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Someone with a passion for English language in Durham Region with an experience of teaching students of various age groups for 5+ years

My teaching method is interactive and experimental. As soon as I hand hold the students to a comfort level around me, I start working on their confidence to perform the given tasks independently. I am compassionate yet firm in an effort to build an air of friendliness. I would rather be a facilitator rather than an instructor.

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English writer and editor provides students tutoring in classroom or individual basis.

My classes with structure and flexibility, depending upon the needs of the students. For high school or junior high school students, I follow Alberta Education's curriculum as much as possible. I like teacher / student(s) discussion. I assign and review homework.

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Retired businessman and educator makes literacy and writing fun for achieving goals.

A teacher of writing and literacy needs to know each student's competencies. I use the Socratic approach, encouraging both answers and questions. The student's age, literacy level, education, occupation and goals determine the beginning. Depending on class size and duration, concepts involving structure, theme, planning, plot, character development, designing your essay.

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Enthusiastic English teacher. I will make you writing process easy, accessible and fun. OCT Certified: 30 Years Experience.

My teaching methodology is hands on, supportive, ongoing, concise, interactive with plenty of feedback with good problem solving and a sense of humor. I love using Google Docs for excellent and comprehensive feedback within the document and outside of it as well. Sometimes, I utilize "Jing" as well to offer verbal and video feedback to clarify essay work.

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Experienced business executive/manager in Barrie area willing to tutor a wide array of subjects - Grade school to College level: English (ESL, basic, essay writing), Mathematics, Business, Economics,

I am comfortable instructing individually or in a group setting. I can adapt to different age groups and learning objectives. A typical class would involve a review with the student on the area of focus or difficulty and historical work. This should lead to a teaching plan with specific goals and objectives mutually agreed to by the student and/or relevant supervisor (i.e. parent).

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Writer/journalist tutors high school,college and university students in Calgary at their homes in English, writing and grammar.

Simplify grammar and use questions instead of abstract explanations to become proficient in its use. One on one instruction allows students to progress at their own speed. As a professional writer/journalist writing instruction is assisted by my experience. An easy method to teach grammar was accomplished by simplifying the process, using questions instead of explanations wherever possible.

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Ontario Certified Teacher in Durham Region tutoring reading and writing in home or online

I believe that students need to be excited by their learning. If there is something that they are not enjoying I believe that there is always a way to make learning exciting. Learning and school should be fun, exciting and should meet the student's needs.

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Vaughan qualified Teacher with years of experience working with students of all ages and exceptionalities.

Being a positive and patient tutor, my goals is to support my students by helping them become confident learners. I have experience assisting students from kindergarten to grade 6 in English and Math.

Muhammad azmat
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MBA student providing English and Financial Accounting classes for high school and first-year college students in Kamloops, BC.

The technique that i typically use when it comes to teaching is trying to make the lesson as simple and easy and playful to understand in order to make sure the student can grasp as well as enjoy learning through the process. I also tend to use examples as i feel they help clarify a lot of confusions and tend to avoid jargons as much as possible unless it is a requisite.

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Enthusiastic Library Technician for English tutoring for most levels in Ottawa, ON

I am enthusiastic in what I do and I like using visual aids. I am very flexible in what I do and am able to be flexible in helping you in the way you learn best in for the best success.

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OCT Certified first year teacher gives private English Language and Literature lessons

I have wanted to be a teacher from the moment that I entered junior kindergarten at 3 ½ years old; the well-used chalkboard hanging on the wall of my childhood bedroom will attest to that. From the moment I was old enough to, I volunteered myself for as many opportunities to work with children as I could.

Port Colborne
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Ontario Certified Teacher - Providing elementary-level tutoring services in the Niagara Region!

I base my tutoring sessions on the needs of the specific student. I like to have a discussion with both the parents and the child in order to gain more insight on those specific academic needs. I like to build a positive and fun relationship with my students based on mutual respect and a positive attitude toward learning.

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OCT Spec Ed Qualified High School Teacher offering English, History, and Math Tutoring in Toronto's East End

My teaching philosophy hinges on the individual student's needs. Every youth has their own unique way of learning. It's not about how smart they are, but how they are smart. With that in mind I focus on skill building, and teaching ways of thinking and questioning. From there I scaffold knowledge and understanding, building on previous lessons.

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English student gives English and essay writing tips for high school students in London.

As someone who strives to be as effective of a teacher as I can be in the future, I have developed a style of teaching that takes into consideration the strengths and weaknesses of the students I am am working with. I ensure that any student I work with is dealt with fairly and companionably, and structure all my lessons in a way that will ensure I can get the best out of anyone I am working with.

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Literacy Specialist - 35+ Years Primary and University Teaching Experience - Cochrane, AB

I tailor learning to meet individual student's needs. First I gather as much information about a student as possible, using records, testing, interviews, portfolio statements, parent information and behaviour/work habits checklists and anecdotals.

