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Humans are naturally drawn to music - it can change our moods, create ambiance, raise our energy levels, and make a long commute enjoyable. Singing is an absolute joy for millions every day: whether you are belting out tunes like Celine Dion or singing in a community choir, the passion for vocal expression is always there. 

Let’s not forget that singing is one of the most therapeutic activities we do on a daily basis. While we may not realize it, we sing along to songs on the radio and our favourite playlists. Music contains many meaningful memories - some songs seem to represent a summer, a year of high school, or a special occasion. Many people join glee clubs, choirs, karaoke bars to enjoy the thrill of performance. 

Some people are naturally musically gifted and become masters of their craft through practice and hard work; others may approach music more casually as a hobby or pastime. Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn music, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to be a young virtuoso or aspirational Youtube star to get into it: you can learn how to sing by taking classes, hiring a tutor, or simply singing in the shower.

In this article we will explain why singing is important, and describe the top benefits of learning how to sing, and where to learn how to sing in Quebec City.

Why Singing is Important

Despite the powerful way singing influences our lives on a daily basis, it seldom gets the recognition it deserves as a recreational activity as since the majority of people falsely assume you must be ‘good’ or vocally gifted like Mariah Carey to be a ‘real’ singer. Add that to the fact that most people don’t consider themselves to be ‘singers’ (though they may be singing every morning), and it’s easy to forget how important singing is.

Whatever we want to believe about what makes a “singer”, we can hardly dispute the idea that singing is one of the most joyful and fun activities we can do pretty much anywhere, at no cost. Singing brings communities together, from glee clubs to choirs and community musicals. Few people will ever forget the singing that resonated from buildings in Italy during the first lockdowns of the coronavirus pandemic. From antiquity to today’s viral videos, singing is one of the most important and essential elements of humanity.

The Benefits of Singing

Singing is not only important because of its social and historical significance, but because of the numerous physical and mental health benefits it brings to those who practice regularly. Singing strengthens our vocal and respiratory functions, supports cognitive development in children, and is simply good for our overall wellness.

Singing: Health Benefits

Singing will lead to better cardiovascular and respiratory health because it is an aerobic activity that exercises your lungs and upper body muscles. You will have better control of your vocal system when you practice singing regularly. When you sing frequently, you become more cognizant of your vocal function: you may even be compelled to modulate your voice with intention in a variety of other verbal situations. 

Children Learn Through Singing

Moms who have spent lots of time with their babies on maternity leave are well aware of the importance of singing to babies and toddlers. For babies, hearing mom or dad sing is incredibly stimulating and supports bonding. Little ones learn vocabulary and movement through songs, and the silliest songs can incite their laughter and imagination. Kids start to understand storytelling through songs, not to mention numbers, letters, animals, colours, and seasons. Singing can also serve as a fun activity on those long road trips - have a playlist ready and you’ll avoid many tantrums!

Singing Builds Community

Singing can be a communal activity: when we sing with others, we feel included and even empowered as you hear the harmmonizing of different voices in a song. Musical theatre or choral productions are inherently team-based and collaborative, and it can be exhilarating to perform with a large group. When you sing with others, you make new connections with people and share a common goal.

The Mental Health Benefits of Singing

Your confidence and self-esteem will be greatly enhanced when you take singing lessons and develop your vocal skills. In many ways, singing is therapeutic as you sing songs that enable you to emote your inner self. Your neurological system also benefits from singing as you become more connected with community and culture. When you sing, your brain creates connections between its different areas as you apply so many skills simultaneously: language, sound, emotion, and rhythm. 

Where to Take Singing Lessons in Quebec City

Quebec City is one of the most beautiful cities in North America, unique in its heritage architecture and expansive views of the St. Lawrence River. The city has many musical venues where you can feel inspired by artists of all different genres, from jazz to reggae and hip hop. The city’s Festival de Ete is a long-running music festival that brings in talent from all over the world.

For those looking to learn singing, Quebec City has a great selection of private music schools and instructors. Arquemuse Ecole de Musique has a fascinating selection of vocal classes such as choral and jazz. Troubadour Ecole de Musique has plenty of beginner vocal classes for kids and adults alongside other instrumental lessons. Amadeus and La Symphonie also offer singing classes for kids and adults and are worth checking out.

Learn Singing from a Private Instructor

Another fantastic option for singing lessons is to find a private vocal instructor or teacher. If your schedule is busy, prefer a personalized approach, or simply want to focus on one area of singing, a private tutor is an excellent and affordable choice. There are so many great advantages to having a tutor: you will not have to work around music school schedules, the instructor may be able to meet you in your home or somewhere convenient, and you can tailor your lessons to whatever you want. 

Sites like Superprof have listings for local tutors in Quebec City. With the right instructor, you will reach your musical goals in no time. Check our Superprof today!


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Unlike learning any other instrument, you won't have to worry about investing thousands of dollars on an instrument - all you'll need is your voice!

However, in order to optimise your lessons, you may also purchase:

  • A Singing exercise book
  • A methodology book
  • A metronome
  • A lamp
  • A piano or keyboard for accompaniment
  • A music stand
  • Scores
  • A digital audio recorder

Certain accessories and equipment are not obligatory in order for you to to learn to sing. Don't hesitate to ask your singing tutor for guidance on what accessories you should buy in order to learn the music you'd like to.


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