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I m a medical student i want to teach student of class 4 to class 10

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My method of teaching is different i start every subject topic from zero and ends that topic at their higher level because I think detail knowledge of any topic make a student master of that topic and students are free to ask any question related to that topic


  • Arabic calligraphy


  • English


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  • children


I m medical student in American international medical university i completed my b.sc in 2019 ,subjects -botany,zoology and I want to teach students for my interest to distribute my knowledge to whom need it. Interested student welcome in class. Thanks



  • 5 h: $80
  • 10 h: $160


  • $ 16/h

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  • *I am an established Artist . *I offer homework help and tutoring Fine Arts for Grade 1 to Grade 8 Students & (Adults female only) *9 Years of teaching experience *Master in English Language &literatu



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    I teach English language skills through communicative approach. Fine arts is another means of communication so I am good in...

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  • Victoria Tse: At BrockU for Visual Art and in Teachers Collage J/I.


    St. Catharines

    As a teacher, my techniques is to model and scaffold, by providing assistance when asked and provide differentiated...

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  • Let's make learning a fun experience for everyone ! Join me now :)



    I make learning fun by making those who are in my group get what they need but in a way that is fun and productive , more by...

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  • Art creates a pathway to many options such as design, fashion, makeup, illustrations and so on



    I love making classes fun and more experiential rather than having too much rules and regulations therefore kids could be...

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  • Student tutor with lots of passion and excitement for art and creativity!


    London, United Kingdom

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    I am a very expressive student who has been taking up art as a hobby since a child. My teaching method is simply showing...

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  • Tuitions available for all mediums in art and/or calligraphy starting from the age of 5. All subjects tuition available for class kg - 8


    Kolkata, India

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    My teaching method consists of starting from basics to helping you excel in a medium or mediums one desires of. I will...

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  • ABCD (Any Body Can Draw), Surprise others with what you can and get paid for your works


    Kozhikode, India

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    Art doesn't need a methodology, it just need a passion to do it, it just need an interest to do it. Everything else will...

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  • A Youth and community student who specialises in EAL and ESOL teaching in Oxford.


    Oxford, United Kingdom

    I have a plan ready so my teaching methods can vary from interacted pictures words to building up sound words. I enjoy...

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  • Student gives calligraphy,handwriting improvement classes , learn French and assignment making and worksheets


    Gwalior, India

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    My teaching method to provide worksheets, personal attention to any age group. Learn basic to advance skills of calligraphy....

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  • I'm Lindsay Hoff, 30 years old. I have used yoga, art, reading, and meditation throughout my life to push me to be better and to heal and overcome from the past. I would love to bring peace, love, and


    Westland, United States

    I approach each topic different and I like to use an even mix of reading, visual, and examples. I make sure to break things...

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  • Data migration expert and arabic calligrapher teaches how to do Tuluth Calligraphy


    Hassan, India

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    This course is of 8 weeks duration which includes introduction, letter by letter writing with appropriate rules and...

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  • Shaheeds guided tutorial lessons for kids and adults Available for English-speaking and Afrikaans


    Johannesburg South, South Africa

    My teaching method is i learn people things which will benefit from the knowledge so when i teach i speak to the...

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  • University student, offering help to those who want to do art as a hobby, ensuring to help teach new artistic techniques as well as preparation for their art school projects


    London, United Kingdom

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    I will first observe what my student is capable of doing, then slowly push them to work harder to achieve better results. I...

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  • Explore uncertainty and find your personal style. Art is subjective and your art will be amazing! checkout my website ahmadyassir.com


    Bennington, United States

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    Student centered education, focus on the movements that brought us out of classic painting, such as dadism, surrealism and...

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  • Art and skill methodology, Calligraphy skils, and many more will be thought here

    Mufeeda ek

    , India

    Art is a skill ,you can exhibit anywhere and grab attraction of others out there. And calligraphy is a talent where you can...

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  • I am a final year BCA student with a passion for art. I'm a self-taught artist and journaler and also have experience with art therapy.


    Thandalam, India

    My teaching method for any type of art is diving right in. I will make sure the classes are completely hands-on and...

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    • 1hrs free
  • Study Arab calligraphy so easy with calligraphy experts. Catch your dream with us


    Valiyaparambu, India

    We will have an enjoying interactive sessions of class thus it keeps our energy and interest through ourlt the class without...

    • $9/h
    • 1hrs free
  • Creative Teacher who can offer a variety of subject tutoring. I am a bubbly, fun and passionate teacher who would love to help and share her skills through teaching.


    Batley, United Kingdom

    I don’t have a set teaching method as such, i make lesson plans etc however, I tend to base it on the class I am teaching...

    • $26/h
    • 1hrs free
  • I am a professional in calligraphy, I use to teach in various schools like Mother International School, Vaishno Devi Academy School and have more than 10 years of experience.


    Kolkata, India

    My teaching method is based on students satisfaction generally I provide classes for 1 hour to individual. Firstly I provide...

    • $3/h
    • 45min free
  • I am student of Architecture. I give classes to students that are interested in Art and Design. Also students who want to pursue a career in architecture. Making students love what they study is my go


    Hyderabad, India

    5 (2 reviews)

    My teaching methods help the students to explore things further. I believe in the power of communication. I make the process...

    • $18/h
    • 1hrs free
  • Self taught artist, proficient in doodling, floral painting teaching from Ahmedabad.


    Ahmedabad, India

    The course will be based on interest of the students, the classes are for begginers who love doodling.

    • $12/h
    • 1hrs free