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Ready to learn how you can host your website and android app

I prefer to teach online using Skype. Usually I take examples and some videos to simplify the concept for the audience. I arrange work shops and hackathon to test my students.

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Linux command line lessons from a Future SAIT Polytechnic student, and certified Linux System Administrator

I will stop the student from using GUI (graphical user interfaces) during the duration of our session. Editing with nano/vim, finding files with find, and ag, running programs with ./, learning file permissions, etc.. The best way to learn, is to immerse yourself.

Thunder Bay
S m raisul
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Engineering grad with MBA in MIS, looking to take professional- academic classes

I prefer to be open and friendly to my peers, casual in my approach and explain with examples and real life situations than going through theory. Once I can develop the basics, it becomes easier to relate to theory topics.

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Engineering student gives maths lesson (up to to grade 10), computer repair and web development classes for just anyone trying to learn something new in Toronto area.

My teaching methods are very action based. Being recently graduated, I believe on delivering a structured program when dealing with those at the grade level for my maths classes. When it comes to computers related classes, its a hands on approach to your specific issue.

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Computer: use internet, blog, use Windows and GNU / Linux, programming, raspberry pi, Arduino, servers - student MASTER degree

I'm studying in 2nd year of MASTER MIAGE (computer science). I love foreign languages ​​and informatics. The courses are aimed primarily at beginners in programming or individuals seeking to improve their use of computers. It is practical computing with the theoretical foundation.

(9 reviews)
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Student Master 2 SH: Lessons Computer MAC / PC / Linux for beginners and advanced amateurs

Hello, My name is Clement, I'm 22 and I'm 2 Master of Philosophy at the UNSA. Beside my preparation for the CAPES, I can give courses Computers, Office and digital foundations for a level between beginners (of all ages) and experienced amateurs (or more if specific problem). I practice IT and office forever, and I know very well the MAC environment but also Windows (Linux and to a lesser extent).

(3 reviews)
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I am an engineer in computer science I propose of courses of support in Math and Info

I am an engineer in computer science I propose of courses of support in Math and Info. I am patient and above all always listening. I always reassure myself that all the concepts have been understood before going to the next step.

(6 reviews)

Data scientist, certified as Microsoft Student Partner and holds a degree in computer science gives computer lessons

I am a scientist on a degree in computer science occurred as a Microsoft partner students. I teach computer classes for all levels, also entering specifically with regard to the database, data science and programming. I also have mathematical knowledge useful to reps for its field.

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Professor of Computer Systems Programming, Creating Web pages, databases, systems, cybersecurity Office

I've been teaching 6 years and also working in the private sector, more specifically in systems development. My method consists in teaching practical things, which are used and that the student with a prior knowledge base theory developed without problem any problems that may arise.

(4 reviews)

Lecturer at Istituto Massaua offers computer repetitions for exams, ECDL, school computer science and more!

You will be contacted to find the best way to carry out your learning using material collected over the years of teaching, constantly updated, work material and useful tips to reach your end. Possibility of accessing external platforms for remote teaching or acting as assistants for checks, materials delivery, etc.

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Need lessons in Windows, Android, IOS, Excel or the operation system of your PC lets you be assisted by an HBO Student

My method of teaching is to see with you together the problem and solve it, I will give you advice while you experiment with the problem. I will go through everything step by step and I will explain it several times where you don't get it.

San Pedro Tlaquepaque
Luis alfonso
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Private computer & home classes at the ZMG and other places in english and spanish

Through some theory and practical exercises about the topic that we are addressing. I have taught courses at the Bachelor's and Master's level, at the University of Guadalajara and at the Secretary of Education of the State of Jalisco, as well as distance classes on MOOC systems.

(2 reviews)
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It specialist, CCNA certified teaches computer hardware, Linux, Windows and computer networks

I can help you on various subjects and on differents activities/levels, I can propose courses of initiation to the IT, with Windows as well as with Linux, I can also teach you how to install and maintain one or several OS on your machine, I can also teach how to correctly choose parts for your configuration and mount it from A to Z, help you with certifying in CCNA or getting you started on how...

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Computer Science student teaches basic computer and how a subject related to computers

I like to teach freely, as well as solving doubts or questions. And if it is a long issue, take a structured format. I like to encourage the use of the English language in which it could be adapted to the classes. I could talk about some topics by request.

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Experienced Computer Instructor with 9 years of experience gives Computer lessons at home in Abuja".

my teaching mode is simple, well balance teaching that can figure out your lapses and solution to them, i base my classes on student ability and time, i approach each topic by first introducing, history and get to learn how is being done, being a tutor of computer is so amazing and fun because you learn more when you teach and can discover more in the computerized editions.

