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Struggling with a mathematical concept. I use your life to work the way through the problem. If it means something to you, you will remember it always.

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I believe in leading the horse to water and not forcing it to do anything. I will ask questions that I know the student knows the answer to. These questions will lead to the students question. Rather than give an answer outright, provide a thought path to the information.


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About Terry

I am a certified electrician and a certified millwright with many years experience. These two trades provide ample examples of many math principles at work. Physics, atomic theory, trig, algebra and formula manipulation. Fun fun fun fun fun fun.



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  • Master's student in Mechanical Engineering experienced in teaching high school Math, Physics and AP course prep in Edmonton

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  • Teaching assistant and Aerospace Engineering masters student, teaching all mathematics branches for students in Toronto



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  • An astrophysics student who is tutoring math and physics from Toronto! :p



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    My teaching method has been online so far, I love to explain the details behind the formula. For me what’s more important...

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  • Experienced and Friendly Tutor For Chemistry Physics Math,Calculus, Data Management. Background Engineering



    I strongly believe that every student is unique. So I give Individual Attention & Customize my lessons for each student...

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  • Pure and applied mathematics student looking to help high school and college students in math and physics



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  • Electrical Engineer gives math and physics classes to primary school students. Connect if you want to give your child a strong foundation for a successful future.



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  • Current fully certified high school math teacher offering tutoring in all math courses from grades 7-12



    My general method involves asking very specific questions so that I can understand exactly what my students know and do not...

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  • Math and Phisics student tutors highschool students. Étudiant en math et physique fait du tutorat pour le secondaire.



    I find what the student doesn't understand about the subject and explain it in an intuitive way with very basic problems. ...

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  • Math is for everyone to appreciate. We can make it easy WITH You FOR You.



    The student is the center of education. This is my guiding principle in providing effective, valuable learning experiences...

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  • Physics/Applied Math Undergrad (4th year) will teach high school/university Math courses (Toronto)



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  • Dedicated Architecture Student providing English, Math, Computer and Sciences tutoring from Ajax for High school and College students



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    The method I apply for tutoring is first getting to know the previous understanding of the student on the subject. That...

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  • Engineering student from Fredericton who loves imparting knowledge in math and science



    I prefer structured teaching so that it is easier for students to grasp the concepts. Concepts play an important role in...

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  • Math and Physics Tutor Kitchener and Waterloo from University of Waterloo Engineering



    I had a hard time learning in high school myself, and I understand how intimidating exams can be. Learning 1 on 1 is twice...

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    St. Thomas

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  • A college student in Pure & Applied Sciences willing to help out fellow students :)



    I mainly teach using analogies and I want to encourage using familiar words and your imagination. When it comes to math, I...

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  • I am a graduate engineering student, providing math and physics tutoring for high school students in Toronto.



    I always base my classes on the student's experience and knowledge. I believe in knowing the concept more that memorising. I...

    • $30/h
    • 1hrs free
  • Maths & Physics classes by Electrical Engineer and MBA professional part time teaching professional



    We will stay on the same topic till student is very sure about it. I like to listen and understand to find out what exactly...

    • $20/h
    • 1hrs free