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Harjot kaur
(4 reviews)
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Ontario Certified Teacher with 24 years of school teaching and 29 years of tutoring experience . B.Sc., M.Sc ( Mathematics) B.Ed, OCT

My teaching methods vary with students' learning style. I use a method which is compatible to students' level of understanding to improve their knowledge with understanding so they can apply it to problem solving.

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The engineering student is there to give Maths Classes in Vancouver Area

My teaching methods vary from student to student depending on the ability of a kid to learn. As every child is different, so I try to obtain a suitable technique to explain and make the child understand. Making use of a variety of pedagogies according to the need of a student is the best methodology to explain the concept clearly.

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Mathematician would like to teach Mathematics to enthusiastic students. Write me up.

My first and foremost step is to bridge-in. I engage students to make them attentive. Set the goal / objective of the lecture. Pre-assess their knowledge and approach and relate the work with the last lecture. Participatory learning is essential. I use it throughout my lecture. Post-assess what they learned from the lecture. Provide them a summary of the lecture.

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UofT physics major giving homework help on physics and math in the GTA

I prefer working on my student’s personal weakness because it is hard for teachers at school to notice and pay attention to everyone. I believe textbooks are student's best friend always, so I will refer your homework to the relevant topics in textbooks.

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Experienced English teacher for all students' ages and language knowledge. Specialist in TEFL teaching all language skills

Methodology If I am to describe my teaching techniques and strategies that I have been using all my life in just a few words, let me say that the core of my approach to students in my work is interactive individualized approach which means that the main focus is on students' activities in developing all language skills, especially the preferable ones, depending on the priorities.

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MSc. in Neuroscience and BSc in Psychology gives classes for any related

I believe that learning is enhanced when we are inclusive and sensitive to the many needs and differences. I will provide an structure and planned class with a clear objective. The classes are meant for a high school and university level.

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Etudiante française en psychologie donne cours de français jusqu'au bac/DEC et aide aux devoirs jusqu'au secondaire

Etudiante française en psychologie depuis plus de deux ans (en reconversion), je détiens également un master en web-marketing. Grâce à mes nombreuses années d'étude et à la rigueur de certains de mes cours, je sais aujourd'hui qu'une bonne méthode de travail est essentielle pour avancer et progresser.

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Masters in Geography with Specialization in Counselling and Motivation Tutors Academic Subjects

I believe in a strengths based approach to working with others. I search for the foundation of strength, build on that and co create a wonderful transformational learning experience which teaches the student as much about the process of learning as the subject being mastered.

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Running stone never gets anything so first focus on you goal and then work hard... I am here to build your interesting ways to learn.

I would like to teach the student in their own learning capacity. I would recommend the use of complementary methods rather than one method. LECTURE METHOD. A lecture is an oral presentation of information by the instructor. THE DISCUSSION METHOD. Discussion involves two-way communication between participants, videos, texts, etc.

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B.Sc Psychology Graduate with professional working experience and multiple talents. I teach you how to learn better and faster to get the grades you want!

I approach a subject with learning what is easy and slowly increasing challenge levels as you gain confidence.

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-Educational Assistant available for private or group tutoring in/around Stettler area.5+ years in the education field.

My teaching method is what works best for you. I am flexible in the learning style and content. I will work with you to the best of my abilities and find a system that best works for everyone involved.

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Psychology major that is effective in motivating students in their learning and has other necessary skills.

I approach subjects and students with a positive and patient manner. I use active listening and communication skills to teach students. I am also very flexible. A typical class would be asking if the student understand their work and assisting in any issues they are encountering with an assignment, subject and etc.

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Allow me to bring you to the level you wish to achieve in your area of weakness.

I have meet and greet and from there I develop a list of goals to achieve. During 2nd session I identify weakness and evaluate what tools are needed to elevate the individuals ability to conquer the weakness identified. I will create a full plan regarding instruction and assign tasks needed to do in persons own time. My number and email are always available 24/7 for student. Sessions 3-8 ...

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Retired history prof with award-winning book gives history and writing lessons in Toronto

My approach is student-centred: we discuss your needs and work out a plan together.

(10 reviews)
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Develop proper learning habits - the easiest way to learn is based on constructive and open discussions

As an experienced teacher, supportive mentor and knowledgeable career advisor, I help my students make informed decisions about their exams, university choices and career paths. In doing so, I consider the students' motivations and skills in order to optimise their success.

(4 reviews)
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How are you!?, I can support you with homework, teach study techniques and practice memorization. We can do it! I wait for you.

I like to teach in a practical way, but without forgetting the theory. If you want to learn to use your prefrontal cortex or your hippocampus better, we will reach an agreement and we can go for a walk while we practice it.

