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Janet - Prof math - Tay


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"The core of Man's spirit comes from new experiences".. John Krakauer Knowledge will be preferred currency in a tight spot

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    • At Janet's house: Tay

    • at home or in a public place : will travel up to 10 km from Tay

About Janet

You'll never know of the fantastic benefits of tutoring unless you storm ahead and try it.
I was blessed when my parents ushered me to Mr Cohen, my tutor, whom I still remember with fondness to this day!
Now, with a career as a pharmacist spanned some 35 years under my belt, I was privileged to be able to cherry-pick. A good tutoring decision now opens all kinds of doors; for me , I got to choose between industry (Big Pharma) , retail (drugstores) and hospital (director of pharmacy). You're about to give YOUR CHILD THE SAME ADVANTAGE!

Plus, along the way, I had the added fortune of being a mentor(tutor) for many newly graduating pharmacy students. I believe in teaching to become self-sufficient, to show how to learn as I did, HOW to learn.

Let me help, there's nothing more satisfying than seeing the world come in to focus through a student's eyes!
English, whether or not it's a second language for you,
Writing skills,
Sciences as you move through your undergraduate schooling,
General Counseling on the value of a good science degree for a field that's in demand.

OK, I'm excited to escort your child through the academic wonderland of curiosities.. Let's do it!

"Love is a better teacher than duty".
Albert Einstein

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Health and Knowledge trade higher when you don't buy stocks in them, even when you could have. Let me help build your child's portfolio when it's the most useful thing to do. We'll develop a better understanding of global influences on power.
Math: the most universal language worldwide..
Chemistry and other Sciences...the breakdown of everything that nature provides for us to play with.

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