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Raman - Prof computer networks - Vancouver


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Senior Software Engineer teaching Computer Programming (JAVA, Javascript, Python, C++, C), Algorithms, Data Structures, OS, Databases.

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Hi there!

I am a Computer Science alumni from IIIT Delhi. I have helped various undergraduate and graduate level students in Algorithm Design, Programming, Databases, Distributed Systems, Computer Networks, Operating Systems. I have been taking one on one tutoring sessions for more than 4 years. I am very comfortable in taking group sessions too. I am very proficient in English.

I am a Senior Software Engineer in Canada. I currently work in the area of backend software development, primarily dealing with distributed systems, system design, JAVA, Javascript, Caching (Redis), SQL and NoSQL databases, NGINX, Amazon Web Services.

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My pedagogy is to prepare myself two classes ahead of what I plan to teach the students and come well prepared to the class to discuss the topic in detail while focusing on the broader picture of the topic being discussed and giving real world examples to let the student understand things in a pragmatic way. I believe two way communication between teacher and student gives great results while learning any subject. I am very patient while teaching and I rephrase the concepts I explain if the student finds it difficult to understand.

The world of Computation and Mathematics has always excited me since I was in 8th grade. The power of writing few lines of logic to allow a computer do a task is beautiful.
I am familiar with fundamentals and advance topics in Computer Science and can help you learn the art of problem solving. It's important to realize how different topics in CS curriculum connect together and I can help you to create a holistic confidence in the world of software engineering.

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