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Educational Technology student gives Microsoft Word classes for school students in Sarnia

My teaching methods are based on the modern way of teaching. I always prefers to teach with the help of technology and mobile tools in classroom as well as online also. Because, I believe that technology plays an important role to learn something permanent.

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Secrétaire/Adjointe administrative depuis 14 ans. Je peux enseigner en français et en anglais. De Montréal, Québec.

* English below Je base ma classe sur le sujet principale évidemment. J'ai une structure (plan de cours) mais flexible selon les situations. J'utilise le plus possible des logiciels ou accessoires afin d'être le plus interactive. À la fin de chaque classe j'alloue un temps raisonnable pour les questions. I base my class on the main subjet for sure.

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Fourth Year University Student teaching Introduction to Computer Basics located in Toronto

I am supportive, enthusiastic and passionate tutor. I would be providing individual instructions as well as learning mojules including practice questions for students to enhance their learning. Basic computer class will be for anyone who like to learn essential computer skills to improve their quolity of life and create opportunity for employment.

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Office Assistant with 5 years experience gives typing and presentation lessons in Winnipeg

Easy to follow along, step by step instructions, tutorials and worksheets. A great idea for anyone looking to brush up on their keyboarding skills, power point presentations, resume building, or administrative abilities.

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In teaching it is a continuous learning, accepting,understanding and loving someone who wants to be learned.

My teaching method is based on my experience from what I've learned from past learning strategies. A typical class is a teaching of a teacher connection only. I must teach the students based on their experiences, observation and what would be the outcome on their observation then we will make a study on it.

Ana judith
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Bachelor of Computer Science, with 13 years of experience in the educational area with the management of computer programs and tools, to develop effective presentations such as Microsoft PowerPoint, P

My methodology is to first make a demonstration making some example with the student, indicating some emphasis on important elements and then assign an exercise for the student to do it on his computer. And i´m going to feedback the work of the students to make sure that he/she is doing a good work.

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Friendly with Educational Background in Leadership & Accounting with lots of hands-on Experience using systems like SAP and Microsoft Office

I like to incorporate guided practice into my teaching methods so as to facilitate learning, as I walk students through a learning activity or lesson. I strive to be a positive and approachable leader so students feel comfortable to come to me and ask questions.

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I can deliver basic computing skills to students, homemakers and senior citizens. Also enhance your typing skills for emails,messages n chatting.Quick n easy coaching to learn qwerty keyboarding skill

Methodology is based on student centric learning with overall personal, social and emotional development. Of the child. Concept based learning and not only content based learning.

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Hi this is Manasvi, have a passion for teaching and guiding students for their career

I make them comfortable and prepare them for their career and understand their liking and what they want to do

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Learn The Basics or Improve Your Skills! Customized Courses in Montreal, QC

I base my approach on knowing the student's exact needs. A course outline is proposed and can be modified as we go. Group courses are available if you feel more confortable in such a setting.

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Classroom teacher and technologist sharing passion in technology in the Cowichan Valley

My teaching meathods are based off the most current research for student success. I put the need to know tools in my students hands and give them meaningful real world examples to practice with. I am flexible in my teaching, because each student has different needs and ability levels.

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I have taught information technology for eight years at colleges and universities at nairobi kenya

My teaching methodology include one on one interaction with students ,giving introduction on what is ict (basis knowledge),note taking and practicals.

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Engineering student give teaching to Computer Hardware and Operating Systems Courses A+

My teaching method is to teach updated courses and give update material to learn and pass certification courses. To attract students to easy understand any material of course. General level classes conducted.

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Awesome Biology student tutoring is biology, computers, and all high school classes

I am a very positive and optimistic person so I have endless patience and will be the most easy going person you will work with.

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I'm an MBA student who can help you develop the skills to craft clear messages that resonate with your audience

The manner in which I like to teach my students is by helping them dissect and analyze their own work so that they understand the perception of their messaging and presentation. Additionally, providing them with a clear set of guidelines around how they can approach presentation building that doesn't limit them to a one size fits all frame.

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Computer Repetitions (programming and more). Java, C # and everything related to object programming and not

Hi to everyone, I'm a computer engineer in Bologna. I've been offering repetitions for 3 years now to many students with guaranteed results for all ages. I'm a guy who loves to teach and who goes straight to the ground. Love for the theory and type of "too academic" study does not do for me, if you want to understand something and go straight to where I am what it is for you.

