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Fort Erie
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Second year business student helping students with course work in the Niagara Region

I like to incorporate my student's individual interests into the lessons. I believe this would make the lessons more engaging and beneficial for the student. I myself find it helpful if I incorporate personal experiences/interests into teaching myself university content.

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Business and Management Tutor with MBA degree and 5 years of experience

I usually like to give lessons with the help of the real world case analysis. This generally helps in understanding the basic concepts of the chapter. However, if the class is not of a graduate or undergraduate level, I will typically like to explain concepts using examples/scenarios.

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Student giving tutoring with simplified hand written subject matter for Project Management.

My teaching methodology is to simply the subject by first structing its content and then going deep into the topics.

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Former marketing and sponsorship manager provides marketing lessons for high school and college students in the Guelph and tri-city area.

I approach the subject with flexibility, allowing students to identify concepts/topics that they are struggling to retain, and customizing my cirriculum accordingly.

(11 reviews)
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Economics and Econometrics - the easiest way to learn is based on constructive and open discussions

As an experienced teacher, supportive mentor and knowledgeable career advisor, I help my students make informed decisions about their exams, university choices and career paths. In doing so, I consider the students' motivations and skills in order to optimise their success.

(6 reviews)

Director of companies, 20 years experience, MBA HEC gives courses in project management, management, entrepreneurship

Former banker, current director of international companies, holds a Master in Finance and an MBA at HEC, I wish to use my 20 years of professional experience in France and abroad for any type of person: high school students, university students, adults wishing to improve their knowledge, leading managers in conversion.

Bacacheri (Curitiba)
(21 reviews)

Introductory Accounting - Principles, functions and applications - Curitiba / PR and region - Accounting and Administration

I am banking, financial advisor and forming of Accounting by Federal University of Paraná.

(1 review)
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Initiation / Coaching / and Follow-up in Business Creation (Leadership, Business Plan, Business Strategy and Marketing)

Graduated INSEAD, former student of Stanford, ESSEC and Centrale-Supélec of a Master's degree in Entrepreneurship as well as entrepreneur myself, I offer coaching / initiation and business creation sessions customized on your projects or your own profile.

São Paulo
(8 reviews)
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Business Management Classes, teaching all about management at the strategic, tactical and operational levels of business

I use a lot of dialogue classes, researches in various environments (physical and virtual libraries), based my methodology on creating autonomy for the students, besides developing in-depth studies in the disciplines, I try to keep in vogue the active methodologies. As always, practice takes place because experiencing an experience facilitates the fixing of information.

Paris 1er
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Former student at Daniélou / ESSEC helps you get prepared for business school entry interviews

I offer interview construction sessions (reflection on what to say according to the school, advice on the content and preparation of specific questions), then mock interview sessions. We also work on your posture, gestures, etc.

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Consultant with International experience in Marketing, sales, Business Strategy, Business intelligence and Start-Up

28 years old. Graduated from Master 2. 5 years experience national and international. Students like working on real cases and concrete situation. We work like if we were on the field as consultant, manager or sales director. If you just need theory, you better buy a book.

Villanueva de Arosa
(2 reviews)
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Online Strategy & International Marketing - give your start-up a firm base.

I am a serial international entrepreneur. I believe in small and medium size projects which solve real problems with sustainable solutions. I have lived and worked in Germany, USA, Costa Rica and Spain, working +/- 15 years working with a focus on strategy and online marketing. I created and co-founded 5+ online and offline businesses.

(2 reviews)
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Sandy with project management will have no more secrets for you! Paris, Countryside

After a business school, but above all passionate about digital, I accompany you in your questions about your project management problems Here are some questions that I could address: -I have too many projects to manage at the same time, I like to have the method -I happens more has not prioritize all of my digital actions and do not know where to start -I have an event to launch, I do not know...

(5 reviews)
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Master's degree in management passionate about sharing knowledge. Communicative, able to teach human subjects, mathematics, accounting and basic finance. Entrepreneur in the consulting field

Every good method derives from the student. I work with expository classes, gameficated activities for problem solving, teaching cases and examples. It all depends on the student! Some are more auditory, kinesthetic pus, others visual ...

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Business professional experienced in practical Business IT, Analytics, Project management, Supply chain and Logistics

My teaching method is based on linking a real life business scenario with data analytics techniques and spreadsheet modelling. Understanding the ethics of project management at an industry level with all techniques involving MS project . I am a very friendly and easy going person who likes to motivate students to learn.

(10 reviews)
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Accountant (UBA) with a Master's Degree in Finance (UADE) offers Finance classes by Zona Norte

I have academic solidity combined with empathy to communicate and explain. And most importantly, the passion to help transmitting my knowledge. I see education as a way to give back to society all the good things that one received in the classroom when he was on the other side. I try to adapt to the needs of the student.

