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Port Colborne
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Bored with history? Maybe just haven't found the right person to inspire you.

Whether you are learning Canadian History, Medieval History, Archaeology or Anthropology, I teach with enthusiasm and knowledge and approach teaching from a fresh perspective. I believe students learn through inspiration, empowerment and practical application. I offer challenging and practical approaches to teaching.

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Anthropology student and tutor in Hamilton. Willing to teach up to university students

My teaching methods are very hands on and writting based but its alot of fun! A class would be an hour to two hours.

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Professional in the Social Sciences gives history lessons to High School and Undergraduate students in the GTA

My teaching methods include comprehensive examination of class and reading materials. I discuss with students in which way these two lines of information are connected.

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Professional world traveler and ART HISTORIAN wanting to share first-hand knowledge about ART HISTORY

A motivated, detailed and professional individual seeking a teaching position in the art world, which will utilize creative and multitasking skills developed through my involvement in the entertainment industry. Over the years, I have successfully combined studies in Art History while working in a touring environment, giving me the ability to demonstrate that I am highly adaptable.

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PhD student with 20 years experience in archaeology and anthropology offers tutoring, theory and paper prep in all Social Sciences

I teach to my students needs! High school or early college students can have trouble with understanding methods, theory, and thinking up interesting topics for assignments. I offer experience from my undergraduate, MA and PhD which has included laboratory work, teaching social science theory, writing skills, test taking skills and many aspects of archaeology and anthropology.

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Archaeology Master's Student seeking to teach anthropology and archaeology in Edmonton, AB

My teaching methods are primarily based on using powerpoint presentations, books, articles, and videos to teach anthropology and archaeology. I also believe that it is very important to continuously ask questions to make sure the student understands so that different teaching approaches can be used if need be.

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I am a university student currently completing my bachelor's degree in History and offering to tutor any in Edmonton in subjects of History and Anthropology

My name is Ahmed I am 22 finishing my degree in History with minors in Sociology and Anthropology. The classes are intended for anyone in elementary, junior high, high school, and university who are doing Social Studies or History courses or who just have a general interest in history.

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Anthropology grad student looking to help current or future students with their studies

Academic writing requires a lot of time, practice and feedback. Feedback gives you an opportunity to gain an outside perspective on your work and can identify issues you may not notice yourself. Receiving feedback can help with structure and flow of your work.

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MPower Institute of Tutoring Universal (MITU)- 25 years of Tutoring experience, Canada

My teaching methodology includes: Learning English by pictograph, group Speaking, Listening, reading and writing in a multi-cultural class of students from non-English speaking countries.

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University of Toronto student giving lessons in history, English, math ...AND BEYOND!

I know that every child is different. That's why I cater every tutoring session according to each child's needs. I use a variety of methods such as visualizations, videos, activities, metaphors, walk through lessons, group work and individual worksheets. I am patient, dedicated, hardworking, smart, and creative. I can assist students from all ages and levels.

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Anthropology and Political Science student teaching social sciences and language arts in Edmonton.

My teaching methods are personalized to each student. I'm big on making sure that every student is comfortable asking questions and having open ended discussions where they feel their opinion is valued. This allows students to grow into themselves and learn more about the things they are interested in, as well has how it can apply to their future goals.

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History student at University of Oxford offering history lessons in Cambridge for GCSE or A Level.

My preferred method of teaching is one on one, this way giving undivided attention to a student. Approaching the course topic by topic, providing feedback on essays, either in person or through online comments, regarding both content and structure. Group classes are also a service offered, allowing students to not only learn from the tutor but also one-another.

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History and Archaeology student offering tutoring in both fields, as well as related humanities chat!

As a student I am aware that sometimes classes can be out of touch so I attempt to make my lessons relative to the individual's understanding, current affairs and popular culture. I use visual aids such as images and colour to help students remember topics, as well as inputting a creative edge with worksheets.

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Studied History at ANU, Studying Teaching, Philosophy and Creative Writing at UC. Offering help to anyone in the Canberra Area. Personable, Great Communicator, Reliable, Passionate and Energetic

My approach to teaching is derived from my ability to communicate well with my students. I do my best to differentiate how I deliver content based on how my students learn most effectively. I always ensure that whoever I am helping has a full understanding of the content before moving on to the next stage, and that the information being delivered is relevant and relatable for them personally.

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I am an anthropologist with additional certification for the course of effective communication and English language, taking classes on anthropology.

My approach towards my class is to make them more interactive and explain the concept with adequate day to day examples for creating a general interest awareness and knowledge about the subject and use my practical knowledge to prepare the students for the applications of this subject

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Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall - Confucius

Hi, My name is Fabian and I am currently completing my final year of Bachelor of Arts majoring in Anient History. I want to assist you in your ancient history studies and offer one on one private tuitions in the comfort of your own home. I am suited for teaching and assisting with the ancient history subjects for both primary and secondary student up until VCE.

