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Richmond Hill
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Psychology & Gender Studies Graduate to help high school/undergraduate students in the GTA

My approach to learning is discussion based. I truly believe that discussion, and problem-based learning, help students better retain information. While I prefer to head into a tutoring session with some structure (i.e., to have an idea of what topics the student would like to touch on), I like to offer flexibility if there is a particular concept that needs more attention.

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I'm here to help you develop your Social Skills at Post Secondary!

My classes are offered online through webcam, or in person at selected locations (i.e. not your home).

Sherwood Park
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Knowing is half the battle, so let's work on your mental skills! Edmonton & area, specializing in combative and individual sports.

After the education phase, I integrate mental skills training into the physical training program that athletes are participating in. This allows the athletes to improve their mental skills in the environment where the skills are required. This integration will allow for a more natural and seamless use of mental skills alongside physical skills.

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Fun with Psychology! Join me for interactive and unconventional Psychology classes in Mississauga. I have a Master's Degree and 7 years of study in Psychology - work with me and soon it'll be your fav

Since Psychology as a subject has tremendous scope for inward reflection and debate, my teaching method will typically involve an introduction to a topic and sharing of some consolidated resources, followed by facilitated discussions to gain a deeper understanding of the topic. I like my students to have their own ideas- and to help them evolve, refine, and gain perspective on their ideas.

Fort Saskatchewan
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Psychology graduate student offers lessons in introductory psychology concepts in Edmonton (online)

Before teaching a student, I tend to ask about their background, strengths, weaknesses, and goals for tutoring. I prefer to prepare students by discussing the main concepts in each topic of interest to ensure students have a chance first to ask questions to clarify.

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Psychology (Introductory, statistics, cognitive, developmental, History and theory) in Vancouver, BC, CAN.

Mostly the Socratic method for the tutoring of individuals and small groups, I ask questions and then based on those questions we explore the concept you are trying to learn. If this is a long term tutoring position then I employ homework and exercises.

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Psychology (B.A) tutor, for high school students in Toronto- Experienced in teaching of over 2 years and special education sessions!

My approach/ Methodology towards teaching Psychology is two fold: First, structurally letting the students grasp the fundamentals of a particular topic. secondly, I encourage them to give their inputs on the topic and then co-relate the two.

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History Major looking to teach interested students in Cambridge, Kitchener or Waterloo

I try to talk about the subject of history in a way that both explains it clearly to those who are unfamiliar with it (without necessarily talking down to them in the process) and keeps the student interested and engaged.

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BSc (hon) in Neuroscience, MSc Neuropharmacology; Western University. Professional Essay Writer. Human encyclopedia.

When teaching Psychology, some of the literature can be boring. I engage the student, ask them what they think about various psychological theories in a way that promotes memory consolidation, and allows the student to participate rather than sit in a chair and scroll through Instagram.

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Foreign-trained Psychology professor, multi-cultural counselor specialized in Online Mental Skills Training. High performance on demand!

My specialty is teaching critical mental skills either in person or via video conferencing apps to aspiring people who desire to go from good to great. I teach in the English and/or Spanish languages. Try me and move to your next stage in life.

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Certified Ontario teacher with years of tutoring experience gives range of social sciences help to students!!

I approach subjects with flexibility. We work together to create a schedule and workin communication that sets us both up for success! Online help is most successful to me. There can be no in person distractions, and you don’t have to waste your time working on something if you don’t necessarily need my help while you are paying me and I wait.

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Psychology and Philosophy graduate offering tutoring for university students in all subjects

I have a diverse knowledge set in science and humanities, particularly psychology, biology, sociology, and philosophy. I know the most relevant information in these topics so I will get straight to the point and tell you exactly what you need to know in order to be successful in your course.

Thunder Bay
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Social Service Worker College student gives classes for students within Thunder Bay

I am a Social Service Worker Student with in the College of Thunder Bay. These tutoring sessions are allowed for anyone that needs the extra help with their studies. I would structure the lessons around how the client would learn. I would find ways to make it hands on and visual for the individual.

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Canadian Counsellor-Researcher offers lessons in psychological theory, CBT, applied ethics, research& data-analysis

Sensitize students to foundational issues and enduring dilemmas and encourage a critical understanding of different perspectives. I adapt to diverse cognitive styles and individual needs-goals. I use guided discovery, personal insight, graduated intellectual challenges, active involvement and experimentation by learner.

