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Bel - Prof positive psychology - Rhodes
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  • Positive psychology
  • Life coaching
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  • Personal development

Curious about learning more about yourself? Need a mindset shift as you feel stuck in your life? Build stronger relationships where you can communicate yourself and be understood?

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About Bel

I'm a Self and Soul development coach. I integrate practical tools of mindset with spirituality and making it accessible for millennials!

I help introverts overcome internal struggles so they can get into flow to pursue their passions with purpose.
You become a designer of your life by giving you the tools for Self and Soul Development.

I'm in the middle of building my beta coaching course and would like some feedback so I can continue to improve the program!

I am looking for beta clients as I'm in the process of building an online coaching course for introverts who struggle with setting boundaries, attract toxic relationships, confused about their identity and want to be able to show up more confidently with courage to express and communicate who they really are to build healthier and stronger relationships with themselves and others.

This is my story so I would like to coach others that are feeling lost and want to be seen and heard.

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I base my coaching using MI (Motivational Interviewing). It is client centered focused and communication. It consists of open and reflective listening where the client is in control. I am just a facilitator to help you explore behaviour changes and resolve any uncertainty and give guidance to different perspectives, blockages and clarity.

You have all the answers inside you already. I am here to help surface these jumbled thoughts and emotions and help piece them together.

Design your life ♡
Do you often feel tired, stressed, drained, burnt out, unmotivated in life? Struggle to find clarity to know what passions or career to step into? Don't have a system to process and communicate your thoughts and emotions? Want to connect with yourself and others at a deeper level?

Design Me is a coaching program that helps creative intuitive feelers seeking self mastery so they can create meaningful impact in the world by being their highest fullest version of themselves.

The purpose of "Design Me" is to give you the tools to live with more intention, purpose and fulfilment.

The sessions seeks to expand your consciousness so you are able to tap into your self awareness, understand your mental processes, master your emotions and balance your physical well being. When we are fully aligned we are able to get into flow state, which is where creativity is born and inspiration is received. This is where true intrinsic power is revealed and we can create CHANGE within ourselves and the world.

Be the change you want to see :)

The Online Coaching program will have a series of 4-
12weeks depending on what you want to work on.

The first session is a free life audit so we can take a big zoomed out snapshot of whats going on in your life. We then explore what particular areas you'd like to focus on and develop in more detail.

Sessions include and not limited to:
• 1 on 1 Weekly 1hr coaching sessions either online via zoom or in person
Self development tools and exercises to discover your identity through:
• S.O.U.L Framework that connects you to your true authentic self. It combines Self and Soul Development.
• MBTI personality
• Love Languages
• Attachment theory
• Meditation and Journaling prompts designed for you
• Other resources for self learning

Group sessions available if requested and numbers surfice.

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Hourly rate

  • $137

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  • $ 137/h

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