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Experienced table tennis player offering practice classes to high school students in Barrie

My teaching methods are starting from the basic that makes a player best.My first class is based on how to grab a table tennis bat then we move towards to serve the ball. Being a player i can understand the problems faced by player in the starting days that's make me a best teacher.

Saint John
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Table Tennis Player, former Referee and current YMCA volunteer coach gives extra table tennis lessons in Saint John, NB.

Table Tennis is a complex sport and requires a lot both physically, intellectually and emotionally. The coach shall have high attention to detail, a lot of patience and motivate the players to pursue improvement while keeping it simple and keeping it fun. The key is to focus on the basis and improve small steps each session, to create small challenges every time and repetition, a lot of repetition.

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University of Toronto student as tutor provide Badminton tutorials for training in Mississauga

i will teach you one by one and step by step for practicing basic skills of playing badminton in beginner and advanced level in following topics: Defensive High Clear/lob Lobbing is mainly used as a defensive shot. When you’re out of position, hit the high clear/lob to ‘buy’ yourself time to recover. Learn the techniques to execute a badminton clear/lob.

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Business Masters student willing to use his vast experience in Table Tennis, Soccer and Badminton to give group or individual coaching lessons in and around Hamilton, ON

I opt an adaptive way, which is tailored to the individual. Every individual grasps the sport in a different manner and I take into account that factor very seriously. I prefer to have a small group of people in my class but open to having multiple sessions if the number is big.

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Table-Tennis coaching for competitive and recreational purpose in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge area.

It is completely based on the level of skill and interest of the student. Generally personal coaching is for 1 hour and group lessons are for 2 hours.

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Computer science student who has experience of 10 years of Table-Tennis .

Teaching is a step by step process the more you practice the more you learn

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Do you want improve your Table Tennis? Professional spanish coach and player in London

Hello, my name is Alberto Garrido , and I am 22 years old. I am a proactive, friendly , and patient coach that understand the different stages and processes that allow my clients to completely fulfill their objectives. Besides, I am extremely passionate about what I am doing.

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Table tennis course at home. Teaching adapted to all levels of play.

Ranked ranked tennis player. Teaching the game technique, the rules for all levels and all ages. I am listening to requests from my students and their goals to reach. My classes are adapted to the person and progress is quickly made.

Paris 12e
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Player on the competition team at the Sorbonne gives table tennis courses for beginners

All sports classes start with a warm-up session. Then we start at the table with regular exercises. Then comes the work of the service and the game patterns. I pay particular attention to the search for the spin, a characteristic and fundamental aspect of table tennis.

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National award winning table tennis coach working with many top clubs, university, schools and private clients.

I will be helping you to build your fundamental skills to become a good table tennis player. No matter what level you play, I am confident to take your playing skills to the next level. I am a very creative and adaptive table tennis coach. I will select the best coaching method according to your individual needs. TRUST ME YOU WILL ENJOY EVERY SESSION & IMPROVE YOUR TT SKILLS LEVEL.

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Nutritionist and Personal Trainer provides help to achieve sporting and health dreams in and around Hamburg

To achieve workout goals I teach theoretical knowledge in ​​strength training, sports nutrition and bodybuilding. In addition, I offer individual training on the basis of the latest scientific state - even in YOUR gym. I am happy to also offer online coaching via webcam. As a former Bundesliga player I also offer training in table tennis to the league level.

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State level Champion Table Tennis player with 12 years of experience gives tuition about this amazing sports

Students should chose a tutor based on : 1. He/She has a good communication flow that can match his/her teaching style. 2. He/She must have a good understanding of that subject both in theoretically and practically. 3. Must be patient with students growth and compassionate his/her style of grabbing knowledge from a tutoring session. 4.

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Long-standing club and competition player with experience in the teaching of technique and tactics

As a spin-oriented offensive player I've mastered all stroke techniques. My focus is on serving and opening with topspins. But just as I can also convey aspects of allround and defensive styles of play. Another focus for me is on the mental aspects of table tennis. These are at least as important for success as athletic ones.

