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IT Technician and Mobile Technology Specialist in North York will teach how to use Mac OS, iOS, Android and MS Windows

I've been working in IT and Mobile Technology for 8 years. I offer classes focused on using Mac OS, iOS, Android, MS Windows and computer repair. I also offer training in basic elementary and high school subjects. My teaching methodology focuses on using technology for personalized learning. The training I offer will be focused on the students specific educational goal.

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Engineering Graduate in Information Technology and a Pgdm student in app development can help high school students in android beginners

MY teaching methods are not theoretical as what we learn today i will give new task to be familiar with the functions in android applications. We can discuss in class with more youtube videos to create different apps from play store and while developing that we will get some errors too.That will be more helpful in cracking interview in android.

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Expert Android Operating System. Teaching anything you want to know about the Android mobile software. Including advanced features.

To help you understand anything relating to the Android mobile operating system. Including advanced features. I believe everyone learns differently therefor my delivery will vary based upon the individual.

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Un étudiant en secondaire 3 de Montréal qui donne des cours sur les ordinateurs

Durant mes cours, je vous montrerez des petits trucs sur les ordinateurs, tout en s'amusant vous pourriez apprendre à manier cette outil si pratique que sont les technologies d'aujourd'hui. Pour vous donnez, une chance de s'améliorer dans ce que vous êtes moins bon, vous pourriez me demander de vous enseigner sur un sujet en particulier et je le ferais.

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Expirienced Android developer. Learn Java and Android and build your own Instagram and whatsapp.

We build java foundation first and then we build Android castle on that foundation.

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Senior Android Engineer here to help you become an expert Android Developer

Each class will have the following structure: 1) Detailed intro and explanation of the topic. 2) Sample code. 3) Coding exercise. We will work towards creating an app of your own and will cover all the topics necessary to become an expert app developer.

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Computer Science Masters student at Concordia University, Montreal, gives computer fundamentals and programming (C, Java, HTML, CSS, Python, JS) classes.

When it comes to computers and coding I believe in teaching relevant and non-boring material, and focus more on hands on practical training. Also I believe the best way to learn coding is through projects, and hence, have self developed umpteen projects.

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Master of Science in Materials Engineering and Information Technology-tutors Science, Math and English

My teaching techniques depend mainly on the student. I tailor the methodology according to the student's level of understanding and ability to grasp the fundamentals. I believe building a rapport with the student before getting into the course content. My classes are meant for students whose interests range from basic Science and Math to graduate level research.

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IT teacher is available near kipling & steels ( MCA and Mobile application design &development)

My teaching methods are so simple.Students are not to worry. What i have taught in class ,every student must have on their tips. I give very simple and small class tasks and assignments that are very easy to do.

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Established IT professional with over 10 years experience ready to teach Information Technology & Physics for All online or in Toronto.

I prefer and follow the simplest methodology when it comes to teaching. A great teacher is someone who can make student of any standard understand the lesson. It is not about how long it takes to teach but if you succeed or not.

New Delhi
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New Aspirants who wants to learn Android as Beginners and build career with ever demanding platform. I'm giving lessons on Android with ease and simplicity which can make a newbie, a better coder.

My Approach is to breakdown every huge concept with simple Tokens and then make them understand what a method or class or an OOP concept is applied. Unlike others I focus on the top aspects with the easiest approach to achieve it.

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Computer Games Development Student offering guidance in Computer Science including Programming in JAVA and C++ in Stoke-on-Trent

My teaching methodology is that I first analyze how strong the student's core knowledge is on the topic, then I start correcting or adding more knowledge on top of it, and I like to make sure that the student is figuring out how the solutions are formed, not just what the solution is.

(4 reviews)
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Experience mobile application developer offering to teach android development to students and professionals

I am passionate about teaching and assisting a motivated student in achieving their academic goals. I obtained a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southampton. During my studies, I conducted personal training for colleagues and juniors alike I love passing my experience and knowledge in mathematics, programming, networking etc.

Macquarie Park
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Learn android development from a software engineer and postgrad student of cybersecurity!

A typical lesson will explain the fundamental concepts and theory followed by practical implementation. Being a firm believer of practice-based learning, you will also be assigned programming tasks by the end of each lesson that you will be expected to complete. Overall, a very hands-on and practical approach will be used to deliver the course content.

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Secondary Computer Science teacher that teaches programming and computer science from basic to advanced level. Learn computer science and Spanish at the same time.

