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Linguistics student gives German, Spanish and Portuguese lessons in Montreal for all ages!

My teaching methods are based on my students. I am very flexible and can adapt to all types of learners. I have worked with children as well as adults, which makes me a very polyvalent teacher. I am passionate of languages and have a very analytical view of them, and like to elucidate all mysteries and questions my students have.

St. John's
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German degree (B.A. Hons) graduate offering tutoring to beginner-intermediate students of German

My teaching methods are based on conversation and repetition. I believe the best way to learn a language is in a free and open atmosphere wherein both parties feel like they can express themselves to the best of their abilities. I do, however, understand the importance of practice and employ a wide number of exercises.

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German born (Schawabe) Master Technician gives basic easy learning classes for Deutsche Sprache.

In German, you’ll experience some mind-boggling grammar early on. Do not fret. The German language gets much easier once you’ve basics. As you probably know, German nouns are either masculine, feminine or neuter: DER, DIE and DAS respectively. It’s a very good idea to learn all your nouns with the article from the very beginning.

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Online personal language coach and teacher offers accessible, immersive and stimulating online language courses in French, German and English.

Gain confidence in your language performance! I offer easily accessible and stimulating online language courses in German, French and English. My methodology is real-world topic-based and created expressly to develop the communication skills needed in the world today. I teach these languages for all levels of the Common European Framework (CEFR), A1 – C2.

(31 reviews)

German Lessons + Information on working in Germany in Araranguá and Skype

Graduated in engineering, I work with German NGOs in Brazil and teach German classes in groups or private. The teaching materials I work with are the most current in the German market for classrooms and online access. The methodology is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​A1, recognized throughout the European Union and worldwide.

(8 reviews)
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Wonderfully German - DaF lecturer offers intensive training for better pronunciation and accent reduction

I am a native speaker, an academic and have many years of experience in teaching German. Numerous students have already mastered the B2 and C1 exams with my help. Start today and see how quickly your pronunciation improves.

(6 reviews)
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Teaching German as a foreign language for the past 16 years for students and professionals.

One on one with focus on pronunciation, expression sans inhibitions. Expert in identifying the exact need for the candidate and ensure learning is made easy.

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German classes by native teacher in Arguelles / Moncloa or a place of your choice :)

I am a native German with a good level of Spanish (C2) and English. I adapt to the needs of each student, in conversation, grammar, oral skills, essays and exam preparation and I can help improving your overall level. I try making the classes enjoyable.

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Private language classes for German and English in Cuernavaca and Mexico City

My name is Florian, I am German and have studied linguistics in my country. In addition to my native language, I am fluent in Spanish and English dominating writing, grammar, listening and speaking skills. At the moment I am located in Cuernavaca and give private lessons of German and English for adults. Classes will be taught both in Cuernavaca and also in Mexico City.

New Delhi
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German classes with native Teacher ! Conversation and Vocabulary ! Efficient learning methods!

I teach via Skype any level wanted ! I adapt my classes to the wishes you might have , I create individual plans depending on your goals and ambitions ! If you have further questions just feel free to contact me! A plus Tard!

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Teacher and translator offers online and classroom German classes and translation classes for students

My teaching method is totally customized according to the needs of the student. I have numerous resources to make classes fun and enjoyable.

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Bachelor's degree gives a German course at home in Friborg, all levels

I am 19 years old and finish my first year of law at the University of Friborg, where I do a bilingual course. I have a degree in C1 and spent a year in Berne, where I improved my German. My classes are for people who want to learn the language, practice conversation, prepare for exams or learn more about a specific subject.

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Student of Philosophy teaches German (A1) classes in Salamanca - Also helps with translations.

We will try to take the first steps in the German language not only learning the initial grammar, but also entering the German culture. We will use music, film or TV scenes and short stories to advance in each of the themes. The abilities and learning mode of each student will be taken into account. Bis bald! (I.e.

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German philology student offers tutoring in Tübingen Surroundings for all grades (5 - 13)

According to experience, students think that lessons, or tutoring is very tough and stupid. Because of that, I have created a playful and creative learning method that is not only efficient but also playful. The learner is explained using current examples, so that the pupil has a reality connection and can understand and apply the meaning behind what he has learned.

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German, Luxembourgish, English and French languages ​​I-4 handles very well, offers language courses, different levels

Former student in social economics, political science and sociology in Hamburg, Germany, the last time I specialized in teaching languages. With experience in different languages ​​of education, I also features educational tools to simplify access to new languages ​​for people of all ages.

