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Badeth Bridget

  • Hourly rate $12
  • Response Time 24h
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Native Tagalog and TEFL certified teacher who can help you learn both Tagalog and English

About the lesson

My teaching method is relax, fun and collaborative. The lessons will be tailor-fit based on the students needs. I encourage my students to participate in activities and ask questions regarding the lesson. We'll have games and quizzes to assess your learning.


  • Tagalog


  • English


  • Elementary School
  • Junior High / Middle School
  • High School
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    Adult Education

    Masters/ Graduate School


    Early childhood education






About Badeth Bridget

I am a licensed professional Teacher from the Philippines with over 5 years teaching experience. I am fluent in both Tagalog/Filipino and English.

I teach students from different age groups and different level of fluency. I'll keep up with your pace.



  • 5 h: $60
  • 10 h: $120


  • $ 12/h

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  • Filipino-Canadian experienced teacher gives ONLINE Tagalog lessons in Oshawa and Whitby.



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  • Hi, It's Teacher Dina here! I offer Filipino language to those people who wants to learn different variety in Tagalog. I am native Tagalog speaker who is also bilingual. Tara na!



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  • Markham based Manila native working as an Automotive Broker. Tagalog is my first language and I speak it on the daily!



    I have a very friendly and hands-on approach with teaching Tagalog as an additional language. I provide lessons for all...

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  • Born and raised in the Philippines living in Montreal teaches you how to speak Tagalog properly



    Modern day, real-world Tagalog "flows" well with American English, and has A LOT of Spanish loan words. We will slowly build...

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  • I am currently in Manila, PH. I am fluent in both English and Filipino (Tagalog). With my love for the culture and the language, I hope to teach this to any child willing to learn! Tara!



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    This will be very flexible and fun. We'll have vocabulary, sentence construction, and we'll explore from there. We'll...

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  • Born and raised in the Philippines and can both speak English and Tagalog.


    Red Deer

    My teaching method is based on flexibility and structural. My teaching method is also Teacher-centered, Interactive or...

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  • Hello! I am Mena, born and raised in the Philippines. I can help you achieve your goals in becoming a Native-like Tagalog speaker. What are you waiting for? Let's learn Tagalog!



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  • Japanese - Tagalog - English lessons (from basic fluency) and conversations (choose a topic: business, food, science, pop culture, technology)



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  • Learn and Improve Your Tagalog Skills Both in Oral and Written from a Native Speaker



    I believed that the best way to learn other languages is through conversation. I let my students pick a topic that interests...

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  • Can speak French english and tagalog, good in math easy to talk


    its fun to study with me if you speak my language it’s easier to communicate i’ll help you when ever u needed me and ill...

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  • Join and let’s learn tagalog with me! Tara at matuto mag tagalog!



    My methods in teaching is first I will teach them the basic words of tagalog, The phrase the sentence and the common thing...

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  • High school graduate gives Tagalog lessons to everyone who wants to learn.



    I would start on the basics, the alphabets, nouns, verbs, adjectives. From there, I would want them to give me a sentence...

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  • Computer Technician student in Centennial College that can help you in learning fluent Tagalog.



    My teaching methods are writing the details down, practicing every words and its pronunciations, checking the spellings and...

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  • A Native Tagalog Speaker Who is Willing to Teach the Beauty of our Language


    Lucan Biddulph

    The classes are meant for any grade level because I believe that anyone ( no matter how old you are), it is never too late...

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  • Mabuhay! Kamusta? Licensed Teacher, Certified Tutor for beginners and a Native Filipino Speaker! Ikinagagalak kitang makilala at makadaupang palad! See you soon!


    Eldridge, United States

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    As a teacher, I am a motivator, creative, passionate and flexible to the needs of my student. I usually give placement test...

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  • I am here to guide you in learning Tagalog and Bisaya languages. These vernacular are the two main languages in the Philippines. See you in my class.

    Trixie Mae

    London, United Kingdom

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    My teaching style is based on the level of the student's background knowledge about the topic. I am flexible to cater to the...

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  • I was born and raised in the Philippines and lived in America for 22 years. I would love to teach my native tongue to people who are interested in learning Tagalog


    Birmingham, United Kingdom

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    My teaching methods are get to know my students, they're strengths and weaknesses. How passionate they are. Or level of...

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  • Hi! I am a teacher by profession here in Manila. I can teach both English and Filipino lessons for all kinds of learners.


    Salford, United Kingdom

    My teaching method is more on experiential learning in which we converse with each other in your chosen language to learn....

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    • 30min free
  • Experienced English tutor with me i can do my best to teach you ️ lets build more knowledge.


    Kuching, Malaysia

    All my lessons are very easy to learn Like read,write, and express yourself through the english language . I'm always...

    • $48/h
    • 1hrs free
  • I don't have experience but I can teach Tagalog to the others, I'm a Filipina


    Bangi, Malaysia

    Now I can teach you a Filipino language (Tagalog, bisaya) and also getting to know each other and also I can teach you Gods...

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  • Filipino customer service representative with 14 years of experience living in Kuala Lumpur.


    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    I'm more on facilitating like inquiry based instructions and enhance professional development. Being an effective teacher is...

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