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In Ottawa, the average cost of private biology lessons is $21.


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Biology is one of the most popular subjects in high school. Many children and adults are eager to study biology throughout their lives, whether at the elementary level, middle school, or high school. This is why biology tutoring is so highly sought after.


With the help of a private biology teacher many students are able to conquer their fear of biology and succeed in achieving academic success.


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Where Can I Study Biology in Ottawa?

Many experts have described Biology as the scientific study of life. Just like Engineering, and it's a vibrant field of study that dates back to centuries ago. Biology is evolving, versatile, and ever-changing. It focuses on living organism and molecular genetics, from the tiniest of cells to the entire ecosystem.

Studying biology in Ottawa is a venture that is filled with excitement and discoveries. Little wonder why many students who take biology courses discover a vast array of opportunities in their career choice. Biology courses are offered at the university and college levels. However, students can also find pin-point courses online for a short study. And they will have to devote a few years to the course study, if they choose to take the courses in any university in Ottawa.

Generally, bio courses are a combination of theory and practice. This means students would learn through classes, fieldwork and lab work. If you choose to study biology in Ottawa, you may expand your knowledge upon graduation towards related areas such as biology ecology evolution, biology chemical environmental, and cellular, molecular medicine. But why must you take Biology courses Ottawa Ottawa instead of going to medical school or major in a different discipline such as mechanical engineering, chemical engineering or even civil engineering?

Why Should You Major In Biology?

Academic scholars will always advise that you go for any major that you are 100% interested in. And if that major happens to be Biology, why not go for it? See below reasons why some students may decide to major in Biology.

  • Awesome Academic Preparation

Choosing Biological Sciences as a major is one great way to prepare yourself for the rigorous curriculum of the medical, veterinary and dental profession in Ottawa Canada. This is because most of the courses you will study and the research you will do in your first and second year are all centered on Biology courses.

  • Strong Career Prospects

International students that are graduates of biology are highly sought-after and offered admission when they receive their application for study in health or medical school. More so, graduate post-doctoral studies are easily accessed with a major in Biology. Biology graduates in Ottawa Canada have excellent career prospects and easily find their footing in the job market as health workers in different institutions.

  • Research Opportunities

Each year, biology students participate in world-class research that takes place across different tertiary institutions across Ottawa. The department of Biological sciences across in many courses receive grants for research in genetics, biomedical engineering, chemical, environmental toxicology, and pathology experimental medicine. Wouldn't it be a great idea to partake in these world-class research opportunities? A major in Biology will open the door of such opportunities for you in your career path.

  • The Requirements For Professional School Are Inclusive

Students who take Biology courses Ottawa will have a smooth ride when they enroll for undergraduate programs in medical or dental school. You wouldn't have to add or remove courses from your major before you can get set for medical school admissions.

Is Knowledge Of Biology Still Relevant In 2020?

Before you decide to take Biology courses Ottawa, you might have pondered over its relevance in today's world. It's important to understand its significance and how it relates to real life. This will help you as you study it for a few years at the university.

Each day, we come across issues that have to do with preserving the environment, science society policy, gender studies and cell study. In newspapers, we read about discoveries, chemical evolution and other scientific studies that wow our imagination. Imagine how the knowledge of biology could help us relate better with the numerous things we come across daily.

A major in Biology can affect one's academic, psychological, and social life. A biology student is exposed to research that helps him to make informed decisions. For instance, the knowledge of cellular molecular medicine and genetics will help you to appreciate government effort in food supply management, disease prevention and environmental preservation.

Top Schools Where You Can Study Biology in Ottawa

If you want to take Biology courses Ottawa and apply for undergraduate or summer programs in Ottawa's top tertiary institutions, here are some of the top schools you may consider for an undergraduate degree or postgraduate programs.

  • Carleton University

The school prides itself in innovation and research. Located in Ottawa's capital, it offers hands-on experience to students, especially those in biological sciences. Thereby equipping them to be ready for an ever-changing job market and meeting the expectations of the society. International students are required to take English as a second language test which is a means of declaring their language proficiency. You will find more information about admission into Carleton University undergraduate programs on their website as well as the application deadline.

  • University of Ottawa

This is the largest bilingual (English French) university in Canada. The university Ottawa department of biological sciences has different programs that are centered on physiology, ecology, evolution, and other minors.

The first two years of study at the University of Ottawa is ladened with research focus courses and programs designed to expose the student to the needed technical skills and research idea formulation. At the end of the program, students are better equipped for a career in life sciences or discover plenty of opportunities to utilise their knowledge in postgraduate studies.

  • Algonquin College

The school offers Biology and College preparation classes for students that want to build their foundational knowledge in these courses. It is a tuition-free program for all Ontario residents. These lessons are particularly useful for international students who want to take Biology courses Ottawa and upgrade their science for college. The classes are held at Algonquin Waterfront Campus.


Even after realising the significance of biology in our everyday lives, the onus lies on us to make it a major or not. One thing is sure, studying Biology at the university or college in Ottawa is a rewarding that path that opens the door to many overwhelming career opportunities globally.





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