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German native / 2 years of experience (private and corporate clients) / interactive, efficient and tailored to your needs.

You'd like to deepen your knowledge of German for professional reasons in a specific field, or start from scratch, prepare a journey/business trip or just talk and improve your fluency? Welcome to my efficient, interactive and fun German lessons! German native with a pedagogic university degree, I've got 2 years of experience, teaching at companies, often engineers and managers, and at language...

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Graduated in Translation Studies ​​offers German and English lessons for all levels

In case of private lessons to pupils, I will use the bibliography used in the class, taking up and deepening the topics covered in class. For those who want to achieve linguistic certifications, targeted exercises will be carried out in line with the program of the course.

(7 reviews)
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Deutschlehrerin - Native German teacher qualified in all Gran Canaria for children, adolescents and adults. Specialty in Engineering and Education.

Hi, I'm Jana. I am 34 years old and I am teaching both German and social values, Emocrea, Informatica and Tecnologia in primary and secondary. I have more than 5 years of experience teaching German in the peninsula and I have a Master's degree in teaching and a training in DAF / DAZ for the teaching of German for foreigners. My classes are mainly active.

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1st lesson is free!

Graduated in English Studies inparte German classes for beginners, high school students and adults

Because of my experience as a teacher and student of several languages, I believe that, being honest, there are no magic formulas or shortcuts when it comes to learning a language that is not the mother tongue. Only with time and effort, can achieve the goal of understanding and be understood in a foreign language.

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German lessons with native teacher trained in languages ​​and pedagogy in Germany

I have always enjoyed learning languages, also meeting new people and new countries because the language is part of a culture that wants to be discovered. As a native German I would very much like to teach more than just the German language, the culture is so relevant. Teaching is very important and my lessons are founded on a personal basis among all participants.

New Malden
(1 review)

German and English teacher offering translation services to students of all levels

I tailor my teaching style according to the needs of each student. I believe the key to success is to build each student’s interest and provide them with the confidence to converse.

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Certified Motivational German Teacher helps you reach your goal with a lot of FUN! ONLINE

My teaching method is easy-going. I want to create a relaxed environment for you to learn and improve in. Lessons are fully customized according to your interests and goals, to get the best results. I rely on your feedback to improve my teaching style.

Frankfurt am Main
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Learn German's Secrets from someone who has had to discover them once

I love to develop my own teaching materials and exercises based on language books. This allows me to react properly to particular needs and interests. Grammar, which is the main difficulty for many students. We focus then on vocabulary and structural exercises. There is always homework to discuss too.

(1 review)
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Bachelor of Translation and Interpreting, German Philology. Teacher of German Language. All levels

The student will learn German by following the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages. developing the following categories: - "Understanding" (listening comprehension and reading comprehension). - "Speaking" (oral interaction and oral expression) - "Writing" (written expression) I adapt to each level and particular need of the student.

San Pedro Garza García
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German teacher. Puebla, Pue. Goethe Zertifikat A1-B1 in a short time. Checked.

I'm Javier Moreno, 21 years old. Mechatronic I am currently studying German B2. Intensive method similar to VW Institute. Experience in preparation for Goethe Zertificat from A1 to B1. Fast forward, dynamic simple and fun. Checked. Oral and written expression. Reading and Auditory Comprehension.

New Delhi
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Learned GermanEnglish translation as main subject for 3 years and working since almost 4 years as German language expert, I do every kind of translation at ease.

In translation I focus on the content first and after that I find how those words are used in Germany/Austria on different platforms only after this I find the appropriate words and use it

Zola Predosa
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A graduate student at the Linguistic High School with 100/100, he gives repetitions of German, English and Spanish, for middle and high school students. I live in Zola Predosa (BO), but I'm available

I carefully take care of grammar, translation and pronunciation. I can also help in literature, my great passion. Of course, I always try to develop my lessons based on the difficulties and requests of my students. In general, I place a lot of trust in young people, who often also need moral support and a stimulus that teachers can not always provide.

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Bespoke individual lessons in German, Russian by professional linguist, BEd, MBA,PhD qualified

I have an individual approach to each student, based on his expectations and targets in learning. I develop individual topics and work together with the student towards achieving the set targets.

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Beginner to advanced German lessons with a native to boost your level !

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced German learner, I adapt to your level and your needs! Whatever your starting point; whether you need academic support, wish to boost your grades, improve your comprehension and expression in oral and written forms, whether you are preparing for an exam or a diploma, I am here for you.

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