(1 review)
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Prof Conecta Professional Qualification Advice in Basic to Advanced Computing - Macaé

Prof.Conecta is a qualification institution for those who wish to improve their technological knowledge and apply technology in their practices. The courses offered are certified and are personalized, promoting participatory and integrated learning. Ministered by specialist in Educational Technologies, Postgraduate by PUC-Rio.

(81 reviews)

Senior Engineer, dedicated to software design in Java and experienced training program teaches private lessons.

With over 15 years of experience helping students of all levels to both prepare and overcome their academic exams, as you learn to develop business applications and use methods of analysis, development and teamwork techniques that allow applicants to posts working satisfactorily demonstrate the good performance of these functions.

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Qualified I.T technician offering lessons in basic computer skills, ICDL module and A+

My teaching method focused on engaging students with the material at hand, and hopefully exciting them about the subject. Students are undertaking their own learning, while i am present to assist them. i do believe that the more comfortable my students are with interacting with me, the more ill be able to explain and keep their concentration.

(1 review)
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Normalien level gives computer courses at University Paris proper home

I am Normale, where I took a course in theoretical computer science. We redo all the courses or exercises, the choice of the student. The courses usually last 2 hours. I lecture in theoretical computer science (algorithms, data structures, trees, Turing machine, etc.), but also databases, Java programming, C, XML.

San Fernando
(1 review)
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Computer technician teaches basic computer, office automation, social networks and operating systems via Skype or face (San Fernando (Cádiz))

My name is Thomas am computer technician, I have 27 years I have 5 years experience repairing computers in a small computer shop, where in addition to repairing computers explaining to users how to use basic computer tools in addition to the operating system. Academically I have got the FP middle grade, and I am currently studying the superior in distance mode.

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Graduating in Computer Science for management proposes different kinds of lessons. They work!

I have already held some repetitions in the past, depending on the time you want to devote to the lessons you will face the topics in a more or less in-depth way, without weighing yourself too much on the technicalities but searching for a confidential approach to the subject of study. More than giving importance to solving a problem, we will give it to HOW to deal with it.

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Learn Computer Basics in the comfort of your home or are your around East Rand, Gauteng, South Africa

Interaction is the teaching method I would prefer to use however depending on the class or individuals in the class my teaching method will need to accommodate the learners so they are encouraged and can be liberated to express their learning capacity.

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System Analyst at the IT department of Rio de Janeiro Resende b

I have knowledge in several areas of computer science in both hardware and systems, and I am willing to pass this knowledge on to other people who are needing it since their routines leave it without knowing the area better.

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PhD student in Nice offers quick introduction method to the digital world: PC and SmartPhones

King of comparisons and analogies, I can reassure the student by easily showing the similarities between the digital and its environment. He quickly becomes autonomous because he can easily transpose the logic of real life to computer problems. My challenge is to make myself useless before the end of classes.

Comuna 9
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2nd grade student of English offers computer classes, English and initial level

The approach in the topics to be dealt with is done through previous concepts already assimilated by the student that allow a simpler approach to the most complex topics. Comparisons and practice with gradual additions are fundamental with this method.

San Andrés Cholula
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Engineering student in mechatronics, practicing at the INAOE in Puebla for computer classes

Teaching must be appropriate to each learning style, however, the others should not be ignored. To all the people the teaching includes a visual percentage, an auditory percentage and another kinesthetic, so the theoretical and practical part go hand in hand.

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Computer Basic and Graphic Studies for beginners, operating system and its usage

My teaching method is mainly based on practical , i approach each topic first with theories, explanations and then practicals wich involves direct operation of the computer system and use of the available software together with the student.

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IT Technician with 10 years of experience in Computers and Software Cape Town

I will be teaching computer basics, as well as the different operating systems you get and how it functions. We will first be starting at what a computer is and what components you need to operate your computer. From there we will then move onto computer software, for example, Microsoft word, excel and powerpoint.

(4 reviews)
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High-level computer course for beginners or confirmed in areas disputes. Systems and network

Young graduated from the emerging computer with a state diploma BAC level 3 Level 2 computer system and logiciel.Mes courses are tailored to beginners and experienced. My classes are simple and easily understandable. My course is conducted with rigor with technical documentation for ease of understanding. My first methodology for learning is communication and patience.

(5 reviews)
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Computer Science Certified Trainer, proposing computer lessons at home, in your company, in my office and online

Operating in presence (at my office or at the customer site) or in e-learning / blended, I prefer this second approach that allows the use of the most modern training techniques such as: - use of the Google Classroom platform for creation of virtual classes - video recording of lessons, made available to the Client through private YouTube videos uploaded to the virtual classroom - use of advanced...

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