I am a Computer Science teacher with 10 years of experience in secondary school. I teach the lessons in Spanish, an intermediate level of Spanish is required, and I explain Spanish grammar if required by the student. I can teach these subjects from basic to advanced level: - Programming (specially Android apps, I own my Android app published in Google Play with more than 100.

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A Network Engineer also offering software engineering skills up to university level

I like to keep it simple when I've taught introductory classes. I generally start with algorithms, written in natural language. The one I've found most useful (for demonstrative purposes) is 'tell a 5yr old how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich'.

Noble Park
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As an experienced iOS developer would like to teach professional grade iOS apps/games development with swift.

I always focus on basic. Once you make that clear we are good to go next level. I always focus on basic. Once you make that clear we are good to go next level. I always focus on basic. Once you make that clear we are good to go next level. I always focus on basic. Once you make that clear we are good to go next level.

Ullas mathew
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Giving android application development classes for beginners with explanations,sample code and examples

I can teach the basics of android. Enabling each student able to develop his own application. Passing through various examples, explantions and make able to express students own ideas in the android application.

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Android Training for begineers with ground level basics and real time examples

I'm an Android Developer since past years with deep knowledge on how it works. I learned Android out of interest and would propagate same to my trainees.

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Always happy to share my knowledge who wants to drive in Android World

Yess,my teaching methods are quite unique.Understanding the concept is main concern for me.Code is just part of this world.But knowing why to code and what to code is most important for me. And whoever know basic coding or whom are interested in Android can join my class.

Jesús adiel
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Computer Engineer with more than 4 years of experience in the development of Android applications, satisfying the needs of the market.

During my career I have had the opportunity to give different talks / conferences which has given me the experience of dealing with groups, which allowed me to acquire techniques to reach my listeners in a subtle but effective way. My teaching strategy is based on completely practical examples without neglecting the theoretical basis.

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Engineering Student teaches Mobile Devices and their technologies in the Interior of SP.

I like to plan my classes after doing an interview with the student and evaluating the level of knowledge about the subject. After that I organize material composed of theoretical content, practical and fixation exercises, both for the class and as homework.

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Medical Student with 5 years IT career experience offering Computing Lessons, Swansea.

I teach by example, with my experience, and the best way out of many options to proceed. I also have successfully navigated the difficult task of being a freelance contractor in an industry of big players. Not only will i comprehensively teach the skills and understanding needed to work in the industry, I will also go over how to approach clients, and how to build trust.

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I am an Android Developer. I have 3 years of Real time experience on Android Platform.

My Teaching technique is I will discuss as Topic wise at the same time I will be showing the real time popular mobile themes and implementing that design in our class. So that we can able to perform good looking apps, Which looks like real time App. Development wise we will use Core Java part.

Newport Pagnell
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University MBA student offering online lessons for Basic Computing, MS Office and Android!

I tweak the teaching methods depending on the preferred learning style of each of the student. Focus on practical day to day use knowledge for maximum utilisation. Regular tests to assess the knowledge gain and gaps required to be filled.

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Experience in developing android applications. Just completed my internship in a well renowned company. Having a experience of 3 years in programming with Java, C, C++.

My methods of teaching are very simple. First of all i teach you a particular topic, give a task to do and solve your problem if you are facing any. I can teach you via video lessons or by chatting.

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A Guide To with a little knowledge At Any Age Basic computer knowledge Android Database Software engineering Computer networks Web programming etc....

My teaching method is simple and catching My class will be based on the topic which iam taking plus little other that you won't get bored I approach the topic by the way you know it and I will start with the basic and add on.....

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Mentor for Android and IOS App Development and Java with Computer Science Subjects ....

My methodology is give the good basic approach to students means once basics are clear with practical then you learn well and then practice on that .. so I give examples practically .. theory and bookish knowledge is just for learn but we need practical share its must ..

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Learn and improve you programming skills, with Industry Expert having 7+ years of experience

I provide practical Hand-on training, mostly focussing on building programming practices required in the industry. I am experienced software professional with in-depth knowledge and experience in various languages and frameworks. The class is open to beginners as well as experienced programmers, to gain insights into various programming practices.

Chaddesley Corbett
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Experienced Computer User Can Provide Training And Assistance For Basic And More Intermediate Skills

I have previous academic and extra-curricular experience with IT due to GCSE and A-Level classifications in the subject, and will provide hands-on tutorials for this subject. I will focus on a hands-on, active learning approach for IT skills as this is how they are learned best.

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