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Online personal language coach and teacher offers accessible, immersive and stimulating online language courses in French, German and English.

Gain confidence in your language performance! I offer easily accessible and stimulating online language courses in German, French and English. My methodology is real-world topic-based and created expressly to develop the communication skills needed in the world today. I teach these languages for all levels of the Common European Framework (CEFR), A1 – C2.

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German on Skype with Matthias - Native German translator teaches all levels of German from A0 to C2

Herzlich Willkommen!!! I am a freelancer who teaches via Skype. I was born in the Eastern part of Germany, and I am a technical translator (diploma) for German, Spanish, and English. In my classes, I focus a lot on oral expression and pronunciation. I feel happy when I see the progress of my students. This offer includes the option of one personalized learning video for each of my students.

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German lessons, conversation, support , beginners and advanced, in the 3 border region

German is my native language, I have given German lessons to college students and adults and made translations in various fields. To find work in Switzerland or Germany must be able to speak German, I could help you improve your German and make conversation with you. I also give classes on Skype.

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German Lessons + Information on working in Germany in Araranguá and Skype

Graduated in engineering, I work with German NGOs in Brazil and teach German classes in groups or private. The teaching materials I work with are the most current in the German market for classrooms and online access. The methodology is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​A1, recognized throughout the European Union and worldwide.

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Wonderfully German - DaF lecturer offers intensive training for better pronunciation and accent reduction

I am a native speaker, an academic and have many years of experience in teaching German. Numerous students have already mastered the B2 and C1 exams with my help. Start today and see how quickly your pronunciation improves.

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Private language classes for German and English in Cuernavaca and Mexico City

My name is Florian, I am German and have studied linguistics in my country. In addition to my native language, I am fluent in Spanish and English dominating writing, grammar, listening and speaking skills. At the moment I am located in Cuernavaca and give private lessons of German and English for adults. Classes will be taught both in Cuernavaca and also in Mexico City.

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German classes by native teacher in Arguelles / Moncloa or a place of your choice :)

I am a native German with a good level of Spanish (C2) and English. I adapt to the needs of each student, in conversation, grammar, oral skills, essays and exam preparation and I can help improving your overall level. I try making the classes enjoyable.

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Friendly psychology student gives German classes any level in Strasbourg. I would love to meet you and help you!

My name is Lisa and I am a second year student in psychology. I came to France to work as an au pair three years ago in a French family to speak German with their children. After this year I continued to teach German to children in bilingual primary school (CP, CE1 CE2). For me it is important to learn a language, certainly with grammar rules etc but also to speak it.

New Malden
(1 review)

German and English teacher offering translation services to students of all levels

I tailor my teaching style according to the needs of each student. I believe the key to success is to build each student’s interest and provide them with the confidence to converse.

Marseille 9e
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Origin from Germany I teach German and English for all school cycles and higher in BTS, Prepa, etc.

The courses are aimed at all levels of learning. I teach the young who want to learn the language in a playful way. At the school level I apply the methods and techniques to make students active. I lecture to students in kindergarten and thus of the cycle of the second degree. In addition, I propose courses that prepare national tests, the Brevet and the Baccalaureate.

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German and English online courses : grammar, vocabulary, writting skills, preparation for exams

I offer personnalized courses. It means that we will set a first meeting to assess your skills and decide how I can help you. Be prepare to talk a lot! I believe it's the best way to improve your skills. However if you aim to developp your writting skills, I will adapt the content of the courses.

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Bachelor's degree gives a German course at home in Friborg, all levels

I am 19 years old and finish my first year of law at the University of Friborg, where I do a bilingual course. I have a degree in C1 and spent a year in Berne, where I improved my German. My classes are for people who want to learn the language, practice conversation, prepare for exams or learn more about a specific subject.

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Sworn translator gives private lessons in German from levels A1 to C1 for middle schools, high schools and universities.

My lessons are aimed at achieving the individual goals of each student: the learning of a foreign language is very personal and the methodology of study varies from subject to subject; I always prefer to consider the student's point of view, considering also the basic knowledge and the cultural context of origin, in the preparation and during the lessons.

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Language Expert proposes assistance for school debts and organizes language courses and translations (Engl, ted> ita)

I am an experienced teacher in the field that prepares each course ad hoc. My teaching technique varies depending on the learner or learners in front of me. My methodology follows the most modern techniques required by the Profile. In addition to the courses I deal with translation.

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Cultural and Linguistic Mediator, with 5 years of teaching experience, gives German lessons in Venice

Review and revision of class tasks and lessons, strengthening with in-depth study of grammatical and vocabulary rules, study of regular and irregular verbs (paradigms), support and revision exercises, conversations in language, written productions; for beginners basic courses, revision of grammar rules from the beginning and support to the study with regular meetings (once or twice a week)

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German lessons with native speaker: Private lessons for all ages and levels.