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Im a teacher of life and real understanding and would like to teach that.........i spent alot of my life walkin the path while others talk it......so i have the real answers......not assumptions

I talk to the class and get them to ask questions and argue logic with them....i enjoy talking about logic....as people understand only the path thy have walked ....as they live in their own reality bubble ........we tend to miss alot..........

Sault Ste. Marie
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Tutoring sessions in various areas of psychology available from Algoma university student

I like to encourage my student to connet their own personal life experiences with the material to help with recall of material. I also like to state the ways I personally have remembered the material most effectively. I am flexible in my teaching style and like to include the student in this process.

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Psychology student gives psych, French, English, and history lessons to students in Mission, bc area

My teaching method depends on how my student learns. From studying psychology, I have a much better understanding of how different people learn in vastly different ways; some need to visualize, others need to have hands on experience, and some do well by listening and simply talking about the subject afterwards. I will teach in a manor that best suits and benefits the student.

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Psychology Graduate with highest honors offering tutoring lessons for high school and university students

I usually teach elementary school students, and often tutor high school students for a shorter period of time. I personally like to evaluate a student first, to see where they are at, and build their skills in understanding the material so that they will be able to learn future material on their own. Most importantly, I want my students to feel comfortable and confident in their skills.

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Experience teacher (BA & BEd): writing, history, psychology, sociology, law & politics in Toronto

I use an equal portion of power points, video/visual segments, readings and interactive activities with regular Q & A throughout the lesson so students are constantly are engaged. I normally teach grades 10-12 but am flexible I can tailor lessons to suit the needs of the individual student.

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University graduate gives psychology and philosophy lessons in Toronto area and online

My name is Brittney and I have graduated with a BA (honours) in Psychology and a minor in Philosophy. I have been passionate about both subjects since I was in high school, and hope to spark this same passion in high school students today. My teaching method is simple: concise lecture notes given in context, and one-on-one help for students who need more personal assistance.

St. John's
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Counselling Psychology Masters Student offering Intro to Psychology lessons from home in Newfoundland!

My classes are targeted towards intro to psychology students in their first year of their undergrad or senior year of highschool taking AP Psychology. I thoroughly stride to answer all questions from students and have a student success focused way of teaching.

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Graduate MSW student with a BA in Psychology tutoring in Richmondhill and Thornhill!

I am very open-minded, I focus on students' strengths and I am very flexible and patient. I have a lot of experience working with kids and tutoring my younger brother and sister in the area of psychology. I use examples, video clips, role play, etc. as part of my method.

Bond Head
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Con Ed history student offering history lessons in Barrie and surrounding area

I believe that everyone learns differently and differentiate my lessons and materials to every individual's needs. The best way to learn is sticking to a routine and schedule of learning. I use a variety of tools such as cue cards, visuals, quizzes and game to encourage learning.

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Psychology professor can tutor you in the Arts and Humanities in Winnipeg, MB

I teach to enlighten and to students engaged with critical thinking skills. I tailor my style to the learner as much as possible. I have mostly taught in the traditional lecture classroom but also via other methods such as online.

Port Coquitlam
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Sociology diploma graduate gives history, geography lessons for high school students in Coquitlam

Teaching methods include engaging students in subjects at a personal level such as using real world, current applications for comparison; one on one or small class size, for high school students. Preferably in a comfortable space such as a public library or in student's homes.

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Psychology, Sociology and other arts tutor with high honours B.Sc. in Fredericton, NB.

I love to teach by story telling and having discussions. What do you know and how can we unlock that? We can also do memorization, as some courses just need that.

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Psychology undergrad gives psychology and biology classes for high school students in Winnipeg

My classes will be based on psychological and biological basics. These classes are meant for middle school/high school students or first-year university students who are interested in learning the basic principles of psychology and biology.

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Teaching life skills that only life lessons can teach. You can't learn everything from a book.

Everyone is different. My teaching style is similar to what I am teaching. In order to communicate properly you must understand the person you are communicating with first. My teaching style will reflect the personality of the person I am teaching.

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Work and organizational pscychology mentor gives sessions for university students in Montreal

My teaching methods are practical and personalized to inspire the student as per their unique personality. I base my sessions on specific needs, goals and expectations towards further guiding the student. I approach a subject with Think-Feel balance in order to ensure an optimal performance.

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Third year Psychology major from St. Thomas university helps gives students a better understand of the brain.

My teaching methods are hands on, giving both verbal and visual examples. I like my students to be involved in the course content and not just writing notes so they are more likely to understand and remember. My classes would be meant for any age from high school to university.

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