for every subject. I think that is the best for their future.

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Engineering graduate offering lessons in programming and math to all level students in the Capital City.

I always encourage critical thinking. Students must question the subject they are learning to better understand why it is what they are learning is correct. I always like to bring real-life scenarios to equations and algorithmic concepts to strengthen the understanding of the real world.

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Do you want to learn computer programming from a professional software developer in Ottawa ?

If you are located in Ottawa then I can try giving personal tuition during weekends otherwise online video sessions over the skype . Target student can be anyone ranging from a graduate student to a person who hasn't experienced programming before, provided he/she is willing to learn.

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Software Developer gives programming and math classes for students and professionals across Canada

My teaching methods are letting the students do the practical work first. After a while, I would usually tell my students to put the code into the compiler and see if it works or not. The compiler will always list any error that it comes across. Based of the error, I will explain to the student what he or she did wrong, and I will let the students correct themselves on the mistake.

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Doctor in Computer Science gives programming and algorithmics tuition in Portsmouth and online

I offer private tuition in programming and algorithms (C++, C, Java, Python, Haskell, Ocaml...) for GCSEs, A-levels / IB, degree level and adult learners, face-to-face in the Portsmouth area or online, via Google Hangouts or Skype, with webcam, whiteboard and screensharing.

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Software Engineer in Web Development & DevOps for over 5 years offers programming lessons in Bologna

Starting as a self-taught teacher, I know the difficulties you can have in trying to learn a programming language. I am convinced that with the right consistency and dedication, you can become a software engineer within a couple of years of study, with the help of an industry professional.

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Experienced C# web applications developer offering to teach ASP.NET MVC and core web applications development

I am passionate about teaching and assisting a motivated student in achieving their academic goals. I obtained a Bachelors degree in Quantity Surveying and construction management from Sheffield Hallam University. During my studies, I conducted personal training for colleagues and juniors alike I love passing my experience and knowledge in mathematics, programming, networking etc.

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Experienced developer offering to teach Perl, Ruby as well as Ruby on Rails

I am passionate about teaching and helping students achieve their academic goals. My journey into tutoring started when I started scheduling for other students; I have conducted personal training for colleagues and juniors alike I love passing my experience and knowledge in management, programming, networking etc. to other students and everyone interested in learning something new.

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Back-end development crash course: PHP JSP/Servlet Python-Django at Carnegie library or Melbourne CBD

I believe experience is the best teacher, and there is no better way of learning than figuring out the solution to a problem. The steps I follow while teaching are: 1. Introduce a problem related to the topic. 2. Understand the problem. 3. Explain about the tools required for the solution. 4. Make the student find the solution. 5. Evaluate and explain the intricacies of the topic in question.

San Luis Potosí
Juan carlos
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Entrepreneur teaches you how to learn technology, programming, electronics and applied artificial intelligence.

I like to teach on the basis of applications and solutions of real problems to understand the theory and the concept of the application. It presents basic examples of practice and the method for its solution after simply applied theory.

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CFA-qualified Investment professional, LSE grad, with postgraduate education in Data Science and Machine Learning offering coding lessons in Python, R and/or VBA.

My teaching method is based on several key steps: 1) Intuitive introduction with real life examples of the topic to be covered. 2) Theory foundations. 3) Theory applications with short exercises. 4) Optional: more complex real life examples using coding. I like to bridge the gap between theory and practise.

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I am a Big data and Machine Learning Developer Offering Programming Courses Online.

As today world is moving with big data new technology, So I am passionate to teach those skills and even learn. My skills include leading big data technology spark, Scala, Hadoop, Cassandra, Redis and for middleware node js. My strength is to do more rather than the giving up. and I make people's understand the concepts.

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Seasoned programmer with a passion for knowledge sharing and for helping people developing their full potential

I like to empower students with all the information they need to find their answers for themselves, helping them realize possible paths and giving them room to grow, just like Phil Jackson did with Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls: "I let the horses run", just giving them the boundaries (challenges) for them to go the best path possible.

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Mines Engineer Telecom (Data scientist) offers courses in computer science (algorithms and languages, Data Science, Data engineering) in Ile de France and via webcam

I am engineer Mines Telecom (Data Scientist) following the preparatory classes at the grandes écoles Maths SUP / maths SPE. I offer tutoring in algorithms, programming languages ​​(Java, C, C-shel, Python, Scala) in Artificial Intelligence and many other IT topics.

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Experienced professional gives Computer science related tutions to High school and College students

Steps of how I teach: 1. Teach the basics, 2. Clear all the doubts at the very basic level. 3. Work on a practical and real-life problem statement. 4. Do it yourself assignments. 5. Doubt clearing session on those assignments.

Kareem basha
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Anyone who are interested and eager to learn about java,spring,html,css,javascript,jquery and sql.

I love educating students, and one of the principal goals mine is to set for themselves is to be the best educator they can be.

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Online crash course available on C, CPP, Java, Angula 2, Salesforce Apex language

Full Stack developer with 5 years of IT experience and have a great interest in teaching computer languages. I have teaching experience from college days and had taken batches for CPP language. My approach will be topic by topic and proper assignments will be given based on topic completion.

New Delhi
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7 years experienced software developer, willing to offer my guidance to beginners who want to excel in their careers as software developers

I have been working as a software developer since 2010. Over all these years, I have worked with various programming languages, SQL and NoSQL databases and various tools and technologies. I have learnt that Software Development is not only about learning different programming languages and working with various tools. It's a lot more than that.

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Learn in the way you love, be a super cool easy learner

my teaching method is very simple, know the student, know the students area of interest and connect my subject to that with suitable examples and simple funny stories that will help them to remember that potion for long and it makes study very interesting too.

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Master in Computer science.. Have experience in teaching.. Good communication skills.. Coding lover..

My teaching methodology is teaching each topic by giving kind example

Sleepy Hollow
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Bachelors of Computer Science graduate offering Web design courses/tutoring with experience using JS, HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap

I have been a student, I also had receive tutoring in some subjects that I found hard when I was in college, so as you, I have been there too when I'm struggling with some specific topic in a subject. I know how to deal with students, I first identify student strengths in order that they can use their strengths to analyze and resolve difficult problems.

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Experienced IT Professional gives tuitions for CS/IT Subjects like DataScience/Programming in Mumbai

My teaching methodology involves making sure that the student understands the concept, followed by some practical assignments. Post that, I give a chance to work on mini projects that gives them a flavor on how things are in the real world.

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M-Tech from IIITA 10+ year Industry Exp Teaches Computer Programming Language

Explain theoretical concepts and later do interactive discussion in small tutorial-groups. These groups are given opportunity for problem solving, design exercises and information search and processing to develop critical learning abilities.

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