I can help you to speak German properly, to avoid grammar mistakes, to understand and use figure of speeches and to get a good understanding of the German language. Furthermore, I focus my classes on listening comprehension and expression because the German pronunciation is really unique and even foreign German teachers have big issues with it.

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German, Luxembourgish, English and French languages ​​I-4 handles very well, offers language courses, different levels

Former student in social economics, political science and sociology in Hamburg, Germany, the last time I specialized in teaching languages. With experience in different languages ​​of education, I also features educational tools to simplify access to new languages ​​for people of all ages.

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Recent graduate working in a translation agency offers German and / or English lessons

I was recently hired in a translation agency after finishing my studies at ISIT (a renowned school specializing in translation and interpretation, which is a partner of both the UN and the European Union). Because of this strong background, I offer German and English classes for students in middle school and high school.

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Graduated in English Studies inparte German classes for beginners, high school students and adults

Because of my experience as a teacher and student of several languages, I believe that, being honest, there are no magic formulas or shortcuts when it comes to learning a language that is not the mother tongue. Only with time and effort, can achieve the goal of understanding and be understood in a foreign language.

Paris 11e
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German native, graduated in Literature and Arts, offers German courses (conversation, support, grammar)

Hello, I offer a German course that fits the level of the student ambitions. So I can give fairly standard grammar course but a course that focuses on conversation and improving oral. The latter two seem especially important to learn a language with all its facets.

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German lessons with native teacher trained in languages ​​and pedagogy in Germany

I have always enjoyed learning languages, also meeting new people and new countries because the language is part of a culture that wants to be discovered. As a native German I would very much like to teach more than just the German language, the culture is so relevant. Teaching is very important and my lessons are founded on a personal basis among all participants.

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Young German speaking woman for 30 years offers her help for your German courses, from high school to high school in Quimper

I have a trilingual BTS, English and German. I speak German for 30 years. I stayed 4 times there. The support I am offering is for college students in college. Course sequence: I use the technique of the funnel. Initially, we take stock of the current difficulties, we review the basics and according to the progress of the program, we get to the heart of the subject gradually.

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Student teacher from Germany would like to support any level of german around Adelaide

As the most experience I made was working with disabled students, there is nothing more important than taking time to find out where a student is coming from. The first step should be analyzing where a student come from, where his best skills are at to improve those.

Buenos Aires
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Thesis in Modern Languages ​​offers improvement classes for oral expression in German

My classes are aimed at adults who are willing to improve their speaking skills in German. I like to adapt the content of the classes to the interests of the student. Depending on your level in the language, I can teach the class entirely in German or start with the first ones in Spanish and progress little by little.

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University student able to help a German learner whilst making it fun.

As a German student myself I understand that learning the language can be tedious and so I make sure that the learning is done in a number of different ways to keep things fresh. With my current status as a student I am able to give more relatable than many older tutors because I understand how difficult it is to balance education with other aspects of life and so I can give advice on such issues.

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Native Italian teacher and tutor gives individual lessons online for all levels

For years I've been helping international students and adults improving their knowledge of Italian through one-to-one lessons aimed at deepening the most difficult grammatical aspects of the language, combined with an intense conversation in order to memorize and put into practice the grammatical rules we work on during the lesson.

Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza
José salvador
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Student of the lic. In languages in the last period for ending, and I will make a master about Inovation education to be titled as a teacher prof. I'm lover to teach. With teaches dynamic classes to

For me, the most important thing is first to know the style and type of learning of my student or students, so that I can provide them with the right tools, let them know that I am just a coach to awaken their abilities and hidden gifts to acquire new knowledge , that is why I apply more dynamic methods and technology to train your mind and cognitive abilities and progressively develop autonomy...

(4 reviews)
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German private tutoring aimed at learning or improving language skills for beginners, intermediate and fluent users

Having acquired a very academic approach, I seek to implement a structured lesson- based methodology to my classes. However, my experience with students from different age ranges and academic backgrounds make me suitable to tail my approach depending on individual needs of the student.

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Native german student, attending school in Oxford offering German lessons in Oxford

Since I had to learn a different language myself, in order to study here, I understand the problems students face when learning a new language. Furthermore I ensure to adapt my strategies to the individuals needs. I am keen to evaluate which learning strategy suits you best so that I can help you achieve your goals.

(5 reviews)
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Teaching German as a foreign language for the past 16 years for students and professionals.

One on one with focus on pronunciation, expression sans inhibitions. Expert in identifying the exact need for the candidate and ensure learning is made easy.

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