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Recent MA Egyptology Graduate Offering Ancient History and Archaeology Lessons in Seattle

I am willing to provide lessons for any level and will tailor them to the individual. I am very flexible and understand that people learn in different ways, so the first thing we will do is develop a lesson plan that benefits you. This is not a classroom, so we have the freedom to learn in the way that makes the most sense to you.

H. alexander
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Anthropologist, professor of Humanities, Economics and Politics teaches personalized classes in Bogotá and surroundings.

I teach classes in human, social, economic and political sciences; young people who finish high school or are in college and need a reinforcement or better prepare to take exams of the ICFES and to enter the university (National, UIS, Antioquia, El Bosque).

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American in Glasgow with a background in history, including military and American

With degrees in history, specializing in military and American history as well as Conflict Archaeology & Heritage, I have extensive experience in the academic world. I have tutored people of various ages and pursuing different types of degrees. The way in which I tutor is entirely dependent on the person I am tutoring. After all, everyone learns differently.

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Approachable and Enthusiastic Archaeologist and Educator with PhD and Qualified Teacher Status gives lessons in Archaeology, Ancient History and Classical Civilisation in and around the Peak District

I teach Archaeology, Ancient History and Classical Civilisation to GCSE, A-Level and undergraduate students. I am also happy to teach younger children and adults who have an interest in these subjects but are not necessarily studying for a particular qualification.

Olivia blythe
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PhD student in Medieval Military History, tutors in history, writing and research methodology at home

Hello! My name is Blythe, I am an American PhD student studying at the University of Glasgow. I did my BA in the US in general history with a minor in education, which gives me both teaching experience and a broad background as I have done basic maths, science, psychology, sociology, and English lit.

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Archaeology graduate with an enthusiastic and innovative approach to teaching with first-hand experience of archaeological digs and world heritage sites. Very passionate about sharing my love of histo

I am a great believer in tailoring my teaching methods to my specific students. As Einstein once said, "If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life thinking its stupid." I am currently working mainly at KS3 level in a variety of core subjects, however I myself have studied up to degree level and will be starting my PGCE in September 2017.

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PhD Candidate in Nottingham, I can teach Archaeology as well as general studies, I am especially good with those who are dyslexic

I always start my teaching by listening to my pupils, every person has a different reason for wanting a tutor and I have found that a 'one size fits all' approach does not help anyone to achieve their goals. I can tutor up to degree level, but equally, I am comfortable helping those who are complete beginners.

Colonia Juárez
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Learn Art History. Teacher with master's degree. Diplomas, courses and workshops on Art History.

Art Historian with a master's degree by UNAM. The courses' main objective is the development of the students' critical analysis, historical thinking and esthesia. This is achieved by discovering the ideology that prevails in each time and place through the aesthetic works, mainly plastic art.

Narayana swamy
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A perfect Teacher starts the lesson with Human values.Who can motivate & inspire the Students, he will become the best Teacher. Wish to show a new path for future great citizens.

Students are for a quickly-changing future, that will require uniquely human skills, adaptability, a knack for asking the right questions. Right answers will change the future of students.Teaching methodology nurtures learning environment to encourage students to learn at higher levels. Instructional strategies are student-centred.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Russel Group archaeology graduate offering history and archaeology tutoring in Newcastle Upon Tyne

I believe tailoring my teaching to the needs of the individual is extremely important in learning. It would be incredibly useful, then, to have a session where I can understand what kind of learner the individual is (visual, auditory or practical) so that I may then plan each teaching session using techniques I know works for that type of learner.

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Archaeology PhD Candidate offering archaeology, anthropology, sociology and community management lessons in London!

My teaching method is to first discover students' interests as well as their unique learning style, and then prepare and adjust the teaching material in a way that best suits the student's way of learning.

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Postdoc academic historian: specialism in Classics, History, Ancient History, Philosophy, Ethics, Morality

I am a flexible teacher. I use lectures and seminars, as well as group work-shops, to explore issues. I have a methodological approach, and I build each session on the personal development of my students.

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An upcoming MSc graduate with in-depth knowledge of English, Music (flute performance, vocal performance, and basic music theory), Theatre, and Archaeology

I believe that a teacher's method should be flexible and fitting for the student's character and interests. I believe in thinking outside the box to find specific key words and techniques that are engaging, thought-provoking, and able to really make things "click.

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Glasgow University History student able to tutor students up to Advanced Higher level

I will be able to give lessons to both pupils in Primary and Secondary education up to GCSE level. I believe practice makes perfect so once the basic skills are in mind we will start applying these methods into skills that will be useful for tests and exams.

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