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Feng - Prof chinese - Ottawa


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  • Chinese
  • Chinese vocabulary
  • Chinese speaking
  • Chinese listening
  • Chinese accent reduction
  • Chinese writing

Native Mandarin Chinese Speaker with Background in Linguistics Tutoring Students in Ottawa

Lesson location

    • At Feng's house: Ottawa

    • By webcam
    • at your home : will travel up to 10 km

About Feng

I am a native speaker of Mandarin Chinese. I have obtained my M.A. in linguistics and psychology. I love language teaching, and I have years of teaching and tutoring experiences. I like to apply professional linguistic theories into teaching practices.

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  • High School
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  • levels :

    Elementary School

    Junior High / Middle School

    High School



    Adult Education

    Masters/ Graduate School

    Early childhood education






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The best thing about tutoring is the fact that I can customize and personalize a class based on an individual's needs. For example, from the first class, I am able to examine a student's strengths and weaknesses, and I will be able to customize the classes based on the student's needs.

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Hourly rate

  • $35

Pack rates

  • 5 h: $175
  • 10 h: $350


  • $ 35/h

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  • Useful methods to help you handle chinese,give you confidence of chinese tone



    You want to know why you should choose me.To be honest,I also don't know.Maybe because I love teaching very much or maybe...

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