Lyon 1er
(1 review)
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Paris 19 - SES preparation course - 8 years experience in private lessons

My knowledge of the world of training and pedagogy is based on eight years of experience in intensive private lessons, with excellent results obtained from out-of-school students in the preparation of ES Bac; on a year of primary education with Mexican children, with the creation and organization of my own course activities where I was followed by a professional trainer; finally, on the content...

Naucalpan de Juárez
(1 review)
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Come and learn the essential tools of marketing to be competitive in any situation

I like to teach in a practical way, especially teaching marketing , because in order to develop strategies you need to be creative and have a practical vision of the whole panorama.

(2 reviews)
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CEO & Investor from Silicon Valley / CS Engineer / Drone PM

Currently in Silicon Valley and Guadalajara, it has Fortune 50 clients such as NYSE: DOW Chemical, California Community Colleges, Governments, Technological Institutes, CETIs and Tequila Regulatory Council, among others. He is an Endeavor entrepreneur and promoter of the technological ecosystem in Mexico, Product Manager with experiences in companies such as Intel, Cinvestav and IEEE.

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I have years of teaching experience both in children and adults and I have a degree in Economics and Commerce

I teach via Skype or with lectures, I always provide additional information to find material and exercises on the net. During the lessons I use video and powerpoint and I try to be very practical.

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Want to start a business? Where do you start? I'll help you with your idea and its effect.

I guide people by asking a lot of questions and making them take a critical look at themselves. I offer a creative way of looking at the problems and possibilities at start-ups in the various branches of business. I also offer a lot of knowledge about regulations and marketing strategies.

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Engineer, MBA Business & Projects teaches exact disciplines for teaching and medium / higher

I am a post graduate professional with experience in multidisciplinary projects with practical and academic experience. The objective is to develop practical, efficient and solid content classes to leverage student knowledge in a short time so that students can absorb not only theoretical concepts but professional experiences and case studies.

Sandy Bay
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Economics Ph.D student provides lessons in introductory microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, statistics and project management.

I do not believing in having a formulaic teaching style. I would rather tailor my tutorials to suit the unique needs of my students. I teach in a style that is effortless, stress-free, highly interactive and informal, and my students can easily relate to it.

André p. leblanc
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- International Marketing and Business Development - Customised courses according to specific needs given by a confirmed Professional

I love working with case studies to develop certain concepts. This method helps the student get a more down-to-earth and practical comprehension of the subject matter. With this method, the student then feels more at ease to apply these principles to real-life situations.

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Student in Master 2 Management gives courses to prepare the ES baccalaureat

I try to adapt to everyone to help them in their advancement. The most important thing is to understand what you are doing and to continue to practice. I try to be as methodical and as simple as possible in my explanations so that everyone can understand and know how to do what is asked.

Porto Alegre
(1 review)
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Professor doctor with more than 25 years of market and 10 years of teaching

I use different methodologies and approaches, seeking to build the knowledge with those involved, deepening the issues and analyzing the issues in depth. As far as possible, I try to extract from the reality of the involved the necessary elements for this construction, without ever leaving aside the theory of areas and the innovations of the market.

Juan carlos
(1 review)
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MBA and business consultant in Mexico, teaches business management and business development

The teaching method is through the development of skills with printed materials, audio-visual, auditory and workshop-type sessions where problems will be solved, there will be an open dialogue for the discussion of the topics to be reviewed in each session.

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Project Management Tools , Taubaté, São Paulo, Engineer, Specialist, English writen and speaking

Engineer, Specialist, can speak English. Classes or take specific questions about tools for project management and post-graduate work: RACI matrix, SWOT analysis, stakeholders, risk analysis, MS Project, advanced Excel, schedules, communication strategies, Change management, business Case analysis, write a burning plataform.

North Ward
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High Achieving Corporate Environmental Management Student from James Cook University gives Economics lessons

I believe in gauging how students learn best; asking what has worked for them in the past, what they have enjoyed most in the classroom and working on WHAT they need to learn all defines our classes. Working with the student is very important to me, and I will always try to facilitate one on one lessons at a student's home, my own home, or at a library.

Ouro Preto
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Undergraduate in a bachelors degree in Controlling and Finance from UFMG teaches Finance in Belo Horizonte

The methodology is geared to attending to what the public needs, whether they are questions related to higher courses or even in the personal matter. That way, you will be able to program your finances, your portfolio of assets or even plan your retirement and for college students, take questions. Financial management is essential to the life of any investor.

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