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U1 trilingual student (French, English and Portuguese) at McGill University studying Biochemistry (Montreal).

Depending on the academic level of my students, I will adapt my approaches, identify and analyze where they struggle the most and provide them with specific exercises to strengthen their abilities. Concepts will be reviewed during lessons and practice questions will be given as homework.

Paris 14e
(21 reviews)
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Professor ACADOMIA seasoned, future engineer, give courses MATH / PC / BIO / SCIENCE high school to PREPA

Hello, I am currently a student gap year after two years spent AgroParisTech, which is the first school in my industry. I am an independent researcher until September, about to launch a site on the consequences of changes in the world today.

(15 reviews)
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Is SVT complex for you? Need to understand or revise certain concepts in Biology or Chemistry? I can help you in the Aix / Marseille region.

Educator, teacher and experienced facilitator, I shall put my experience of over 20 years available to pupils for their success. Because it is based on the efficiency of the work done, I propose to accompany the student on the form and substance of learning (learning to learn).

Greater london
(4 reviews)
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Experienced tutor teaching online lessons in science subjects (physics, chemistry, basic science) and math

The lesson itself is structured and tailored to each student according to his or her needs level and age, whether student needs help with the upcoming test or wishes to expand his knowledge. I believe myself to be a patient and persistent teacher.

Paris 5e
(11 reviews)

PhD in Science helps you in writing your research / scientific article memory

Young researcher in biology and psychology, science journalist (Le Monde, Science & Vie magazine) and teacher-lecturer, I offers courses in primary, secondary and higher to perfect your knowledge and biology methodology. My courses are for high school and university students (up to Bac +8).

(7 reviews)

Catalan teacher at home or traveling to the student's home, if you want

I teach Catalan and English, Spanish, mathematics, philosophy, orthography, biology, selectivity level ... Time and travel availability ... Efficiency and approved. . Approved and good ....

(5 reviews)

INSA Lyon engineer gives private lessons college / high school mathematics and physics / chemistry

Hi, I'm a graduated engineer from INSA Lyon engineering school, I offer assistance and educational support to students from 6th to Terminale S in Mathematics and Physics and Chemistry. Good teacher I have experience in the field, since I have been giving courses for five years.

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Student at École Polytechnique gives courses in Maths / Physics / Chemistry / Industrial Sciences / SVT for all levels in the Paris region

Student in engineering school (Ecole Polytechnique), I teach my classes to all students from primary to higher. I first make sure that the course is well learned and then put in place the important methods in order to acquire the rigor required by these scientific subjects. I accompany my students and give them confidence.

(14 reviews)

Passionate Chemistry graduate with more then 15 years tutoring experience offering one to one Organic Chemistry lesson upto university level .

I tailor my lesson based on students learing abilty and style. I give clear instruction and guideline to my students to follow which help them to achieve their require grades. I prepare my students by giving them deeper and clear understanding of the subject or topics . My students are not only do well in the exam but they do really well any future challenge in the subject area.

(8 reviews)

Frank Ivins - Inspiring Tutor - Central London - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Sciences and Maths

I have many years of experience as a full-time personal tutor. I build the confidence, motivation, and enthusiasm essential for success in exams and beyond. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths for Common Entrance 11+, 13+, GCSE, IGCSE, A Level, IB and Pre-U. - Tell me about your qualifications.

Padstow Heights
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THE AUTISTIC EDUCATOR. I am an #actuallyautistic teacher with 28 years of experience in many subjects looking to help other Autistics through my deep understanding of the best ways to help.

An Autistic teacher who would like to make a difference in the lives of Autistics. I have taught many subjects over 28 years and would like to help other Autistics with anything they need. I would concentrate on their favourite topics and try to help make a difference in their lives. I am 58 years old and have a DEEP understanding of Autistic issues.

(7 reviews)
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Scientific and English teacher, with reasoned pedagogy. Wide experience. Beach of Gandia.

I have a degree in physics and a doctorate in neurosciences. I have extensive experience giving private classes and scientific talks. I use the pedagogy of reasoning. The student will understand what she/he studies more easily and will feel confident about the subject. I have lived a decade abroad, therefore I can teach any subject in English.

(7 reviews)
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First year of Prépa BCPST gives courses of Maths and Physical Sciences

I will be able to adapt myself to your needs, develop your strengths in scientific subjects and gradually erase your black points so that you start or continue your year with confidence.

Paris 15e
(6 reviews)
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BAC + 5 engineer gives lessons in science subjects - Level College / High School

Hello, Engineer graduated from an engineering school (BAC +5), I propose to give private tuition in mathematics and other science subjects.

(11 reviews)
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Tuition - Maths - Science - Tutor - Harrow - Edgware - Stanmore - GCSE - KS3 - 11+ preparation - Teacher

My focus is to build strong fundamentals. Each student is different, so is the teaching pattern. A regular home work and assessment is part of the tuition. I also provide revision notes. Few toppers at Independent and Grammar schools are my students. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Maths and Science at A Level, GCSE, KS3, KS2 and 13+, 11+ - Tell me about your qualifications.

