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Web designer based in Ottawa with years of experience in the web design world.

My teaching methods are very hands on. I believe that the best way to learn is to do it yourself and make as many mistakes as possible. Everyone learns in different ways and I adjust my teachings to do so.

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A passionate tutor wanting to help! I am from the Hamilton, ON area.

I believe in adjusting the curriculum and conveying a point in a way that the tutee finds best. I have taught people of various age groups and different backgrounds so I am looking forward to using that experience in communicating effectively.

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Database Modeler teach how to design relational databases in Toronto and GTA

I have a step by step approach, making sure students understand the fundamental and provide them with practical examples to identify system entities and able to apply it to real life projects. I am very patient and encouraging and believe there is always a way to learn and full understand a subject.

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Lessons that we need to become better at what we do everyday in computing.

My way of teaching is as you come with a subject and that's what I focus on. I give attention to the problem area if that doesn't work I go start from the basics chances are you missed something. I will help you if you are not stratified then no charge.

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Professional webmaster wants to help you become a full stack web developer in toronto.

My teaching approach is example based. I like to keep things simple. My goal is to cover all possible topics by making a complete website or web app. My students normally get their first job within 3 months of completing a full course.

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Experienced (20 years) and patient instructor offering basic computer/internet training as well as training in coding.

My teaching methods vary depending on how I am teaching and what I am teaching.

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Fullstack Web Developer with over 12 years of experience. Passionate about writing high quality code. Let's build the internet together!

I like to teach coding using the same methodology that I use to write good code. By breaking things down to the smallest parts. I feel it is important to understand the fundamentals of how concepts/patterns work and not just how to use them.

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Want to make coding fun. A computer enthusiast and enjoy problem complex computer science problems.

Not strict but I believe maintaining discipline is important. A relaxed teacher with no relaxation shown while I explain something.

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An experienced web-developer,also a lecturer, and also a programmer teaches group or individual lessons about web development concepts with practicals.

My traching methodologies include video tutorials, forum posts-replies, emails and chats, depend on the capability of students and exposure about the topics.

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Want to learn web designing..... learn and make a website for u

My teaching method is very unique make u feel like u really learn something and got new knowledge about something

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4th year Computer Science student (Carleton University) teaching HTML/CSS/Javascript, Python, C/C++ or ask for other help!

My teaching method is very flexible. While I prepare for a lesson with enough material, I also try to accommodate to the students needs. If I feel he/she is struggling I intend to make sure they completely understand the material before moving on.

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Easy methods to understand computer subjects and artwork and tips will be given.

I provide easy methods to understand the topic and i my teaching methods are flexible enough so the other person can easily understand

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Entrepreneur CEO shows you Computer Building, Design, Web, and Business Development studies.

I like to teach hands on, and than present some study notes that will allow to absorb the information you have learned hands-on with me. That way I can present the most usable techniques and topics that can get you doing what it is you want to achieve. I teach for the general and more advanced students, but I can tailor my content to most anyone. Come learn hands-on with me.

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Computer Science Masters student at Concordia University, Montreal, gives computer fundamentals and programming (C, Java, HTML, CSS, Python, JS) classes.

When it comes to computers and coding I believe in teaching relevant and non-boring material, and focus more on hands on practical training. Also I believe the best way to learn coding is through projects, and hence, have self developed umpteen projects.

Maple Ridge
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Video Game Designer teaching new students all computer knowledge in Maple Ridge

A typical class would involve use of your computer and bringing your passion to life. I can show you how to bring characters to life or teach you the know how of using computers today to earn better paying jobs.

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Computer science classes in london Ontario by University Professor twenty year experience

My expertise is in Computer Science Fundamentals and Database Technologies foe secondary school or college graduate students. I excel at making concepts and fundamentals clear to a novice student or take expert student to a next higher level.

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Computer proficiency lessons (basic & advanced) offered by enthusiastic teacher & student of life

I believe that any good teacher is also a good student, and that I have just as much to learn from you. First let's clarify your goals and discover an interesting problem to tackle together. Then we'll work side-by-side on a creative solution, developing effective learning strategies along the way.

