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Everyone has something to share and learn.
At Superprof, you can give private lessons in over 1000 subjects (languages, sports, music, art, hobbies, academic support). All kinds of passionate profiles are accepted: students, autodidacts, recent graduates, specialists, etc.

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Everyone has something to share and learn.
At Superprof, you can give private lessons in over 1000 subjects (languages, sports, music, art, hobbies, academic help). All kinds of passionate profiles are accepted: students, autodidacts, recent graduates, specialists, etc.

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Hundreds of students each day in Montreal !

Our private tutors in Montreal receive lots of lesson requests, here are the latest.

Derrick, found their tutor

Hi, I'm Derrick. I'm 27, originally from Singapore, studying here in Montreal. I"m looking to do private dance classes, mostly because I want to learn to dance but am too shy to do it in a group setting. Ideally at my place for conveience purposes. I'm available most weekdays before 1pm or any time on weekends.

3 days ago

Hasna, found their tutor

Hi Arianne , I work mostly in English and would like to get much better in speaking, enrich my vocabulary and reduce my accent ( this one bothers me a lot as I work with people from the states ) Let me know if you can help me with those challenges ! Thanks H

5 days ago

Kingroger, found their tutor

Hi Nikita, how are you ? I have been trying to learn French but it's been really tough for me to learn it. However I wish I could improve my French as soon as possible thank you very much have a good day !

5 days ago


Enrico, found their tutor

Hi Anjali, my name is Enrico, I'm Italian and I need for a good score in Academic IELTS (6.5 or over more). Now I'm studying English at "EC Montreal", a private institute. I will finish this course on March 23th. I have already booked the IELTS test on April 7th. I need for one to one lessons from March 25th to April 6th. In this period I would have 7 lessons, each lasting two hours. Can you help me? Thank you.

2 weeks ago


Fatima, found their tutor

Hi Théo, I'm Fatima from Hungary. I would like to learn the ukulele. I am an absolute beginner. I got my first uke a few months ago and started to learn from youtube videos. It went pretty well, and I could learn some parts of famous songs based on basic chords and I could sing next to it. I have a few weeks without practice now. I believe that I need to learn and practice the basics to move forward with my learning. I would like to have some good advice about what I need to practice and...

2 months ago

Sharon, found their tutor

Hi I am an anglophone with bilingual 14 year old twins undertaking CNED. We arrived from Australia last week and need a tutor to assist with French and histoire and preparation for the Brevet. At present we are in short term accommodation in town near Chinatown. We will move to Westmount. With regard lessons a two hour group might work and perhaps varied locations might be good depending on the topics but I am completely open to suggestions.

2 months ago


Khairy, found their tutor

Hello, Je suis débutant (1an) sur le Uke, j,ai un Uke electrique et un autre acoustique. J’ai quand même une base musicale. J’ai joué de la percussion africaine, un peu de OUD et de la Kora. Je suis intéressé par le UKE pour continuer mon apprentissage et essayer de chanter en jouant :-(

2 months ago


Orsi, found their tutor

Dear Milene! I would like to learn a scrapbook technique in Adobe Illustrator (I heard that this technique made in that program). I am looking somebody, who could teach me this tecnique. Unfortunately I did not find an appropriate teacher in the past few years. I would like to send you a picture to see what exactly I would like to learn and to tell me if you can teach this technique to me or not. Can you please give me an e-mail address to send the file? My e-mail is (concealed...

2 months ago

Daniel, found their tutor

Hi Marjorie. My name is Daniel; I recently moved to Montreal and I would like to improve my french...I took classes at YMCA, but my level is still basic. I am originally from Brazil and I am fluent in Portuguese and English. I look forward to connecting with you. Thanks

3 months ago

Enrico, found their tutor

Bonjour, mon niveau est B1, nous douvron etudier pour arriver au neveau c1... donc? Ton price est le plus cher, et ton profile et le moin professional. tu as ecrit da ton experience,bla bla bla bla... ?

9 months ago


Frédéric, found their tutor

Je suis boulangère à eix, je souhaite apprendre le yoga pour gérer mon stress et mes angoisses, qui me donne des constipations et des douleurs musculaire. Je suis disponible tous les jours, surtout les après midi

10 months ago


Magali , found their tutor

Bonjour, Ma fille, Danaé a besoin d'un coup de main en vue de son examen final qui aura lieu mercredi prochain (17 juin) pour bien comprendre la matière. Elle a fait plusieurs exercices et voudrait poser des questions sur ceux-ci. Ce serait pour un cours de soutien d'une durée de 2 à 3 h avant mercredi prochain. Si vous étiez en mesure de nous aider, ce serait vraiment apprécié. Merci beaucoup.

3 years ago