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Child and Youth Care student with a wide range of experience, offering one-on-one Reading Instruction for Primary Students

I base my classes on getting the basics of reading down, from techniques such as visual cues, sounding out words, word identification and structured learning on the quickest way to improve reading skills. These classes are meant for children aged 4 - 12.

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Reading and spelling words in french,identifying words in a sentence,writing and speaking. That seems to be the basic work to master a language for the beginners. And naturally, for those who have the

Depending of the level of any student,the teaching methodology is to give fundamental keys of learning French until eight beginning by alphabet pronunciation,reading words and syllabuses,identifying words in a sentence, grammar,orthography,conjugation,reading speed,text analysis and comprehension,essays,dictations,speaking exercises,conversations.

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Academic English lessons in creative and essay writing from honours linguistics student

I work with students in a discussion based environment, where I listen to their needs and centre my teaching around them. I believe in flexibility and fostering a safe environment. I teach advanced writing and grammar to high school students, and offer specialized OSSLT prep.

Jiyoon (aelita)
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UBC Grad Passes on Essay-Writing Techniques & Coaching to Students in Toronto

For essay writing and test prep in literature and history exams, I look at two things: the topics that you usually will write about, and how you write it.

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Fun and experienced tutor who wants to help you learn the English language today!

I base my classes on your level of experience with the language and how well you do with the subject. A small test(nothing to worry about) will be administered to see where we stand with your level. I can teach students of all ages and all different levels. You will feel at ease in my tutor lessons. We will take our time and learn at the pace you are most comfortable with.

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'The trusted name for specialized ESL tutoring' Helping students reach their potential

I mainly focus on student centered approach where i assist my students with clear instructions. First of all, I start my class with a ‘Mind Warm-Up’. Moreover, I use storytelling as a powerful method to impart knowledge, values and life skills. I also believe in teaching with sense of humor.

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University of Toronto student provides essay revision, structural comments, proofreading (does NOT write the essay for you)

My methods are meant for later high school students (11th grade, 12th grade) and undergraduate students looking to expand and improve their ability to write critical essays. They focus on building analytical skills in reading material and writing content. My specialty is in helping students build clear structure to ensure concise delivery of ideas.

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Young Author Teaches Creative Writing, Essay Writing and Speed Reading In Edmonton Alberta

I approach teaching the same way I plot my novels: I begin with the end goal in mind and while I don't follow a classical style, I remain on task. A typical class with me includes: -Revision: I find out what the student knows and what they would like or need to learn.

Red Deer County
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Homeschool mom of 6 gives Reading and English grammar classes from my home in Alberta

My teaching methods are curriculum-based, providing a systematic and thorough approach to learning. A typical class includes reading the text and discussing how to apply that to real life.

Head of Jeddore
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Fun and interesting English lessons in Dartmouth / Halifax, Nova Scotia by Mature Masters graduate

My teaching methods are creative and we can explore English using everyday situations. I will use a student centered approach where I will use the interests of the students to guide the topics we explore to facilitate better learning.

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Teach student in friendly , Teaching in easy way like visually ,with picture reading

Positive thinking Teach student in their language, playing method ,worksheet ,relief their mental pressure with singing rhyme for nursery student . and for others make puzzles game for english ,many more thing like visullaize the picture in front of them .

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Learning is a forever process and I want to make it best

My teaching methodology is I focus more on clearing the concept of students by focusing more on practical way of teaching.

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High School student gives math and english classes for primary students in Montreal.

While always starting with the basics, we’re going to advance every time the student understands the subject. In each lesson, the first 5 - 10 minutes will be used as revision from the previous class. If the subject isn’t understood, we will take the time needed for it to be apprehended. I want to make sure my student fathoms the subject completely.

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Criminology student that can give lessons in reading in the city of Brantford

My teaching methods provide a safe environment free if judgement that help allow individuals reach their full potential in reading. My techniques focus on motivation to read for a long period of time and to stay focus and absorb the material. As well as improve reading in public skills.

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An architect by profession , willing to teach and spread joy of learning.

I believe that understanding and comprehending is very important. I give importance to learning through visuals, then through reading the subject thoroughly.

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Having 10 years of experience in Istanbul, I am a fast reading instructor with Livcon certificated understanding, understanding and giving Speed Reading lessons.