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Computer programming graduate gives classes for many kinds of computing basics for all ages in the GTA

I'm relatively new to tutoring but ideally I would like to teach students by having them follow along by doing tasks while I perform them too. I care about each and every one of my students and I try to make sure nobody is confused. My subjects are entry-level and students of all ages are welcome.

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Want to create your OWN WEBSITE ? This is a chance grab it

I can teach through slides for conceptual undestanding and perform practical coding for better understanding

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Master student ready to teach academic and Computer Science subjects in Windsor

I believe in face to face tutoring as i feel it is the best way to connect with the students. Studying is meant to be fun. I have always been very attracted to the art of tutoring. It is another method of getting to know different ideologies of young minds.

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I am a software engineer gives programming training for high school students in Nova Scotia

My teaching methods are providing classes as direct contact,online classes and video lessons.I will teach my student using my laptop,email the video lessons and using skype to communicate with student.My experience make special as a teacher or tutor.I had taken classes for high school as well as engineering students.

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Seasoned IT professional with 17 Years of IT experience gives lessons on computer programming and industry insights

I provide details of the subject and start from the basics then have a discussion with the student about their viewpoint to gauge their understanding of the concepts. Then I share the knowledge so that it has a deeper impact and in-depth understanding of the concepts. This is followed by the tests that I design and give the students.

(22 reviews)
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Engineer graduated in computer science gives courses of specialization in application development for any level on Paris and in the world (by webcam).

Hello, I am Axel, passionate about computing and wanting to share my experience in this field. I am a graduate engineer, specialized in IT (web application and office). I give lessons to all people (any level) wanting to discover and / or deepen this very rich world :).

(9 reviews)
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Professor of Computer Programming, Creating Web Pages, Databases, Systems Security Office, OOP

I've been teaching 6 years and also working in the private sector, more specifically in systems development. My method consists in teaching practical things, which are used and that the student a theory based upon knowledge developed without problem any problems that may arise.

(8 reviews)

Catch the wave and slide in the computer world with the help of an expert

Technical expert and IT consultant for several major international companies. I'm available to all levels and all ages with a passion for new technologies to help develop the skills needed to control a machine and tell it what to do.

(16 reviews)
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Create your own website in 5 hours - Paris-based / English-speaking website specialist

I am a Superprof trainer to Apple technologies since October 2014. I teach the use of Macbook, iPad, iPhones and Apple software full-time. I am now specialized in the use of technological products and services for productivity at work. As a perfectionist or entrepreneur, you are invited to learn all the tools you will need professionally.

(11 reviews)
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A UGC NET qualified passionate Computer tutor,Gold Medalist in MCA, can shape up any aspiring student.

Hello students ! I am a Computer Tutor and hold a good experience in teaching Computer. I try to make the student comfortable with my teaching by allowing them to ask their queries and also insist them to speak up about their doubts as well. I like to DIVE INTO THE CORE WHEN EXPLAINING ANY TOPIC and make sure that my students don't have to mug it up but understand it.

Paris 10e
(24 reviews)
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Engineer / experienced teacher dual expertise Computers and Electronics teaches privately in Paris and surroundings

I'm an engineer software development (R & D), I offer special courses in computer science, programming and electronics. I also help you to realize your projects. 1-Introduction to computers Office: Learning how to use Word, Excel, Powerpoint. Internet: navigation, search tips, .. PC Maintenance: formatting, installing Windows dual boot, etc ..

(8 reviews)
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Expert engineer in creation and design of web pages compatible with different devices

I create examples, based on my years of experience, which have to do with the different business areas in which I work. The theoretical examples are useful, but the examples of real companies are more effective, because they contain situations that you face on a day to day basis. I am a trainer and I empathize with your needs and concerns.

São Carlos
(7 reviews)

Learn how to develop ZERO sites! Learn everything about web application development

I really like to understand the needs of the students. In each class I try to listen to the students; needs and understand their difficulties. I really appreciate the theoretical part but I have a special affection for the implementation. I like to teach and let students develop by themselves and build their own knowledge.

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