(5 reviews)

Christine - Belper - Maths

I am a full-time independent private tutor. I am a retired teacher of physics and mathematics, and have worked as a private tutor since retirement. I call myself Christine's Maths & Physics Tuition. I tutor because I love doing it.

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Student in engineering schools gives courses in Maths, Physics and Chemistry at all levels

In my classes, I give the student a lot of exercises so that he understands the notions of the court so that he has excellent results during his exams. I explain the theorems and notions in fun form so that it has a faster and more efficient learning of the material.

(4 reviews)

GCSE and IGCSE PHYSICS Tutoring available in London (broad location ranges accepted)

I have taught a wide variety of people over the past few years, from relative beginners to advanced-level students, at all ages. I adapt my teaching style for the individual needs for each student, implementing several revision techniques I employed to my own studies.

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Biology student offering science, maths and arts (singing too) lessons in derby

I can teach online as it is more convenient for students if they are living at a distant place through powerpoint and explaining things in depth so the students can absorb the material easily and left with no doubts afterwards.

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Physics student offering maths and physics lessons up to National 4s/5s

Never feel embarrassed to ask when you don't understand! No one says that Physics or Maths is an easy game. However, the process of learning can be much more enjoyable than you think, especially when you see that the time and effort you put in pays off! I am more than happy to assist you with your homework assignments or help you understand better a concept explained in class.

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Student in Bac +3 of cycle engineer gives courses from the age of 11 (general bac) to 18 years old (scientific bac)

My classes are organized in an organized way (classes, exercises, tests ...) and simple to understand and of increasing difficulty adapting myself to the case by case for each type of student. I take the time to explain the important notions of the program as well as the know-how essential to succeed.

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Oxford Chemistry Undergraduate Student offering Maths and Chemistry tutoring in Oxford/ Online

I am a Chemistry Undergraduate student, happy to tutor GCSE or A Level Maths and Chemistry. I can prepare classes to help with topics you are struggling with, go over specific questions you can't understand, or work through past papers as revision prep.

(25 reviews)
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Tutoring and private lessons by an engineering student in Nancy and around

Je suis élève ingénieur à TECOM Nancy, école ingénieurs Mines Telecom suite aux classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles Maths SUP/maths SPE. Je vous propose des cours particuliers ainsi qu'une mise à niveau au niveau de la méthodologie en plus de la préparation aux concours.

(7 reviews)
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University student Mathematics and physics provides tutoring in high school and AA degree

I provide tutoring with the help of examples together we will make some example questions and exams to make sure you get a good understanding of what is asked of you. In that way you are always well prepared for all the possible question that might be asked at your exams.

Great Amwell

KS1 Science Lessons Harlow | Biology | Chemistry Tutor Herts

I am a qualified chemistry teacher with industrial experience. I have taught a wide age range of children, who have enjoyed the sessions and been enthused to find out more for themselves. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach general science to younger students, focussing on chemistry and physics at GCSE and chemistry at A-level. - Tell me about your qualifications.

Mawson Lakes
(8 reviews)
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University of South Australia student having an experience in tutoring would like to welcome students who are interested in taking tutoring lessons in Chemistry.

My teaching methodology includes simplifying the concepts and clearing the fundamentals of the topic. I also believe that I am always open to various ways of teaching which are quite flexible as per the demand of the student. I like to make the topics interesting by relating with our daily lives and situations.

(10 reviews)
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Learn Thermodynamics both at the technical level and at the university level. Everything depends on the approach. Let me show you the simple side.

That depends on the student and his level. However, the most important thing is to master the basic knowledge and then start with deepening knowledge. I like to see where the faults are to see where to concentrate. Subsequently, I like to teach them how to really study and all the possible tools they can use for it.

(3 reviews)
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Junior Systems and Networks Administrator (BAC +4 at ENI in 2017) gives courses and advice in computer science.

In order to ensure an effective course, I rework the subject required for a course and develop the list of prerequisites in order to best ensure an understanding of the course by the learner. If the explanations are not well understood I try different approaches, either with different examples, different words or even practical work (models) on computer or paper.

(5 reviews)
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Experienced Industrial Chemist and Research Scientist to help you overcome your scientific woes!

Having taught some of the keenest minds in the world at the Universities of Oxford and London and also struggling school students, (as well as struggling University students and bright-as-buttons schoolchildren!), I believe it is absolutely essential to tailor the teaching style to the requirements of the individual. Pupils have hugely varying aptitudes for different parts of a syllabus.

(3 reviews)
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Student in ESIGELEC engineering school gives Maths and physics course in Rouen

My teaching method is to identify what the student's shortcomings are and then to provide more effective help. For that, I check by means of a small examination that the notions seen previously at the school are acquired. If so, I help the student keep up the pace and maybe get ahead.

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