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Aberystwyth Student offering lessons with licenced tennis coach and player from top 10 in Poland

In training I always pay attention to the atmosphere. I can do training and also I can play points with my students. My motto is: have fun :) I can have lessons also with proffesional tennis players and with amateurs.

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Table Tennis Womens Division Champion who can train future players in LA

I make sure to provide them lectures and information about the subject. Showing demonstration and giving instructions will also help them to learn complete movement. Letting them practice will help them improve their skills. Most importantly, help them understand the importance of sports.

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FP of Medium Degree of Physical Sports Activities in the Natural Environment

I always try to form a group from the beginning and that we get a good tune from the beginning. In sports is very important all these points, so that the activity is more dynamic and fun in all senses.

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Offer table tennis training in Bremen and surrounding area for all ages and all levels of play

The training takes place by appointment, by the hour or even as a whole course, for example at the weekend. It is for all levels, from beginner to high-level player, and for all ages. The training is individually tailored and it is both individual training and group training possible.

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1st wall practice to develop concentration,then shadow practice to set your hand with racket, control over ball on table-tennis board,different types of services, smashes,top spin, shots, pushing, cho

My teaching method is totally depend on players , if the player is new then i teach basic its totally depend on player and their learning skills

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Basics that can lead you to become a great sportsperson in you.

I was a great learner as I never took classes for practicing. whatever I have achieved today is with my passion towards the game and I will surely advise my fellow people to follow the footsteps to accomplishing great things in life.

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Bio-mechanically sound, quick eye and explosive speed tennis in east nottingham pa

i love tennis and have over 25 years of experience in teaching, coaching, playing and learning the nuances of this sport. From nutrition to physical fitness to competition on the court, and including community tournaments, club instruction and college coaching i feel that tennis is still the sport of lifetime for children to adults.

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Table tennis class from karimnagar daily perfect class from me thank you

My teaching meathode by talking and by making video of table tennis game i am sure i can teach you well

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Everyone can play table tennis but the thing is to play it by tricks and techniques! Its not a simple game its a mind game so lets do it by learning new tricks which will freak you out.

My teaching method is little bit different from coaches i do focus on the mind of the opponent and plays it with the opponent's mind.

Greater Noida
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The sport has tremendous following, but not all aim to play competitive badminton, many of them take to it as a routine physical exercise to keep them fit. From this fitness come the champions, qualit

I used to give training. Firstly physical activity and then by letting u play. And at last make you mentally strong To achieve your goals not only in game but other field too. Because i am also an personallity devlopement trainer.

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Table tennis player. Both defense and offense skills. Topspin, side spin, chops, serve, learn everything about Table Tennis

My coaching involves everything from correct postures, wrist shots, knee bending, warm ups, and stretching. They are all needed for attaining good table tennis expertise. Then we start with the basic handshake grip and forehand top spin shot, later moving to advanced shots and serving technique.

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I have been playing Table Tennis for the past 18 years and have played in various Tournaments.

I believe Table Tennis is not only a Physical movement game but it also needs your Mind to function accordingly. My method is to make the person mentally strong and then physically which would help in the overall development process of the game.

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I am professional table tennis palyer and i am already giving training to some colleges like Nit and Girls Colleges

I focus on the main tactics and try to improve the mental skills and try to give professional training

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Learn Table Tennis from me ( 16 years of playing experience) - Serving, smashing, spinning

1. Understanding the sports rules first. 2. History of Game. 3. Serving 4. Spinning serves/ revert 5.

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Student 18 offers you riding lessons, sporting awakening ... around Sarrebourg city

Having played many sports in my life, mostly riding (since I was 4 years old), I would like to make you share my knowledge (in all simplicity, humility) in terms of the equestrian community, emphasizing the relationship you can grow with your horse, nature and especially fUN you! :) For more info, send me a message via SMS or email, I would answer with pleasure!

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Hey guys , Lets play T.T ...and show our talent to the world ....and shine ...and feel proud

Hey buddy ....T.T is my life and ...I am very polite ....if you not understant something .....You can ask me any time ...

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To improve fitness and maintain good health a sport is very important. Table tennis helps in both the fields.focus in studies and maintain fitness.

My teaching methodology is mainly focused on basics of the game initially and then with higher techniques

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