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Criminology student that can give lessons in reading in the city of Brantford

My teaching methods provide a safe environment free if judgement that help allow individuals reach their full potential in reading. My techniques focus on motivation to read for a long period of time and to stay focus and absorb the material. As well as improve reading in public skills.

Coombe Wood
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Different approach to 11+ Creative Writing! in Kingston, Richmond, Isleworth and Hounslow

I teach 11+ Creative Writing, helping students to organize and structure their ideas, plots, how to develop action and build up suspension and how to reach a satisfactory solution.

Paris 4e

Post doctorate researcher helps you find your work plan and start writing your thesis - also the research project

We can discuss your project and start sketching your work plan during our first appointment. Sometimes our research director is too busy and can not guide us in our journey. I propose my knowledge of records in the humanities to help you master the requirements of each college. File experience in France, the United States and Brazil.

Siddhartha prakash anand
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Now special classes of english grammar are available in basti for matric.

Basically , My teaching method is based on the student's sence and knowledge and behave friendly and motivate them .

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A Grade Student offering GCSE English Lessons in Birmingham, specialising in SPAG

I aim my lessons at GCSE students but I can teach anyone below that qualification level and perform work checks to ensure SPAG is correct in all written pieces. Lessons are specialised to each student and tailored to best suit the needs of said student.

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Law student / scpo gives classes for exam preparation and homework help

Hello, I am currently a second year student of law and political science I offer my help to students in different subjects and share methodological tips as well as guidance.

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Accompaniment or proofreading of theses or dissertations - Innovation, Research and Development in IT

My advice or coaching is based on the method of writing scientific articles. To know: 1. Write to be read and understood (general organization, high-level vision, simplexity ...) 2. Structuring and the flow of ideas 3. Proofreading and correction Writing is a gift for me.

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Student in last year B.com gives tutions for Class I to X in all subjects.

My teaching methodology is to make the student unedrstand the different topics and then tell them to learn it and then I finally conduct a test on the given topic.

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Hey guys I can change the way you learn English for your exam. Connect with me.

I teach via discussion method, to make your learning experience an unforgettable one.i can actually make you love studies.

High Wycombe
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Fully Qualified Canadian/U.K Teacher offering career building skills/primary subject tutoring in Buckinghamshire!

The methods I use for teaching focus on ensuring total success for everyone involved. I look to see the differences in my students as a positive. We all learn differently and it is something we should all embrace! I can give my lessons to any one from Primary level, up to an adult to assist with rhetoric, speech writing and resume/CV building.

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Great teachers inspire students with their passion for education and constantly renew themselves as professionals in their quest to provide students with the highest quality of education possible. As

In the classroom Many teachers base their lessons on a mixture of methods and approaches to meet the different needs of learners and the different aims of lessons or courses. Factors in deciding how to teach include the age and experience of learners, lesson and course objectives, expectations and resources.

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International Trainer trained from British council, Trainers of Cambridge,Princeton review and from Magoosh-Experience teaching at Various students of all ages including Engineers,Engineering gradutes

Teaching methods through problem solving and extending solving methods to other questions are my approach in Quants.Innovative methodology to teach vocabulary and reading between the lines to find the answers is my approach for verbal.

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Learn,Develop and enrich your English knowledge with your Engineering Friend in Tirunelveli

My teaching method is always connected with the real time Environment and i always wish to have a group of people so that a better interaction can be created among the students.I prefer to teach English classes for standard 1-10.

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Hi, I am tutor of Indian Language. I would like to teach English, Gujarati , Maths, Science & History to primary students. I can teach reading & written in both way.

I teach in my individual class approximately 20 students in my class. I would prefer to teach KS1 students only. I make my own materials for them. I teach them in a friendly & fun loving behaviour. Basic understanding of how children develop and learn.

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English student offering reading, literacy, literature, resume help and creative writing lessons

My teaching method is firstly getting to know the student and what works for them. I like to introduce the topic to allow the student to get a feel about it so we can then go forward with it. My lessons go from primary school level to A2 Level English.

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A Engineering student enlightening young minds by teaching English. Join now to avail the benefit!

My teaching methodology is quite simple. You give your 100% in studying, I give 200% in teaching you. I will be available to solve your doubts and explain the concepts in an easy way. We shall solve numerous questions together and embark on a fun-filled teaching-learning experience.

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Bedford Madam Helps you Enjoy and Learn English & Great Study Skills to Become an Independent Learner

Looking for a tutor who uses enjoyable and effective methods to enable your understanding of your subject as well as understand how you best learn? We will use effective methods e.g. demonstration, relevant home tasks and dictionary application to achieve results.

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English Writing lessons for school and college students - creative and content writing

My teaching is simple. I ensure that the material helps students develop their vocabulary and writing skills. Each of the assignments is fun and at the same time educational.

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Teaching English & Mathametics for over 8+ years in innovative way for the group of (Kg - XII) & (Kg -X) respectively in Kolkata

I am a flexible teacher because I understand that all students learn in different ways and at different paces. When teaching, I make sure that every student has a grasp of the subject before moving on.

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Excellent academic English assistance for High School children by an experienced faculty

My methodology of teaching is associating any topic to day to day experience and linking the topic to the present lesson by using many examples. My classes are useful to any student who wants to excel in academic English as well as competitive.

New Delhi
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I give online classes and i am pursuing law for now.

I take every student differently and teach according to his or her grabbing power. I dont believe in finishing up the things in a hurry when the student is not understanding. My motive is to share knowledge and not just teach things.

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Be hard working with stability and got the aim. I will teached student very simple method.

My teaching method is very simple and my language for the student is very affective and stable to understand.

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Student of architecture, can help out with speaking, writing ,reading and grammar

I approach the topic on the basis of how a student wants. I take tests on that particular topic in various ways till the student is thorough with that topic. After the topics are done I take an overall test on all the topics .

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I am a young, passionate Postgraduate student who offers insightful, engaging, and critical thinking orientated tutoring that covers the majority of the Humanities subjects. I am a diverse and eclecti

I believe in stimulating the potential of the individual - "Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he will eat for the rest of their life." I follow a critically minded engagement with work, especially with subjects within the Humanitarian disciplines. Encouraging one to think for themselves, for me, is the most important facet of a well rounded education.

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La trobe university student with excellent english skills gives english grammar, literature, reading and writing classes.

My teaching methodology is based on the student, the way a student can grasp knowledge easily. Also, I like to offer the knowledge in a more practical way so that students can retain it for longer periods in their minds.

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A Practising Chartered Accountant and a writer by choice in love with the subject

My teaching method and technique just needs one thing from my student and that is his / her complete involvement and awareness and everything else can be worked out. Just rise in love with the subject and see the bond taking leaps towards success.

Greater Noida
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BBA graduate student teaching maths english and physics to students of class 1 to 8

I try to teach students in a humorous manner with lots of question which includes games which helps the student learn better and quicker and retain that knowledge for a longer period of time. i like to get along with the pupil so tat he feels comfortable in sharing all his problems with me.

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Parents! Busy? Tired? Stressed? I'm offering reading lessons to Primary/Middle School aged children who need some extra help at home.

The way to learn to read, is for the student to learn the look and sounds of letters and words to gradually build on their vocabulary and then they become reflective and selective in their choice of words and language.

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International student at QUT from India having scored a 99.99%ile in National level exam!

Passionate, helpful and patient might sound cliched but my passion stems from a simple thought that I would have performed much better if I had someone to guide me in the right direction. Having worked with students before, my lessons are more practical oriented and I believe that practice is the best way to learn new topics.

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