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Retired College Dean of Academics seeking to assist students with English Courses.

I believe I can really help you, with my experience, my University English Degree and my Principal Certification, by working one on one or in small groups, I can foster creative, risk taking curriculum advancement opportunities. Through dedication, humour, repetition and hard work, I can help any student improve their written and spoken English language.

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English teacher offers tutoring, essay workshops, proofreading, and English instruction for all ages

I appreciate that every student learns differently, and have a flexible & open-minded approach to teaching. I love open discussion & collaboration, and believe that the best way to teach is to truly connect with the student. I'm happy to teach all ages & grades.

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Recent MA in History grad gives lessons in English and History in Waterloo

As I am new to private tutoring, I'm sure that my techniques and methodology will change as I learn with you. I am aiming to base my classes off of your needs and structure it accordingly with an initial session of what you need and what your class requires. I'm looking to tutor any age group.

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Canadian-born certified and experienced High School English teacher residing in Kelowna, BC

I believe students learn best through hands-on doing. Building confidence through meaningful practice – with descriptive feedback – allows students to build on their foundational skills to succeed. I provide multiple ways for students to learn and practice their skills.

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I teach English, I live in Quesnel, and I graduated high school and have a Bachelor of Arts in English

I like to teach with an open mind and listening to the needs and ideas of my students. I believe that there is no wrong or right answer, all paths should be explored. The classes are meant for Grades 8-12 and Undergraduate students.

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I am an unpublished writer. I am providing creative writing classes to language students who would like to become authors themselves. This is a Journey of the written word. Unleash The writer in y

By using the students current educational materials, I can determine how well they understand it by having them read their current assignments and assisting them with Them. With them reading out loud the material I can assist them in developing techniques in which they can gain comprehension improve reading speed which translates into being an able writer.

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University Student Teaching English, History, and Any other Humanities or Social Sciences

I base my classes based on the students needs. Some students need more instruction and help understanding the material, and I will find ways to help them do so. Other students need more of a sounding board to discuss things to work out a problem. I also use studying tools like flash cards, study guides and use tips and tricks that have worked for me in the past.

Justin "zephyr"
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Faculty of Education student offering gradeschool tutoring in Math, Science, and Literacy.

I approach learning dynamically based on the needs of my classroom. I love incorporating student interests into my lessons and using student perspectives on the world to scaffold learning across all subjects. My experience in theatre gives me a unique, engaging, and friendly outlook to teaching.

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Journalist promoting active reading and writing comprehension through innovative skills and lessons

Classes focus on improving language and vocabulary and is aimed towards high school aged students who are actively looking to improve on their writing mechanics. College and university level students may also benefit from lessons which seek to assess writing capability and work from there.

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Communications graduate providing English tutoring to kids 4 to 16 in Windsor, Ontario.

I believe that learning should be fun and never intimidating, that is why I approach tutoring with a positive and encouraging attitude. I will utilize flash cards, work books, and creative play to ensure that the learning process is engaging and productive.

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English tutor and creative writer in Ottawa: Reading, Writing, Comprehension, Essay, editing

- I see what the student wants in our lessons - if they have specific needs for the lesson - I assess strengths and weaknesses and work with them to better the lesson - I try to keep things compelling and entertaining - a modern approach to things - experience with children with ADHD and autism

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Learn to Write an Engaging, Well Structured Story, from Idea to Finished Draft! | Short Stories, Screenplays, Novels, Etc. | Personalized Teaching for Any Level

Each class will be divided into two parts: Theory: Develop fundamental skills in storytelling, structure, character, format, and genre. Students will also learn the best way to outline and flesh out their ideas before heading into writing their first draft. Basically, I will guide you through every step in bringing your story to life.

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Future High School Teacher and University Graduate looking to help students with Science, Social Studies and English. Located in Victoria

I have experience working in large classes of 21-23 students but have also worked with students in smaller groups. I like to have an open classroom where there is the possibility of experiential learning. I would ideally be tutoring Middle School students and High School students one on one or in small groups.

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❝Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere”. If one knows to play with words, this skill of your’s can put people behind bars!

My teaching methods mostly include explaning context and putting in some sort of fun either through activities or by some other way! I give my level best in putting things to a students mind. I just try and make use of every possible way through which a student understands things.

Sault Ste. Marie
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Professional Writer offering classes for all things English,Literacy,Poetry, and so Much More!

My teaching method is one based on patience, and catering to your level, where-ever you may be at. Whether you are simply trying to become more literate, or you're writing a thesis, you are more than welcome here.

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Perfect! Great teacher, She adapted according to the teaching requirements. Very punctual and very detailed . highly recommended who need to improve and develop interest in the subject.

Junaid, Student
2 months ago

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