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Master of Computers will only teach a Computer Science and distribute Knowledge

My teaching Methods consists of Deep Diving the subject and also wants that each of my student reach at top of others in the world.

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Over 15 Years as Experienced Professional IT trainer in BI, BA, Dev ops, SQL, Unix, Interview preparation

My method of teaching is simple. I focus on each topic and move forward completing one topic at a time giving exercises related to each topic simultaneously. I believe this method helps students to understand and clear their doubts thoroughly.

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Computer basics and Computer networks for mid/high school students and adults

My philosophy of education is that all children are unique and must have a stimulating educational environment. It is my desire to create good atmosphere where students can learn and question and feel comfortable to share their ideas.

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MSc student gives introductory to advanced computer classes for high school students in London, Ontario.

Being a network engineer and experienced teacher, lessons are geared toward bringing students from a beginners level to advanced level. Lessons will be interactive using the video technologies available. A combination of theory, practicum, and, daily feedback will comprise each course.

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Telecom Engineer and Cisco certified professional gives classes about computer networks and Cisco certifications.

My teaching method is very simple and straightforward. For each topic, we will start with a theoretical explanation of the technology and the motivations for it, once the basics are understood, we will move on into how to implement the technology in the real world.

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Technical Network Trainer with 18 years of teaching students how to master the world of Computer Networks

I teach based on project and real life computer network situations so that students are ready to hit the ground running when they are working in the field. Students learn on line at the comfort of there home. No need to travel.

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Awesome Computer Science Student Teaches Awesome Computer Science For Awesome People Online

My lessons are flexible, unique and soooo fun. I like to use funny examples so that techniques and info can be easily remembered. I am multilingual and use language learning techniques to teach computer science. These classes are meant for elementary and high school students. These lessons are not boring, I make computer science poetic.

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Microsoft Server Architect with 10+ years of Experience (Server 2008,Server 2012 &2016)

I truly believe in practical training. The best way to teach is always to make the student understand how the technology works in the background. I ensure that my students understand how the core of any technology works ,which in-turn helps them to implement and troubleshoot issues with dominance.

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IT Student in SURREY. Loves teaching & helping! Add me for quick and good learning!

I approach every problem with simplicity and a approach which fits each individual! I go beyond perfection and making you understand is my goal!

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Computer networking allows you to share information and to interface with people

I want to give knowledge of networking from basic to proffessional so that they can implement the studies in the real scenerios

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1st lesson is free!

Computer Engineering Student teaches Basic Computer skils and programming languages to stdents in Edmonton.

My teaching methology is I discribe how the problem is tackled to the learner and let them practice with guidance and finally without guidance.

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Computers are like humans. We just need to understand how they work.

I am a good teacher as I make the class friendly. Don't just start teaching, but first be friend with your students and teach them.

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Be a Computer genius with me. Learn Computers in and around Ottawa.

I would like to teach in a way that students can learn and practice the same. My methods will be practical oriented.

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I am Electronics Engineer here to help you for your problems.

My teaching method is firstly I understand the problem of my students then I devise a way to tackle it in easy way.

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I am a computer science engineering with 4 Years of work ex with hands on experience on computer

My classes are flexible as and all age groups are welcome to attend.

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Very good experience in teaching computer network ...ready to give a demo class

Giving lectures using practical examples , explaining diagrams and using updated technology as well as information to clear basic concepts

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"Engineering student gives Basic computers and computer networks classes for high school students in Montreal,Downtown

I am an engineer who want to bring my students as engineer, having creative MIND .I approach subject with analytical thinking .I base my class on discussion of basics of computer science and telecommunication .

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Engineering student give teaching to Computer Hardware and Operating Systems Courses A+

My teaching method is to teach updated courses and give update material to learn and pass certification courses. To attract students to easy understand any material of course. General level classes conducted.

Ciudad de México
José francisco
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Master in Telecommunications with 6 years of experience teaches computer security in the CDMX or online

My method of teaching 50% theory and 50% practice, based on cases present in the industry and my experience in the industry. Promote the routing of the student to the field of computer security, both in the technical aspect and soft skills.

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Reserve me for Quality knowledge in computer networks. I don't teach basic/advanced. I teach everything related to the subject that may help you in future. For clearing semester/ gate exam.

I teach in easy way.I can teach a student who even don't know 2+2=4.My teaching style is goal and result oriented.I teach everything that is necessary for college / competitive exams / placements. I have command over both English and Hindi language.

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Senior Engineer, dedicated to software design in Java and experienced training program teaches private lessons.

With over 15 years of experience helping students of all levels to both prepare and overcome their academic exams, as you learn to develop business applications and use methods of analysis, development and teamwork techniques that allow applicants to posts working satisfactorily demonstrate the good performance of these functions.

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Experienced AI and Computer Science student offering coding and software engineering lessons in Sheffield

I can help beginners learn programming fast and efficiently. I put effort into making the student understand the concept of the subject or the technology that I am teaching by giving a lot of real world examples. I am a student myself and I went through the basics and I know how to explain something simply enough so that it can be understood by anyone.

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Computer Science Certified Trainer, proposing computer lessons at home, in your company, in my office and online

Operating in presence (at my office or at the customer site) or in e-learning / blended, I prefer this second approach that allows the use of the most modern training techniques such as: - use of the Google Classroom platform for creation of virtual classes - video recording of lessons, made available to the Client through private YouTube videos uploaded to the virtual classroom - use of advanced...

San Pedro Tlaquepaque
Luis alfonso
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Private computer & home classes at the ZMG and other places in english and spanish

Through some theory and practical exercises about the topic that we are addressing. I have taught courses at the Bachelor's and Master's level, at the University of Guadalajara and at the Secretary of Education of the State of Jalisco, as well as distance classes on MOOC systems.

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A Network Engineer with extensive hands on experience in the field of Networks and a drive to learn and teach others in the process.

I teach using the practical approach, with intensive thinking and self learning all combined to provide students with logical as well as practical knowledge of the subject. Lectures are given and each lecture ends with a end of lecture thinking exercise.

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IT Professional with over 20 years experience, ready to assist in your learning in Chicago

I am a self taught professional, so I believe the best method of learning is hands on. Not just picking up a book, but actually getting your hands on systems and software to use. I like to show and have others follow along and do what it is I am doing.

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University teacher gives courses in computer science, networks, security and embedded systems

I base my courses on known references and an academic experience. My current courses are: - NGN -.

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Tuition's for Windows Server and Networking students in Ahmedabad Gujrat with 8 years of Exp.

- My methodology is im believing in Practicals examples. - As a Teacher i like to make notes and easy tricky notes so our work can be make fast and esy for understanding. - Creative notes and project work i like most.

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Networks and Sytem Administrator (Jr) graduated from ENI (4years after baccalaureate) in 2017

In order to ensure an effective course, I rework the subject required for a course and develop the list of prerequisites in order to ensure as good as possible a learner understanding of the course. If the explanations are not as much understood I try different approaches, either with different examples, different words or even practical work (models) on computer or paper.

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