I am a graduate of Dumlupınar University, Mathematics Department, Yıldız Technical University. Starting from the university years and still continuing in an individual and corporate understanding, giving quick reading lessons. Livcon is a certified training husband, training coaching, active and fast reading, memory retrofitting, I also manage the center of cocoon training in the husbandry.

Coombe Wood
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Different approach to 11+ Creative Writing! in Kingston, Richmond, Isleworth and Hounslow

I teach 11+ Creative Writing, helping students to organize and structure their ideas, plots, how to develop action and build up suspension and how to reach a satisfactory solution.

Siddhartha prakash anand
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Now special classes of english grammar are available in basti for matric.

Basically , My teaching method is based on the student's sence and knowledge and behave friendly and motivate them .

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Accompaniment or proofreading of theses or dissertations - Innovation, Research and Development in IT

My advice or coaching is based on the method of writing scientific articles. To know: 1. Write to be read and understood (general organization, high-level vision, simplexity ...) 2. Structuring and the flow of ideas 3. Proofreading and correction Writing is a gift for me.

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BA(hons) Student Tutoring in General Academic Writing: Essay, Research Proposal, etc. Writing and Structuring. Albany, WA.

I specialise in general academic writing such as essays, reports, outlines, the preparation and structure of case studies, and research proposals; not to mention the creation of surveys, questionnaires and semi-structured interviews - at the secondary and undergrad level.

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For those who want to be a Grammar Nazi or to avoid the wrath of one...!!

I believe in making students familiar with the concept so as to let them have a beeter understanding. Encourage students to give their views on the topic first and then bestow my knowledge upon them.

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Law students learned with various writings. Helpful in English writing, Bengali writing

I base my classes on as per student's need. Harps on each and every students. Weak students are more privileged.

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A " Dr " by professions comes to full fill her passion towards teaching.

As biology is mostly about studying the living beings around us. My methodology of teaching is more about conceptual learning, paired with appropriate examples and utilizing the online and offline study materials.

High Wycombe
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Fully Qualified Canadian/U.K Teacher offering career building skills/primary subject tutoring in Buckinghamshire!

The methods I use for teaching focus on ensuring total success for everyone involved. I look to see the differences in my students as a positive. We all learn differently and it is something we should all embrace! I can give my lessons to any one from Primary level, up to an adult to assist with rhetoric, speech writing and resume/CV building.

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Learn from the GMAT 99%iler and the Founder & CEO of QDS Pro, Mr. Somil Shah. Somil serves as a Visiting Faculty for SAT at leading coaching institutes in Mumbai like IMS, PDLC & Career Insight.

I am young, passionate and full of energy. I have an excellent connect with all of my students and personally ensure their career growth. I have coached hundreds of students over a period spanning about one and a half year, at multiple leading coaching institutes. Quant has always been my strength. I have secured 51 / 51 in the GMAT Quantitative Section.

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University student offering English Language tuition in London up to Year 9

I finished school in 2018 and so I definitely understand the stress and chaotic mindset as kids get closer to exams. I want to help you ease out your work load and cater to your needs. I will provide extra notes, past paper questions and offer feedback on answers.

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Bachelors of Sport Science student offering English lessons to aid in confidence boosting and bridging of language gaps across different cultures.

I believe that we are all born in a 'Genius zone' a place we thrive at one hundred percent. My methodology around teaching is centered around finding the Genius Zone and to let our learning occur within that zone, be it visual, aural, Spacial, Kinesthetic, solitary or social it is important to highlight where a student best learns. To tailor the lesson plan to the student is my goal.

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Learn Spoken English and get noticed everywhere from the master of English.

At the end of each school year, I like to ask myself: "What are the best teaching methods I've used this year?" By examining my practice and identifying my best teaching methods, I can ensure they are fully incorporated into next year's lessons. Here are five strategies that proved to be extremely effective in my classroom. 1. Student-Centered Discussions 2. Making Connections 3.

Sutton Coldfield
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GCSE grammar school student teaching ,from home in Birmingham, lessons up to key stage 3 including preparation for the 11+ exam.

I am currently studying for my GCSEs and i teach up to key stage 3. During lessons i first like to recap what we did in the previous lesson then tell the student what i am going to teach them this lesson and then teach it to them before recapping what we just learnt.

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English student offering reading, literacy, literature, resume help and creative writing lessons

My teaching method is firstly getting to know the student and what works for them. I like to introduce the topic to allow the student to get a feel about it so we can then go forward with it. My lessons go from primary school level to A2 Level English.

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