São Paulo
(65 reviews)

If you have difficulty learning, I promise to help you in a light, simple and relaxed way.

* Reinforcement classes for students up to 2 degrees in the subjects of mathematics, physics, Portuguese, English and computer science. * Teaching methodology based on the practice of exercises with theoretical foundation to support learning and understanding on the part of the student of the discipline.

(48 reviews)

Portuguese classes for foreigners ( ( ( SKYPE /HOME ) ) )

I teach classes in English, Portuguese for foreigners, Mathematics, Chemistry and physics for school reinforcement or preparatory to competitions and entrance exams (BRASIL and USA). Neurolinguistic programming as methodology for public and vestibular competitions. Mental mapping method for storing content. Special attention for students with attention deficit.

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Prof. of Math 12 years of experience gives math class in Paris

Professor of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry with 12 years of experience. More than 60 students and 100% success in the bac! All my students progress at least +3 to +9 points, depending on the duration and the student. I am also a professor at MEDECIS with 4 classes of 5 to 30 students. Possibly to have at least 5 of such parents.

(6 reviews)
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Venezuelan and Native from the USA offers school support to elementary students in Madrid.

My method for the basic English course consists of "Learning by doing" or "learning by doing". Seeks that students learn in an educational way interesting. Tools such as songs, poems and games are used that allow the student to feel more comfortable and excited about the language.

Londrina (Paraná)
(10 reviews)
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Graduated in Language and Literature with experience in Portuguese and English language teaching

Classes are focused on the student's interests and needs. I work with great materials and I also produce specific materials for each student. I have postgraduation in methodologies of Portuguese and foreign languages ​​and experience with different age groups.

Ponta Verde
(11 reviews)
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Portuguese and Mathematics for children! School reinforcement in all subjects up to the 6th year

I am Pedro Braga, 30 years old, teacher - actor, teacher - clown, helping the children to overcome their fears, their anguish, their sloths, their locks, to go well in school and to develop globally. I rely on slang, games, conversations about drawings and songs to make the learning process more fun and at the same time focused.

(4 reviews)
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TED University 4th Grade Student - Private tutoring for primary school students (Turkish-mathematics-social sciences-English). Pre-primary education at school level - help with homework.

The university encourages my students to continue to work in line with the fact that it is the joy of achieving their duties and getting new information is not a tedious necessity, but the future is the joyful achievements of the university. I run it now.

(2 reviews)
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I am a student of Higher Education - I teach in Portuguese and Study of the Middle - Leiria

Hello my name is Samanta and I am a student in Higher Education - Licenciatura em Solicitadoria. I would like to be able to help you in your doubts and to accompany you in your study, for this we would do readings, research and exercises in which you might feel free to question.

(1 review)
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Master student in History gives tuition class of methodology in Montpellier and by distance

I attach great importance to the attention and listen to students. So I adapted my method and my work to your desires, needs, gaps. And even your character! I have for supporting academic books, but also my own course, novels or short stories, websites, methodological sheets and summary ... And if necessary the annals of the patent and the baccalaureate.

(1 review)
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Get help from the last year of Political Science and International Relations to help students with foreign policy, history and school support

My courses are aimed at increasing the level of knowledge of the student. I begin by measuring the dominance of the student and focus on completing the deficiencies. The 1-hour course is a 5-minute break based on the student's attention. It is very important for the student to feel comfortable and to have a lesson at that moment.

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Tutoring for homework and after school. Matters like English, and mathematics will no longer be a problem.

"TAILORED" LESSONS. In my teaching experience, the path has always been realized and studied together. We make a program based on your needs. We address deadlines accurately and without anxiety, to get the best possible result for you.

Cuevas del Almanzora
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LEARN AND HAVE FUN: marine biologist and ambientologist gives classes of all levels =) !!

My teaching method is to create a good environment of individual work in which I involve the students so that they not only learn, but also enjoy the subjects, teaching them to schematize and synthesize the syllabuses, so that they learn little by little to study in an independent way. I am always available 24 hours so that my students can make any questions or doubts.

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Graduating in Biotechnology offers repetitions of scientific and English subjects to elementary-middle-high school students in Mantua and Bologna

My lessons are tailored to the personality of the student and his needs, some people have a visual memory that one of the methods could include the composition of schemes, others have an acoustic memory, for them it might be better to learn to repeat in the way more effective.

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Student of ADE and International Law. Classes support Pamplona, commitment and seriousness.

The methodology has to adapt to each type of student, without any doubt. It is best to start, know and adapt to the needs and abilities of each child, and above all to get along ... there is nothing wrong with trying! My support classes are aimed at all students up to 1 st of BACCALAUREATE. (math, economy, English, language, French).

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