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IELTS' WEEKEND CLASSES- 6hours Every Sunday.All modules to be done twice.Free Demo.

My teaching methodology is simple with pragmatic and efficient approach towards the subject ,Depends upon the students current level of education and grasping speed. I gradually increase the efficiency of my students, by giving proper time and attention to the student.

Khetal Sandakham
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Whoever wants to learn ... come this is the platform . go ahead and achieve success

my methodology is to teach in a simple way so that the person who is not belonging to this category could also learn the subject. I can teach computers to any student from class 1 to 8 ,maths to class 1 to 12 and also i can teach mechanical engineering to graduate students.

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Here is the way to improve your knowledge more about Computer and Internet

My teaching mathod is Chapterwise and also prapare a weakday for special classes on the choice of Students. I also prapair a doubt classes on wednesday classes. Naturally i always try to tought to students with the help of diagram so the students understand well.

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Are you keen to learn about computers and internet? Are you curious how the websites are made? Or Do you want your kids to learn Microsoft products such as Word, Excel or Powerpoint? Contact me!

I start with the basics knowledge like giving the background of the subject so that the students understand what/why are they learning. Once that is covered i'll start with the introduction and little bit of practical stuff i'll show like the User Interface and other options in it.

Greater Noida
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I am an Electrical Engineering and I can teach Computer, Maths and Physics to students from High Schools to College.

My teaching techniques are mainly based on Numerical. I try to give as many examples as i could. I believe in numbers and analytical approach to learn about the theories. I can teach students from class 6th to class 10th.

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Student wanted to do computer courses with me then you can directly join me!!

The methology of my teacging is to be given a 90% practical approach plus 10% theoritical where you can able to handle your daily queies with me therefore you have able to crack the job interview very easily.. So that join now our best classes with us....

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Master Tuition available for all the basic computer program, software, etc.

My teaching method is very simple and to the point. Point to point marking and approach is straight. Have one to one conversion for any kinds of doubts and try to clear them as soon as possible. Try to clear the heads in conditions.

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Web Development Course from Beginner to Advance Level with Responsive Framework & Animation

My Teaching method will be Hourly basis of the complete course depends on how the student grabs knowledge with their questions. I Can divide course into sections and explain each and every base point to understand easy way with real time examples.

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Experienced Tutor/Mentor in Norfolk offering Basic and Advanced IT Skills Tutoring and Support - Word, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Skype, Emails and shopping on the Internet if that is what you need.

I base my training sessions on bespoke lessons to meet my students' personal needs and experiences. Sessions can be one hour up to 3 hours depending on the level of support, subject and timeframe required. My aim is to create an interactive experience for you.

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Fully qualified MS Office (Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook) teacher with 19 years experience in Southend on Sea.

I teach according to each student's abilities. I ask the student what they want to learn, and find out what each student already knows. In classes, there will be students in a range of abilities, some needing remedial lessons and others will require more advanced work. With this knowledge, I create schemes of work and lesson plans accordingly.

Ashis ranjan
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Professional Tutor for Computer Fundamental and MS Office, Internet, E-Mail, Messaging, Browser

My teaching method is based upon theory and practical both with latest updates which makes every student capable to achieve good knowledge on Computer and makes them perfect in every sector. Typing skill is the most essential part and I will guide my students how to do speed typing and good accuracy.

Swapan kumar
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Computer education is very essential for every student. I specially teach basic computer and accounting with Tally ERP 9

I always prefer easy teaching process. I always give students very easy notes point wise, I explain the notes briefly repeatedly until the student understand the lesson perfectly, then I show the things (lessons) point wise practically in computer repeatedly. Within one year I make the student a perfect basic computer teacher and able to take classes in other computer centers.

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Make you Increase typing speed and conceptual knowledge of pc and dos

My Methodology is highly interactive so I teach as you learn with clarity and perfection. The structure of the class is dynamic and flexible according to learners satisfaction. And the classes are for everyone who covets to learn something perfect.

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LeaRning Computer Deeply and Get Knowledge You Never Forget in Your life

I will try to teach the student according to their own way in which way they are comfortable. I will try to teach in that way so that they will never forget in their whole life. I will take your all doubts.

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